Where to stay in Rimini

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Where to stay in Rimini
Where to stay in Rimini
photo: Where to stay in Rimini
photo: Where to stay in Rimini

Rimini is one of the largest and most popular Italian resorts. The city is located on the seashore, between two rivers, practically at the foot of the mountain. Its area is a little less than one hundred and forty square kilometers, the population is more than one hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants.

The city attracts tourists not only by its proximity to the sea and wonderful climate, but also by its many attractions. Buildings built before the beginning of the new era have survived here. There are also many medieval buildings - temples and palaces.

In addition, the city is the birthplace of Federico Fellini, so all fans of the great director strive to visit this resort. The city cemetery contains the graves of the film director and his wife, the famous Italian actress Juliet Mazina.

The flow of tourists to the resort almost never stops. The city's tourist infrastructure is excellently developed. In particular, the choice of places to stay in Rimini is very wide. In this text, we will talk in more detail about such places, list some of them and talk about different areas of the city.

Areas of the resort

Typically, resort guests prefer to stay in the following areas of the city:

  • Marina Centro;
  • Bellariva;
  • San Giuliano Mare;
  • Rivazurra;
  • Miramare;
  • Marebello;
  • Viserba;
  • Rivabella;
  • Viserbella;
  • Torre Pedrera.

There are two more districts in which guests of the city stop often enough - these are Igea Marina and Bellaria. But these two districts have a significant drawback: they are located very far from the central part of the city. It will take you almost an hour to get from them to the center. Of course, another hour will be spent on the way back. Many vacationers are not ready to spend so much time on the road every day.

True, if you are not interested in city attractions, and the only purpose of your arrival at the resort is a beach holiday, then these areas are perfect for you. Moreover, the prices in local hotels and hostels are the lowest on the entire coast.

Marina Centro

This is one of the most expensive and crowded areas in the city. It is often called the heart of the resort. There is everything that usually attracts tourists - from cozy cafes to noisy discos, from modern shops to ancient sights (which, however, are mostly located not in the area itself, but literally within walking distance from it). In addition, the area is widely known for its gorgeous beaches. By the way, it was here in the 40s of the XIX century that the first beach club in the city was opened: this was the beginning of the development of the tourist infrastructure of the resort. At that time, the area was considered a favorite vacation spot for young people, but now travelers of all ages willingly stay here.

By the way, it is in this area that the most famous hotel in the city is located. It became famous thanks to one of Fellini's films: some of the key events of the vibrant and unusual motion picture take place in this hotel. This is the Grand Hotel di Rimini. Fans of the famous director's work like to stay here - more precisely, those of them who have the appropriate financial capabilities. If you decide to stay at this hotel, keep in mind that it also has a kind of "branch": there is less luxury, but the prices are also more democratic.


This is another of the central areas of the city. Much of what was said in the previous section of the text is also true for this area. It is part of the resort's most popular tourist area. There are six tourist zones in the city, some of which unite several districts.

San Giuliano Mare

Another area of the most popular urban area. It was once just a small fishing village. Today it is a modern resort area with a developed tourist infrastructure. Its territory begins right behind the ancient bridge (which is one of the city's historical landmarks). This bridge was erected in the 1st century AD, during the reign of the emperor Tiberius. The area is famous for its picturesque streets. The romantic atmosphere of an Italian seaside resort is everywhere.

There is a magnificent promenade along which tourists love to stroll, admiring the sea views. There are many cozy cafes and fish restaurants on the waterfront. They delight visitors not only with perfectly cooked dishes, but also with fairly democratic prices.


One of the southern districts of the city. It is sometimes referred to as a suburb. Prices here are lower than in the central regions, and living conditions are actually no worse, except for a certain (rather insignificant) distance from the busiest tourist places.


This is another southern area of the resort. If you want to save money, but at the same time appreciate comfortable living conditions and want to stay relatively close to the historical center of the city, then you will appreciate this area. There are also beautiful beaches that are suitable for travelers with small children.


Marebello is also located in the southern part of the resort. Various folklore festivals are often held here. In addition, the area is close enough to the main tourist spots of the resort.

The area is suitable for beach lovers. It will also be appreciated by those tourists who are going to relax at the resort with the whole family.


Viserba is located in the northern part of the resort. If you are indifferent to excursions and sightseeing, preferring to relax on the sunny beach and swim in the gentle sea waves, then this area is perfect for you. However, lovers of historical and architectural monuments can also stay in this area, but you will have to get to the historic city center by bus. But the prices here are lower than in the central part of the resort.

Those who stay in the area usually enjoy strolling near the sea in the evenings. The air at this time is simply magnificent, and the evening sea, in the waves of which the last rays of the sun are refracted, is a very picturesque sight. The waterfront is full of shops. Traffic is closed at this time - this is done especially for lovers of evening walks.


This is one of the northern areas of the resort. It is located approximately two kilometers from the city center. This location is definitely one of the great advantages of the area. Rivabella also has disadvantages. Here is one of them: lovers of water activities are unlikely to be pleased with a stone wall built not far from the coast. It was built to protect vacationers from the waves.

However, water entertainment is not all that the local tourist infrastructure offers to the guests of the city. You can, for example, attend dance evenings. From time to time, tastings of fine wines are arranged for vacationers.

The area is known for the fact that springs flow on its territory. There are two of them; it is believed that their water can heal from various ailments.


The Viserbella area is also located in the northern part of the resort. Like all areas of the city, it is perfect for beach lovers. It shares many similarities with Viserba: both areas make up one tourist area of the resort.

The area is located at a considerable distance from the main city attractions. However, from here you can get to the busiest parts of the resort by bus. The journey can take from half an hour to an hour. Among the advantages of the area are the absence of crowds of tourists and affordable prices (much lower than those in the central part of the city).

Torre Pedrera

If you want your holiday in an Italian resort to be as economical as possible, this area will be one of the most suitable options for you. It is located approximately seven kilometers from the historic city center. In other words, if you stay in this area, you cannot reach the historic center on foot (unless you are a fan of long walks).

The area does not differ in the abundance of attractions. To be more precise, there are practically none of them here. We can say that the main attraction of the area is the beach, which is about two kilometers long. You will not find a large selection of entertainment here either. However, there are many good pizzerias here, and it is also easy to find a cozy restaurant here with relatively affordable prices. In such establishments, it is pleasant to spend an evening after a sunny day at the beach. If you go to an Italian resort just for the sea and the sun, then it is quite possible that this area will turn out to be the absolute embodiment of your dreams.


Where to stay in Rimini
Where to stay in Rimini