Where to go in Kazan

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Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan

Video: Where to go in Kazan

Video: Where to go in Kazan
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photo: Where to go in Kazan
photo: Where to go in Kazan
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Kazan, founded more than 1000 years ago, has gathered in itself, like in a large melting pot (more precisely, a cauldron), a complex mixture of cultures, religions, views, personalities and facts. Here, the 12th century Kremlin is adjacent to modern skyscrapers, and the Muslim mosque with the Orthodox Church. Here, public transport stops are announced in three languages. It can be very difficult to live here without knowing the Tatar language, while the officially registered brand "Kazan - the third capital of Russia" is assigned to Kazan, however, according to some indicators, both Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg will give Kazan a hundred points ahead in the struggle for this "title" …

At the same time, Kazan is the fastest growing tourist destination in the country, ranking high in various popularity ratings among both local and foreign tourists. The most important international sports competitions are held here, magnificent stadiums and public buildings are being built. Kazan is one of the most controversial cities in the country, which you should definitely visit in order to form your own impression of the capital of Tatarstan.

Due to its convenient location at the intersection of trade routes between the West and the East, Kazan quickly became a large transport hub. It remains so to this day. Getting to Kazan is not difficult at all. Airplanes of all major Russian airlines and several international ones arrive at the airport. The road from Moscow by car will take about 12 hours, but the track itself is pleasant and quite wide. The most convenient option is the train. Travel time is about 12-13 hours. Trains run frequently, with many evening and night options.



It is better to come to Kazan for 2-3 days in order to have time not only to see the main sights, but also to try to "figure it out" in this amazing city. And you can see a lot here!

  • Bauman Street is the main pedestrian street of the city, the local "Arbat", although Kazan residents do not like any comparisons with Moscow. Bauman Street has always been a street of trade and tenement houses. Now, little has changed and you will definitely find a large number of souvenir shops, cafes and street musicians here. Of the interesting things - pay attention to the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral and the Bank of Tatarstan (according to legend, the gold of the royal family was transported here during the revolution). On Bauman Street you will also meet the unofficial symbol of Kazan - Alabrys the cat.
  • Kazan Kremlin, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, pleases tourists with whitewashed walls sparkling in the bright sun. The first version of the Kremlin was built in the XII century, however, it was significantly rebuilt during the time of Ivan the Terrible, after the annexation of Kazan to the Moscow principality. The Kremlin in Kazan fully reflects the interconnection of different cultures. The Cathedral of the Annunciation and the Kul-Sharif Mosque are located nearby. This is the main mosque of Tatarstan and one of the largest similar structures in Europe. Also on the territory there is a park in honor of the builders of the Kremlin, the Cannon Yard and the famous Leaning Tower of Syuyumbike. Be sure to take a look at two observation platforms: one behind the cathedral overlooking the Kazanka River and the new embankment, the second - at the burial place of the Kazan khans overlooking the monument to fallen soldiers and the Krylai amusement park.
  • The Palace of Farmers, or the building of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, is a magnificent building on the banks of the river, built in the Empire style in 2010. The controversy around him and his appearance has not subsided to this day. Be sure to take a walk along the new embankment - in summer it turns into a promenade, and in winter various installations are installed here that will look great in your photos.
  • Freedom Square has collected a large number of interesting buildings - the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Kazan City Hall and the Concert Hall.
  • Not far from Svoboda Square is Bolshaya Krasnaya Street, on which many small colorful houses have survived.
  • The Zakabanny Mosque is a symbolic place for the Tatars. It was built in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in 1924, when there was an era of state atheism in the USSR, so the mosque became a place of unification of Kazan Muslims. This is a beautiful building in red and green tones, evoking memories of medieval Bulgur culture.
  • The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is a must-see if you want to delve into the culture of the Tatars. Here are collected more than 800,000 exhibits that tell the history of the Tatar people.

Vacation with children

Kazan is a great place to come here with children. Even a simple walk around the city will give them great pleasure. Many buildings are so “gingerbread and ornate” that they are of great interest to children. Kazan is replete with beautiful observation decks overlooking the Volga, where you can run, jump and catch the wind.

