Where to go in Shenzhen

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Where to go in Shenzhen
Where to go in Shenzhen

Video: Where to go in Shenzhen

Video: Where to go in Shenzhen
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photo: Where to go in Shenzhen
photo: Where to go in Shenzhen
  • Fascinating museums
  • Historical monuments
  • Theme parks
  • Green areas
  • Restaurants and nightlife

The crowded, bustling Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen is located near Hong Kong. Although a settlement on the site of the present city has existed since the 4th century, its rapid development became possible only in the last few decades, when the Chinese government began to invest huge sums in its economy. Shenzhen received the status of a city only in 1979. Since then, its population has increased to 12 million. Most of its residents are migrants who came to Shenzhen in search of a better life.

Thousands of tourists come to see the rapidly developing metropolis. For them, the city has built numerous amusement parks, laid out green gardens, restaurants and cafes of Asian cuisine. There is also a historical center in the city, where interesting buildings have been preserved. Any local will tell you where to go in Shenzhen, where to spend your free time, and what to see first.

Take a few days to visit Shenzhen. This city is also suitable for traveling with a child.

Fascinating museums


In Shenzhen, you need to be prepared for bad weather and always carry an umbrella with you. You can hide from the pouring rains in local museums, which offer very interesting exhibitions. It is worth paying attention to such establishments:

  • Shenzhen Museum. Its collection of 20 thousand exhibits is housed in two exhibition halls. One of them, the most convenient for visiting, is located in the Futian area. Here are collected ancient fossils and artifacts of the Neolithic era, found in the vicinity of the city. Audio guides are available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean;
  • Shenzhen Art Museum. It was founded in 1976 and is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the city. It exhibits a significant collection of works by local artists of the 20th century;
  • He Xiangning Art Museum is another art gallery you can go to in your spare time. It contains works by the popular local painter He Xiangning and often hosts temporary exhibitions of contemporary art;
  • Shenzhen Museum of Paleontology. Located in Xianhu Botanical Garden. A museum with skeletal details and dinosaur models will delight kids. Those more interested in flora can explore the collection of petrified wood;
  • Hakka Culture Museum. Its exposition occupies a traditional round house, in which representatives of the Hakka people lived from time immemorial. This is an ethnographic and historical exhibition introducing the culture and life of the Hakka.
  • Museum of the ancient city of Nantou. Dedicated to the history of the city from the time of its formation to our time. It can be found at the entrance to the Old Town.

Historical monuments

Shenzhen used to be a simple fishing village with few attractions. The construction boom that came in the 80s and 90s of the last century caused the disappearance of most of the historical buildings. In search of surviving ancient buildings, it is better to go to the Nanshan area. The main tourist attraction in Nanshan is the old city of Nantou. The historical quarters, surrounded by fortress walls, were built for about 200 years - from the end of the 14th to the second half of the 16th centuries. Now people live in ancient houses, well restored, and shops are arranged on the first floors. To notice the evidence of antiquity, pay attention to the second floors of buildings, where graceful figurines, beautiful carved cornices, and centuries-old tiles have been preserved. The entrance to the territory of the Old City is through the gates of the Ming era.

The old Guandi Temple, built in 1612, is adjacent to the Old City. Guan Di and his two named brothers are worshiped here. In the inner courtyard of the temple, ovens are installed to burn "money" (bright pieces of paper) for deceased relatives. It is believed that after this, relatives in the next world will be able to spend this money. A fortuneteller works in the temple.

Experienced travelers recommend on their own or with an excursion to go to the Chiwan Fort in the same Nanshan area. From the huge fort, fortified with artillery guns, there was only one bastion, the only cannon and the ruins of the former barracks. Everything else was destroyed by British troops, who avenged the destruction of the opium stocks. The fort is located above the Pearl River, so an excellent view of the city opens up from its territory.

Theme parks

Shenzhen is an entertainment city. Here you can walk through various amusement parks for a week - and not have time to see them all. It is imperative to visit the miniature park "Window to the World", where on the territory of 48 hectares are collected reduced copies of the iconic landmarks of the planet. In the evenings, the park turns into a stage for a laser show.

