Sea in Thessaloniki

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Sea in Thessaloniki
Sea in Thessaloniki

Video: Sea in Thessaloniki

Video: Sea in Thessaloniki
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photo: Sea in Thessaloniki
photo: Sea in Thessaloniki

The outskirts of the second largest city in Greece are one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in Europe. Resorts near Thessaloniki are annually visited by tens of thousands of vacationers, and the number of Russian travelers occupies a considerable percentage in the lists of guests of local hotels. The Greek Riviera in the historical region of Macedonia is renowned for its attractions and ideal infrastructure for a beach holiday. The climate in the region is very favorable, the swimming season at the sea in Thessaloniki begins at the end of April, and by the May holidays the water temperature reaches + 19 ° C. Tourists stay on the beaches until the last days of October, when the air cools down, but the sea remains warm. Thessaloniki also boasts a sufficient amount of sun - there are more than three hundred clear days in the city a year.

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The sea that washes the shores of the resorts around Thessaloniki is called the Aegean. It belongs to the Mediterranean basin and its peculiarity is a huge number of large and small islands. The Aegean Sea is called the cradle of ancient civilizations: ancient Greek and Byzantine. The sea got its name from the ancient Greek myth about King Aegea, who decided that his son Theseus died in a fight with the Minotaur and threw himself off a cliff.

The water in the Aegean Sea is characterized by high salinity, and therefore it is important to take a fresh shower after swimming.

Choosing a beach

A huge metropolis and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, Thessaloniki has long been an economically important center of the region. This did not benefit beach tourism and now the places of comfortable rest, where the ecology has remained the same, are concentrated in the vicinity of the city. It is there that you should look for the best beaches:

  • Pereyas is 17 km away from a clean sandy beach with parasols and sun loungers, playgrounds and taverns serving typical Greek cuisine. After sunset, parties for young people are organized right by the water.
  • The infrastructure on Agia Triada beach is tailored to the needs of guests with different preferences. Children will love the playgrounds, young sportsmen can play volleyball or rent a jet ski, and gourmets can taste fresh seafood in one of the beach restaurants.
  • In the center of the bay, where the Epanomi beach is located, a ship once sank. It gives a special entourage to the seascape, and restaurants and national bars - “uzerias” - make your stay on Epanomi pleasant and comfortable.

A seaside holiday in Thessaloniki is ideal for families with children of all ages. Organized beaches in the vicinity of the city are covered with sand, sometimes it is replaced by small pebbles. The shallow entrance to the sea allows the water to warm up faster. As a result, even the youngest tourists can swim and sunbathe comfortably and absolutely safely.

If you decide to rent a beach lounger, be prepared to pay a few euros. It is more profitable to order a drink at the nearest cafe or restaurant. In this case, they will bring you a refreshing juice or cocktail, and the price will include the opportunity to use the beach equipment.

The easiest way to get to the sea from Thessaloniki is from the eastern city bus station IKEA. Travel time - from half an hour to 40 minutes, depending on the distance of the beach.

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Divers note

Diving is practiced in the Aegean Sea and Thessaloniki is a recognized center for diving training in the region. There are several schools in the city where you can learn the basics of diving, improve your qualifications and get a certificate.

Among the underwater attractions in the sea near Thessaloniki are several wrecks, coral reefs with colorful inhabitants and underwater grottoes. The best time for diving is the first half of summer, when the water temperature does not exceed + 20 ° C - + 24 ° C, the sea is clear and the visibility under water is several tens of meters.

Diving centers in Thessaloniki have a good reputation in their field and offer the services of licensed instructors, including Russian speaking instructors.

It is worth diving in Greece only as part of an organized group. Self-diving can lead to large fines, as there are many archaeological surveys in the country, including underwater. Diving is prohibited in such places.