The sea in Varadero

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The sea in Varadero
The sea in Varadero
photo: Sea in Varadero
photo: Sea in Varadero

The Cuban resort of Varadero is one of the largest in the Caribbean and at the same time, according to UNESCO, one of the cleanest beach areas in the world.

Varadero is built on the Icacos Peninsula, protruding in the form of a 20-kilometer spit into the Atlantic Ocean, the waters of which are washed by white sandy beaches in the northern part of Liberty Island.

The sea in Varadero is always warm, and even in the midst of the New Year holidays, the hotels in the resort are not empty. Thermometers rarely drop below + 24 ° C in water in January and + 25 ° C on land. In summer, mercury columns reach + 28 ° С and + 32 ° С, respectively.

Among other climatic features of the Cuban resort - the season of hurricanes and rains. The first occurs in late summer and early autumn. In August-September, the sea in Varadero is rough, not too clean and dangerous for swimming. The wet season lasts from May to September. Precipitation most often falls in the second half of the day in the form of short-term but heavy tropical showers, without disturbing holidaymakers too much.

Varadero Monthly Weather Forecast

Choosing a beach


The resort's beaches stretch for two tens of kilometers, and among their variety you will find both "wild" and owned by hotels.

The main features of Varader beaches, which are important for vacationers to know about:

  • All beaches in the resort are absolutely free. You will not be charged for entry, but when making an attempt to enter the territory of a hotel in which you do not live, be prepared to answer security questions.
  • On some beaches there are cafes with soft and alcoholic drinks and a simple, but sufficient menu for a comfortable stay. Active entertainment is organized almost everywhere.
  • Parasols and sun loungers are available on all beaches owned by the hotels. The so-called "wild" recreation areas cannot boast of infrastructure and are not equipped with sun loungers.
  • The entrance to the sea along the entire coastal strip of Varadero is quite gentle, the water near the coast warms up well, and holidays with children here are very comfortable and quite safe.

If you find yourself in Varadero during storm season, be aware of the nicely named trouble that may lie in wait for the bather. Marine inhabitants, which are called "Portuguese ships" here, are very dangerous and, if stung, can cause paralysis with their poison even in experienced swimmers. A blue bubble with a purple stripe with thin pale lilac tentacles, seen in the water, is a signal that the sea is not safe, and it is better to transfer water procedures to the pool. Organized beach guards usually display red flags on such days and strongly protest against any attempts to approach the water.

Divers note

The underwater area of Varadero is a great diving opportunity if diving is one of your hobbies. Local SCUBA diving clubs offer tourists a fairly wide range of services, from learning the basics to night diving and cave exploration.

One of the most popular dive sites in the sea off the coast of Varadero is called Cayo Pedra del Norte. The underwater park, created in 1990, is located 13 km from the resort north of Playa las Calaveras. Its organizers sank decommissioned boats, a yacht, a tug, a frigate more than 100 meters long and even an An-24 passenger plane at a depth of several tens of meters. Over the past almost 30 years, the technique has grown pretty coral and turned into artificial reefs. In Cayo Pedra del Norte Park, you can observe the outlandish tropical inhabitants of the Atlantic and, of course, explore every piece of submerged technology.

The natural coral reef is accessible to divers at Coral Beach, which can be reached from the center of Varadero by taxi or rental car in less than half an hour.

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Children's holidays in Varadero

The sea in the Cuban resort is very popular with young tourists. If you choose the right season for your vacation, your vacation will be calm and absolutely safe.

An excursion to the dolphinarium will help you diversify your beach routine. In Varadero, performances with the participation of marine life are held every day, and after the end of the show, everyone can swim with dolphins and take photos with the artists they like. The cost of services is 60 and 5 CUC, respectively. The entrance ticket will cost 20 CUC.

(The prices indicated in the material are valid as of April 2018)