Guide to Greece with Ambotis Holidays: Peloponnese

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Guide to Greece with Ambotis Holidays: Peloponnese
Guide to Greece with Ambotis Holidays: Peloponnese
Photo: Guide to Greece with Ambotis Holidays: Peloponnese
Photo: Guide to Greece with Ambotis Holidays: Peloponnese

Advanced travelers have long chosen the Greek peninsula of the Peloponnese. Covered with olive groves and lapped by the azure waters of the Gulf of Messina, this fabulous peninsula is the perfect place for a relaxing, relaxing family vacation. An extensive historical heritage, an abundance of attractions in Sparta and Olympia will not let curious tourists get bored. And cheerful and active youth can find a lot of entertainment in Kalamata.

Helpful tips from tour operator Ambotis Holidays help travelers dot the i's.

When to go

The coastal regions of the peninsula are characterized by a warm Mediterranean climate. Winter is easily tolerated, and summer is not too hot. High tourist in the Peloponnese lasts from May to October, but the peak falls in July-August. In late spring and early summer, you can combine beach holidays with excursions - the weather for sightseeing is very comfortable. The air temperature in May is + 20-25 C, in June + 25-30 C. In September and October the "velvet season" begins. An important feature of the climate of the Peloponnese peninsula is a large number of sunny days a year. And this is a guarantee of persistent tanning and good mood. No matter what time you come here, you can enjoy your time in hotels, on the beaches or on excursions.

How to get there

At the moment, all conditions have been created in order to spend a summer vacation in the Peloponnese. And the availability of direct flights to Moscow makes this region even more accessible.

Ambotis Holidays is the only tour operator whose flight program is based on direct Aegean Airlines flights to Kalamata.

Where to stay?

The resort life of the Peloponnese is mainly concentrated in small cozy towns and villages. The coastline is comprised of wide sandy or pebble beaches, many of which have been awarded blue flags for their cleanliness and amenities. The best of them are located in the western part of the coast of the Ionian Sea with gentle sandy shores. Holidays in these secluded places can be recommended for a relaxed family holiday away from the noise.

In the Peloponnese, there are a large number of high-level hotels for a calm, peaceful rest. Hotels with their own sandy beaches and rich infrastructure were especially popular last year.

As for families with children, they should pay attention to hotels of the Grecotel chain, for example Grecotel Filoxenia. In 2018, the hotel launched the Elephant Holiday Club.

For clients striving for excellence, we offer luxury five-star hotels with impeccable service Costa Navarino The Romanos 5 * De Luxe and Costa Navarino The Westin 5 *. Both hotels, surrounded by olive groves, have vast grounds, spacious rooms. The magnificent landscapes, the temperate climate, thanks to which the excellent weather is maintained here all year round, as well as the variety of services offered by the hotel make the hotel an ideal place for the whole family.

What to see

For a long time, the Peloponnese was deprived of the attention of tourists from Russia. But in recent years, interest in this region has been actively growing, and not casual. A large number of ancient monuments, museums, temples could not go unnoticed for curious travelers. First of all, you should pay attention to the town of Olympia - it was he who once gave the world the Olympic Games. Ruins of the amphitheater, as well as the temples of Hera and Zeus, built around 500 BC. awe all history lovers.

Antiquity will continue to amaze you during a tour of Ancient Messina: a theater, a stadium, a Roman villa, the remains of the first Byzantine basilica are just an incomplete list of what you can see in this place.

Athens is relatively close. And this opens up opportunities for one-day excursions to the Greek capital, during which you can see from the Athenian Acropolis, the Theater of Dionysus and other popular attractions.