How long to fly to Mauritius from Moscow?

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How long to fly to Mauritius from Moscow?
How long to fly to Mauritius from Moscow?
photo: How long to fly to Mauritius from Moscow?
photo: How long to fly to Mauritius from Moscow?
  • How many hours to fly from Moscow to Mauritius?
  • Flight Moscow - Port Louis
  • Flight Moscow - Places
  • Flight Moscow - Rodriguez

If you are interested in profitable and optimal flight options, you probably want to know how long to fly to Mauritius from Moscow? There you can visit the Black River Gorge National Park and the village of Chamarel, see the Maeswarat Temple in Tirol and Fort Adelaide on the Petit Montagne hill, walk along the Codan embankment in Port Louis, climb the 812-meter Le Pouce mountain, relax on the beach of the resort town of Flic-en-Flac and on Deer Island, admire the seven-step Tamarin waterfalls and the picturesque crater lake Grand Bassin (southeast of the island).

How many hours to fly from Moscow to Mauritius?

Flights in the Moscow - Mauritius direction are operated by Air France, British Airways, Air Austral, Condor, Air Mauritius and other airlines (they will offer them to board such aircraft as Airbus A321, Boeing 777, Boeing 767-200). Those who decide to take a direct flight to Mauritius will spend 10.5 hours on the road, and about 16 hours on a connecting flight (popular connecting cities are Paris and Dubai).

It is worth noting that, despite the rainy season and strong winds in June-July, you can fly to Mauritius at any time of the year using a direct charter flight (additional charters are sent on January and May holidays).

Flight Moscow - Port Louis

Moscow and Port Louis are separated by more than 8600 km (an average ticket costs 35600 rubles). There are no direct flights, which means that the flight through Delhi will stretch for 36.5 hours (waiting - 22 hours), via Dubai - for 35.5 hours (14 hours will be spent above the ground), via Paris - for 25 hours (break - 7 hours), via Vienna - for 27 hours (13-hour flight), through Frankfurt am Main - for 23.5 hours (15 hours will pass in the air), through St. Petersburg and Dubai - for 35 hours (passengers will have 14, 5 o'clock).

Flight Moscow - Playsance

To fly from Moscow to the Placesance, tourists will have to pay at least 29,700 rubles and cover 8,690 km, while stops can be made in Dubai (the whole trip is 15.5 hours, and the flight is 11.5 hours), in Paris (it will take 16, 5 hours; rest after the 1st flight - 2 hours), in London (the journey will last 21 hours, of which the flight itself is almost 16 hours), in Vienna and Dubai (after departure in Moscow, tourists will find themselves in Places after 20, 5 hours), in Doha and Nairobi (the duration of the air trip is 22.5 hours), in Frankfurt am Main (the road to Plaisance will take almost 19 hours), in Munich and Paris (the trip will end after 19.5 hours), in Zurich (22-hour air adventure).

Both of these flights are operated by Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, where passengers change currency at exchange offices, withdraw cash from ATMs, use banking and postal services at the appropriate branches; resort to the services of staff behind the desks of tour operators; rent a car they like (you should pay attention to such agencies as Avis, Europcar, Sixt, Budget Car Rental); have a snack in food establishments; spend time in comfortable waiting rooms (free Wi-Fi, the latest newspapers, TV, catering areas are provided for passengers); buy cosmetics, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, jewelry and other necessary goods in a duty-free shop.

To get to your hotel, you can use a transfer service, but since it is not very economical financially, taxi services will be 2 times cheaper (travel to popular resorts will cost 30-50 euros).

Flight Moscow - Rodriguez

Moscow is 8,749 km away from Rodriguez (tickets are sold at an average price of 53,200 rubles). If you make a transfer in Dubai and Placesance, the trip duration will be 19.5 hours, in Zurich and Placesance - 25 hours, in Frankfurt am Main and Placesance - 24 hours, in London and Placesance - 27 hours. And at Rodrigues Airport, travelers can take advantage of a variety of services.