Of the places where it is worth taking a child, we note the Riviera water park, the largest in Tatarstan. In summer, a private beach on the Kazanka River opens near the water park. Also look out for zoos. There are two of them here: the Kazan Zoological Botanical Garden at the University, founded a century and a half ago, and the "touching" one where animals can be stroked and fed. The Krylai amusement park is visible from afar thanks to a 55-meter Ferris wheel. The park is known to everyone in Kazan and is located on the banks of the Kazanka River, opposite the Kremlin.

You can also go on a night excursion to the observatory, feel like a scientist in the "House of Entertaining Science and Technology" and climb a lot on military equipment in the open-air Victory Park.

Where to go for free

Kazan often hosts free events and festivals in open-air parks. They are timed to specific dates and events. Such events are often held in Gorky Park due to its convenient location. Also, the Krylai amusement park organizes various events on its territory almost every weekend. Park "Gorkinsko-Ometyevsky Forest" is famous for its free family entertainment.

Kazan in winter

The most interesting place in Kazan in winter is the Kremlin embankment, built in 2015, located next to the Kremlin. Its length is more than 4 km. In winter, a real winter town with a variety of entertainments is arranged here, the center of which is the longest skating rink in Russia - more than 1 km. Here you can rent skates, get warm and have a snack.

On New Year's holidays, ice towns are arranged in different parts of Kazan - a paradise for children of all ages. There are ice labyrinths, slides, and trains. Everything is accompanied by invigorating music. It is worth looking into the entertainment center "Rodnaya Derevenka", located in a wooden complex made in a rustic style.

And in the last week of December, you can see the light show on the Spasskaya Tower.

Summer Kazan


It is better to visit Kazan in the spring-summer period, when you can fully enjoy the open observation decks, stroll along the new and old embankments, breathing in the river air.

In summer, river boat trips are possible. On them you can not only ride inside the city, but also go on a trip to Sviyazhsk and Bulgarians, unique historical towns near Kazan.

In summer, Kazan hosts two grand outdoor events - the Tatar holiday Sabantuy with traditional festivities, delicious Tatar food, dances and folk amusements, as well as the Kazan City Day celebrated on August 30. At the end of the city day, a grandiose fireworks display is always held over Kazan.


Kazan has a very large selection of souvenirs, most of which you can buy on Bauman Street. These are shoes and boots made of multicolored ichigi leather, velvet Tatar robes, skullcaps, and national kyz dolls. Edible souvenirs include horse sausage, sweet chak-chak, Old Kazan vodka in a bottle in the shape of a gun and Tatarstan balsam. And, perhaps, the main souvenir from Kazan is the Kazan Cat, which you will find in a wide variety of looks.

Cafes and restaurants

In Kazan, as in any large metropolis, cuisines from various countries of the world are presented, including the most "international" ones: Japanese and Italian. But, of course, in Kazan one should enjoy Tatar cuisine. Fortunately, there are plenty of decent places to do this.

The basis of Tatar cuisine: lamb, poultry, processed milk, from which katyk drink and cottage cheese are made. There are also many baked dough products with various fillings: beleshi, peremyachi, backkens, echpochmaki, suma. Tatar sweets are also tasty: katlama, kosh-tele, chak-chak.

Look for the most interesting establishments in the area of Bauman Street. Let's talk about some of them. The Tea House on the main pedestrian street is a legendary place. Here, for a small budget, tourists can get acquainted with all the delights of Tatar cuisine. The interior is unassuming, but the food is delicious and always fresh. Try the local oleshes, echpochmaks, and gabudias. Pay attention to the Dobraya Canteen chain, whose establishments are scattered throughout the city. This is a very inexpensive and satisfying way to grab a bite to eat in the city.

If you don't have the strength or desire to go to a cafe, take a look at the Bakhetle supermarkets, which offer a wide selection of dishes of Tatar cuisine of their own production.


Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan
Where to go in Kazan