No less popular is another similar park called "Magnificent China", on which 82 miniatures of Chinese tourist sites are installed. It is adjoined by another entertainment zone - "Chinese Folklore Villages". It recreates 25 historical Chinese villages, which have their own "residents" who are engaged in daily affairs, working in workshops and in every possible way entertaining tourists who have come to the light. Here you can not only look at the typical houses of ethnic groups, but also take part in interesting festivals that take place here regularly.

The Happy Valley amusement park can be called the center of good mood. People come here to ride high roller coasters in the Shangri-La Forest area, visit the Hurricane Bay sector with extreme water attractions, and relax in a water park called Maya Beach. Happy Valley has been operating since 1998.

A quieter holiday awaits residents and visitors of Shenzhen at the Shekou Sea World. This is a huge Minghua yacht, docked in the city center in a small bay. There are many discos and excellent restaurants on the promenade, but the main entertainment awaits visitors on the yacht. There is a cafe, nightclub, gym and cinema here. There is also a small hotel here.

Green areas

From Shenzhen, in just an hour by ferry, you can reach the picturesque island of Dong Ao, which in the Chinese press is called "the last quiet island to relax in the Celestial Empire." More than 80% of its territory is covered by forest, and beaches with the purest sand are equipped on the shores. The water near the island is crystal clear. People come here for diving, surfing and sailing.

However, in the city itself, you can find many amazingly beautiful parks. The first place in the ranking of the most popular gardens in Shenzhen is occupied by the Xianhu Botanical Park, which can be translated as "Fairy Lake". There really is a lake in it. Its banks are lined with elegant pavilions and graceful pagodas. The main attractions in the park include Hongfa Buddhist Temple, Apothecary Garden, Paleontological Museum, Bamboo Garden and Bonsai Trees.

On the outskirts of the city is Mount Wooton with three peaks, the slopes of which are covered with forest. The entire territory of the mountain has been turned into Wutongshan Park. There are several viewing platforms to which pedestrian trails of various difficulty levels lead.

Around another mountain called Yantai is the Yantai Park. The green valley, turned into a recreation area, is especially beautiful during the rainy seasons. Representatives of the Hakka people live under the mountain. The popular resort Lake Shiyan, famous for its mineral springs, is located very close to the park.

There are also some wonderful green spaces in the city center. Since 1925, Zhongshan Park has existed - the oldest in the city. In the park you can find ponds, the banks of which are almost hidden by lush thickets. There are benches in the most secluded corners. Once in Zhongshan, you should find the remains of the walls of Nantou, dating back to 1394, as well as a statue depicting Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China.

Restaurants and nightlife


Shenzhen does not have its own culinary traditions. Most restaurants offer Hong Kong and Cantonese cuisine. A large number of migrants from all over China are trying to open their own catering establishments in Shenzhen, but only a few of the visitors were previously restaurateurs. That is why the choice of cafes and restaurants in Shenzhen must be approached especially carefully. Wonderful restaurants are located in tourist spots - on Baden and Leyuan streets.

There are also many establishments in the city serving European, Japanese, American cuisine. So, the best hamburgers in the city are prepared at The Butchers Club restaurant, Indian food should be tried at Indian Spice, the Mexican menu is offered by the Tristan’s Calmex snack bar.

The evening does not end after dinner. The audience goes to listen to the renowned musicians who often play at night in The Terrace and V Bar. In the Ost area you can find places with live jazz music. Many bars in Shenzhen do not have large dance floors. Here, it is rather customary to sit at a bar or table and drink beer, cocktails or alcohol stronger than to dance. Some cafes have their own breweries.

Nightclubs are open until late at night, and during the day they offer fashionable salsa lessons.

For a romantic date, go to the panoramic bar. These include, for example, "Eden Garden", located on the roof of the building "Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai". It offers exquisite signature cocktails to the accompaniment of remixes from the world's leading DJs. The bar is located in the Shekou area near the Minghua ship. Another interesting place, from the windows of which the whole city is visible, is the Penthouse bar, which is located on the 38th floor of the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. There is a simple answer to the question of what to order here - the signature cocktail "Red Dragon", consisting of vodka, orange and lemon juices, crushed ice. Added cranberry juice on top.


Where to go in Shenzhen
Where to go in Shenzhen