What to visit in Rome?

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What to visit in Rome?
What to visit in Rome?
photo: What to visit in Rome?
photo: What to visit in Rome?

Magnificent and delightful - only such epithets are awarded to the great Rome from the lips of tourists who have visited the Eternal City, where, as you know, all roads lead. It is difficult to say what to visit in Rome on your own and what to see during the excursion. Since it is not known what the guest expects from the trip - new knowledge, accurate and interesting information. Or the guest's goal is to get unforgettable sensations, vivid emotions, sweet "aftertaste" after visiting world famous sights and monuments of ancient Roman history.

What to visit in Rome in one day

Any seasoned traveler will say that one day in Rome is categorically not enough, the city will have to leave with tears in his eyes and with an oath promise to himself to return here at the first opportunity.

Local residents, answering the strategic question of a tourist, what to visit in Rome from the main highlights of Rome, will name the Old City, the Vatican and the Colosseum. The most unforgettable impressions are, of course, ancient Rome, its ancient buildings, or rather, what remains of them are impressive today, you can try to imagine what its former inhabitants and guests felt.

The main attractions of ancient Rome are:

  • Capitol Hill, from where this old, but eternally young and beautiful city began to grow;
  • The Roman Forums associated with the greats of the past, Caesar and Trajan;
  • The Colosseum, the largest amphitheater of ancient Rome, whose name is translated from Latin as “colossal”.

If such an opportunity has already happened, to visit Rome, you need to choose the most important (for a particular person) object of history, architecture or culture. And enjoy it to the fullest, inspect it yourself, capture it in photos and videos, buy souvenirs, talk with a local guide who knows languages. And then, tired, but filled with knowledge and emotions, continue on your way.

Roman holiday

Tourists who are skeptical about the monuments of ancient history, but love to explore the modern city in all its diversity, can go for a pleasant walk through the streets and squares of Rome. Finds and amazing discoveries await such guests of the Italian capital at every step. The only negative is that there are thousands of those who want to make a promenade through the most famous places in Rome.

One of the most sacred places in Rome (literally and figuratively) is St. Peter's Square. Rather, it already refers to the Vatican, which is a kind of state within a state. The most magnificent cathedral bears the same name as the square. It was erected in the 17th century by the great Italian architect Giovanni Bernini. Today St. Peter's Square is a gathering place for guests of Rome and pilgrims. The first come to touch the living history of the country, representatives of the Catholic faith, to hear the word of God from the mouth of the Pope himself.

The second point of the route can be Piazza del Popolo, one of the most beautiful Roman squares. It is almost parallel to the old majestic churches similar to each other, an amazing balustrade will tell the observant tourist about the changing seasons.

Roman temples

We can say about the religious buildings of the Italian capital that they are the keepers of the faith and, at the same time, the treasures of masterpieces. Moreover, many of them can look completely unpresentable from the outside, while inside they demonstrate the works of old masters, the greatest sculptors or artists.

In addition to St. Peter's Cathedral, a visit to which becomes a must-see item on the program of any tourist, there are other popular places of worship, cathedrals and temples on the list. Ile-Gesu Church, one of these religious buildings, located in the center of Rome and attracting the attention of thousands of tourists. The building dates back to 1568-1584, the main treasures are hidden inside - these are frescoes that adorn the ceiling of the church. The illusion is created that the figures depicted on the fresco seem to float in the air, casting a shadow.

Another religious shrine is the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which belongs to the company of the main basilicas of Rome. Its highlights are the mosaics that adorn the interiors: they depict scenes from the Bible, in the triumphal arch - the birth of Christ and other scenes from his life.