How to obtain Cypriot citizenship

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How to obtain Cypriot citizenship
How to obtain Cypriot citizenship
photo: How to obtain Cypriot citizenship
photo: How to obtain Cypriot citizenship

Holidays in the blessed Cypriot resorts of many Russians give rise to an understandable desire to permanently move to this island. Moreover, for many inhabitants, the acquisition of a new place of residence soon becomes an intermediate goal, and the final goal is to obtain all the rights that the citizens of this European state have. It is necessary to look for the answer to the question of how to obtain Cypriot citizenship, first of all, in the legislation of the country.

At the moment, the main provisions for obtaining Cypriot citizenship by indigenous people and newly arrived citizens of other states of this planet are spelled out in two important regulatory legal acts. The first document is the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, adopted in 1967, the second is the law on citizenship, the year of adoption of this state act is the same - 1967.

How to Obtain Cypriot Citizenship - Methods and Mechanisms

The following issues concerning citizenship are regulated by the legislative acts of the Republic of Cyprus: acquisition of citizenship; renunciation of citizenship; deprivation of citizenship.

The first important remark is that it is impossible to automatically lose the citizenship of this state, the second is that a Cypriot citizen is not expelled from the country, no matter what the circumstances require. The methods of obtaining the rights of a Cypriot citizen are identical to those in neighboring states. The following paths are most common in Cypriot society:

  • "Blood right", associated with birth or family ties;
  • entering into a legal marriage relationship with a person who has Cypriot citizenship;
  • naturalization is the most common method among foreign citizens;
  • special merits.

The so-called “right of blood” implies that if at least one of the parents of the newborn is a Cypriot citizen, the child automatically receives the same citizenship.

Getting married (getting married) does not necessarily entail obtaining citizenship. First, a spouse, having changed his social status, may decide not to change his citizenship. Secondly, civil registration is not yet a reason to issue a Cypriot passport to a person. The law stipulates that spouses must have been married for at least two years. And only then a spouse who does not have Cypriot citizenship has the right to submit documents.

The next way to fully infuse into the Cypriot civil society is naturalization, a method suitable for citizens born in other countries who do not have relatives or spouses, Cypriots. The first prerequisite for starting the naturalization procedure is living on the island. Moreover, the term is set quite long - seven years.

For those wishing to reduce the waiting period before obtaining citizenship, local law allows another method, which assumes that a person has special merits to the Republic of Cyprus. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the law spelled out the word "special" and not "outstanding", as, for example, in Bulgaria. The category of applicants who have the right to citizenship in this way includes not only brilliant scientists, art workers, but also businessmen. Large investors who have invested large enough financial resources in the Cypriot economy can become full citizens of the country in a month.

Citizenship by Business

The way to obtain Cypriot citizenship with the help of money is not as easy as it might seem to someone. A businessman intending to become a member of the country's civil society faces increased financial requirements. For example, direct investment in the economy (production or business, shares or land purchase) must be at least ten million euros. Instead, you can create a company (firm) on the territory of the state, but its annual turnover should also be equal to the amount of 10 million euros.

Other options are also possible, including the creation of high-tech production processes, bank deposits in the amount of at least five million euros. To prevent fraud in this area by unscrupulous applicants, the state invites the applicant to conclude an agreement with a bank, while the amount on the account must be at least 15 million euros, and upon termination of the agreement, Cypriot citizenship is revoked.

The road is open for courageous entrepreneurs, wealthy businessmen who have calculated all the pros and cons of obtaining citizenship of this island state. This category of persons is even exempted from passing the Greek language test and receiving a certificate of passing. To obtain a passport of a citizen of Cyprus, you need to personally take part in the ceremony, that is, arrive on the island, take an oath of allegiance to the country. Another positive point is that the state allows the applicant to have a second citizenship.