Where to stay in Tambov

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Where to stay in Tambov
Where to stay in Tambov
photo: Where to stay in Tambov
photo: Where to stay in Tambov
  • City districts
  • Leninsky district
  • Soviet District
  • Oktyabrsky district

In the old days, Tambov was considered a city of farmers and beekeepers. Of course, at present this characteristic has little in common with reality, although a bee hive flaunts on the flag and coat of arms of the city. What is this ancient city today?

Tambov is located about four hundred and eighty kilometers from the Russian capital. Its population is about three hundred thousand people. The area of the city is a little less than ninety-seven square kilometers. Although the city is small enough, there are many attractions, including historical ones. Arriving here, you will see many beautiful temples and elegant old mansions.

The history of the city began in the mid-30s of the 17th century. Historians cannot say anything with certainty about how its name appeared. There are several versions of the origin of this word. Many of them are associated with the languages of those tribes who lived here in ancient times. Translated from some of these adverbs, the word can mean a whirlpool, a swampy shore or a stump.

If you are attracted by the charm of small old Russian towns, you should definitely visit Tambov. Time seemed to have frozen here: it seems that this was the atmosphere that reigned here in the 19th century or at the beginning of the 20th century. It is not surprising that many tourists, as if spellbound, wander the streets of this city for hours.

Do you want to become one of these travelers? Then read this text: from it you will learn about where to stay in Tambov. We will similarly tell you about the districts of this ancient city here.

City districts


The city's territory is officially divided into three districts. Here are their names (typical for districts of many Russian cities):

  • Leninist;
  • Soviet;
  • October.

Leninsky District is located in the southeast of the city. It was founded in the late 1930s. It is home to about thirty-five thousand people. Sovetsky District is located in the southwestern part of the city. It was founded in the first half of the 60s of the XX century. Its population is approximately ninety thousand inhabitants. Oktyabrsky district is located in the north of the city. Its population is about one hundred and seventy thousand inhabitants.

Let's talk now about the sights and tourist places of each of the districts, as well as city hotels.

Leninsky district

In this area there is one of the most beautiful city streets - the Embankment. Some even consider it to be a kind of “visiting card” of the city. Travelers and locals alike love to walk and take pictures here.

One of the city's attractions is located on this street - the Aseevs' estate. This is a museum complex, on the territory of which there are a house, a park and a fountain. The estate was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Its main building was erected in accordance with the canons of the Art Nouveau style. It is impossible not to admire this snow-white structure. In the post-revolutionary period, there was a sanatorium and an orphanage on the estate territory. In the 21st century, the estate was restored and turned into a museum.

Another attraction of the area is Kommunalnaya Street. Her name does not sound very romantic (as you might guess, it was given to her in the post-revolutionary period and has not changed since then), but it is worth seeing. This is a beautiful street, one of the sections of which is called the local Arbat. The section is a pedestrian zone. This part of the street is paved with cobblestones, on its sides there are buildings of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century - stone mansions of the merchants. The street is decorated with flower beds and wrought-iron lanterns. Here you can see the famous sculpture - a monument to the Tambov treasurer. It depicts the heroine of Mikhail Lermontov's poem - a Tambov beauty with an unhappy fate. Nowadays, the sculpture has become one of the most famous landmarks in the city, but in the first months after its installation, it caused controversy. In particular, some townspeople were unhappy with the beauty's too deep neckline.

If you get tired of walking among the merchants' houses, you can sit down to relax on one of the benches installed on the street, or go to a cafe. You can go shopping: once the street was famous for its shopping establishments, today there are also many shops here.

The old building of the Gostiny Dvor is also located in the Leninsky district of the city. Its architectural style is very easy to identify by looking at the characteristic portico with massive columns: this is, of course, Russian classicism. But the old Gostiny Dvor will appeal not only to connoisseurs of historical and architectural sights: shopping lovers will also enjoy visiting this place, since the building houses a shopping center.

Another attraction of the area is the Cathedral of the 18th century (Spaso-Preobrazhensky). Its forty-meter bell tower was built later than the main building: it was erected at the beginning of the 19th century. For a long time this temple was considered one of the most beautiful in the region. In the 30s of the XX century, the cathedral turned into a museum of local lore, the belfry was dismantled. At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, the temple was restored, and divine services were resumed there.

As you can see, the area is simply replete with sights and tourist places (we have not listed everything here). Therefore, many tourists stop in the Leninsky district of the city. Those travelers who live here can start sightseeing right after leaving the hotel, without wasting time on the road.

Where to stay: hotel "AMAKS park hotel", hotel "LUX", hotel "Belgravia".

Soviet District

There are not many attractions in this area and they are not the most interesting in the city. For example, on the territory of the district there is the Museum of the History of the Tambov Carriage Repair Plant. There is no need to explain that this attraction is quite specific, it will not interest every tourist.

This area will appeal to those who want to live away from places of high tourist activity, in a calm atmosphere of measured urban everyday life. However, the territory of the city is not large, so it is not difficult to get from this area to any sights of interest located in other parts of the city.

On the territory of the Soviet district there is a cultural and leisure center, two houses of culture, several libraries and many saunas. There is also a cafe here. In short, the area cannot be called undesirable for living or boring, although it is not distinguished by an abundance of attractions.

Where to stay: Slavyanskaya hotel, Teatralnaya hotel, Uyut hotel.

Oktyabrsky district

A recreational complex is located here. It is built along the stream bed. There is a tourist complex not far from the place where this stream merges with the Tsna River. It is part of the territory of the recreational complex. Also on this territory are a stadium, a park and a hippodrome.

A few words should be said about the park separately. It is the largest park in the city. It was founded relatively recently. Its opening was timed to coincide with the sixtieth anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Here you can see an interesting exposition of military equipment. There is a monument depicting an airplane in the park. Another attraction of the park is a musical fountain that glows in the dark (and therefore it is better to watch it in the evening or even at night). There are also monuments to the victorious veterans and Afghan warriors. Parents with children like to come to the park, as there are attractions and a playground for children.

One of the main attractions of the area is the Ascension Convent, founded in the 17th century. Its temples, painted with bright, light colors, are considered the most beautiful not only in the city, but in the entire region. According to the reviews of many tourists, it is simply impossible to take your eyes off such beauty! Some travelers argue that the main cathedral looks more like a painted tower from some fairy tale than a religious building. And what great pictures you can take here! But … history buffs will be disappointed: the cathedral was built in the 21st century. However, next to it there are temples built in earlier centuries.

Another attraction of the area is the Zoo-Botanical Center. If you come to the city with your children, be sure to bring them to this place: no doubt they will like it here. Here you can see wild boars, ostriches, camels, monkeys, exotic insects, various reptiles and birds … But nevertheless, the main function of this center is not entertainment, but scientific (although visitors - both adults and children - are always very welcome here). Young scientists conduct scientific research here.

As you can see, there are places on the territory of the district where you can go with small children. If you are traveling with little ones, it may be better for you to stay in the Oktyabrsky district.

Where to stay: Hotel Planet SPA, Hotel Postoyaly Dvor, Hotel Marsel, Hotel Azhur, Hotel Derzhavinskaya.


In conclusion, we can add that from any area of the city it will be easy for you to get to the sights of interest, wherever they are located: as already noted above, the territory of the city is small. So if for some reason you cannot stay at a hotel in the area you have chosen, do not worry: feel free to book a room in a hotel in another area, from there you can easily get to the place you need by public transport.


Where to stay in Tambov
Where to stay in Tambov
Where to stay in Tambov
Where to stay in Tambov
Where to stay in Tambov
Where to stay in Tambov