Summer Holidays in Albania 2021

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Summer Holidays in Albania 2021
Summer Holidays in Albania 2021
photo: Summer vacation in Albania
photo: Summer vacation in Albania
  • On the merits of Albanian resorts
  • About beaches
  • Summer vacation with children in Albania
  • Note to the traveler
  • About sights

The long-term self-isolation of this Balkan republic turned out to be not very useful for the development of tourism: vouchers here in Russian travel agencies are still rarely ordered. But those who prefer unexplored cities and countries and relative seclusion during their summer holidays come to Albania with pleasure. Luxurious Mediterranean nature and traditional Balkan hospitality add up to an inexpensive tour.

On the merits of Albanian resorts

Choosing Albania for vacation, travelers get several advantages at once over colleagues who went to other European resorts:

  • Prices for hotels in Albania are significantly lower than in neighboring countries, and therefore here you can afford to stay longer and boo in a five-star residence.
  • Albanian cuisine, like any Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine, has won a special love of regular customers of local restaurants. The portions served in them are impressive, and the price of the issue allows you not to deny yourself anything at least three times a day.
  • Despite the temporary absence of direct flights from Moscow to the airports of Albania, even flights with connections are very popular. Taking into account the transfer, the journey will take about 6 hours, but shopaholics can enjoy the Duty Free range in Vienna, Milan or Frankfurt.

A huge plus in the development of good-neighborly tourism relations between Russia and Albania was the decision to abolish visas for the summer period for Russians. From May 15 to November 1, a Russian tourist for a summer vacation in Albania will only need a valid foreign passport.

About beaches

The coast of Albania stretches for 360 km, washed by the waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The beaches in the country are covered with both sand and pebbles, and therefore both adherents of absolute convenience and lovers of natural stone massage can relax here.

The Ionian Sea is more suitable for fans of magnificent landscapes, while the Adriatic coast will appeal to families with children and older tourists.

The swimming season in the country starts in early May, when the sea warms up to + 20 ° С, and the air - up to + 26 ° С. The high season is in July and August. The heat can pass during these months far beyond + 30 ° С, but the sea breezes help to endure it quite easily.

Resorts on the Ionian Sea are ready to receive guests a little earlier, due to the fact that they are located slightly to the south. The local Riviera has conditions for active summer holidays. In Albania, the rental of jet skis, catamarans and boats begins to develop, and therefore even the most active here will find exciting outdoor activities.

The coniferous forests surrounding the Adriatic resorts give its coast a special charm. The air in the resort of Vlora is saturated with pine aromas, and the local beaches can boast of quite decent infrastructure.

Summer vacation with children in Albania

Little tourists will certainly appreciate the Albanian beach opportunities, especially if their parents choose the resorts of Dhermi or Lezhi as their location. The entrance to the water on their beaches is absolutely shallow, thanks to which the sea warms up faster and becomes absolutely comfortable for children to swim.

Note to the traveler

  • The beaches in Albania, for the most part, are not equipped. Sun loungers, toilets, changing rooms and umbrellas can only be found in coastal areas owned by hotels.
  • Choosing an Albanian hotel, read the reviews of those who stayed in it. The declared stardom often does not meet the established criteria, which may not be a very pleasant surprise for fans of special comfort.

About sights

While vacationing in Albania, do not forget about the local attractions. When staying at any of the resorts, learn about interesting excursions run by national travel agencies. When choosing what to visit in the city on your own, use the maps that offer information centers for guests.

The city of Saranda on the Ionian coast is beautiful at any time of the year, but in summer it seems especially picturesque. Saranda is a good place for a relaxing family vacation and contemplation of the local beauty. History lovers will be delighted with visiting the main attraction of the resort - the archaeological museum-reserve, opened on the territory of the ancient city of Butrint. Monuments from the times of Ancient Rome - an aqueduct, city walls, baths, fortresses and villas - have been preserved here in an intact state. This circumstance contributed to the inclusion of Butrint in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The acropolis of the ancient city of Foinike is seven times larger than the Athenian acropolis and is not the only city attraction. The local ethnographic museum has an exposition about the history of Albania, and on a high hill above Saranda rises the Byzantine fortress Lekursi, built in the 15th century.

Those who are in awe of the Middle Ages will love guided tours of ancient castles. The most famous are Skaydenberg Castle in Kruja and Petrela - in the suburbs of the capital. In general, Tirana is replete with architectural monuments and it is definitely worth planning a walk along it as part of a summer vacation in Albania.