Domodedovo airport

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Domodedovo airport
Domodedovo airport

Video: Domodedovo airport

Video: Domodedovo airport
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photo: Domodedovo Airport
photo: Domodedovo Airport
  • The history of the complex
  • Domodedovo air hub structure
  • How to get from the airport to the city
  • Baggage services

On the territory of the city of Domodedovo, 42 km from the center of Moscow, there is one of the largest aviation centers in the country, which, along with the Sheremetyevo airport, sets records for its dimensions and passenger traffic. Domodedovo Airport in 2017 received 30 million 700 thousand passengers, which is 7, 6% more than in 2016. Domodedovo is Moscow's only private airport believed to be owned by several businessmen.

Domodedovo Airport stands out among other Moscow airports in that there are two runways on its territory, separated from each other by a couple of kilometers, which allows them to be used simultaneously. The recent reconstruction of the first runway has made Domodedovo the first and only Russian airport capable of handling the world's largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380.

The history of the complex


Construction of Domodedovo airport began in 1957 and lasted 6 years. It was erected by the prisoners of colony No. 36. On March 25, 1964, the first passenger flight to Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) was made from here. By May 20, all work on the construction of the airport was completed, and the airfield began its work. In 1992, he began serving international flights. By the beginning of the new millennium, the old terminal was repaired and received a second life. Five years later, Domodedovo became the leader among Moscow airports in terms of occupancy: it received almost 14 million passengers in a year.

The airport is suitable for all types of aircraft of domestic and foreign production. Now the Domodedovo complex is being significantly expanded due to the construction of another terminal, a parking lot and a runway. The airport is expected to have 8 runways by the middle of this century.

Domodedovo air hub structure

Domodedovo Airport has only one terminal, consisting of two separate halls for domestic and international flights. The Domestic Lounge is also sometimes used for receiving and departing aircraft to the countries of the former Soviet Union. Currently, a new second terminal is under construction, which will be twice the size of the fifth terminal at London Heathrow.

Both halls of the existing terminal, marked with the letters A and B, offer their guests several dozen duty-free shops. There are slightly more such points in Hall A, as it serves international flights. The number of duty-free shops will be increased with the opening of the second terminal.

In September 2017, the Airhotel Express hotel was opened in the airport terminal. This allowed passengers waiting for a connection in Moscow to avoid exiting the airport terminal. Previously, transit passengers had to leave the terminal and take a special shuttle to the nearest hotel. Domodedovo is the first airport in Russia to have a hotel right on the territory of the terminal.

How to get from the airport to the city

Tourists arriving at Domodedovo airport are faced with the task of getting to the city as quickly as possible, paying an acceptable amount of travel. If the traveler is carrying a large luggage or just wants to get to the hotel directly, then he should order a taxi at the airport. All other tourists can get to Moscow or other nearby cities and towns by public transport.

From the airport go:

  • bus number 308. It connects Domodedovo with the Domodedovskaya metro station. You can get to the final stop in half an hour and 120 rubles;
  • bus number 30. It will take you about 40-60 minutes to the Domodedovo station;
  • bus number 26. Follows to the village of Krasny Put. There are few flights - about 10 per day;
  • bus number 999. Goes to the Ryazan bus station. The ticket costs 600 rubles.

You can also get to Moscow by Aeroexpress train. It delivers passengers to the Moscow-Paveletskaya station in 35 minutes. The fare is 500 rubles. A train goes to the same end point - Paveletsky railway station. Due to the fact that it makes more stops, tourists arrive at the site in an hour.

Baggage services

Domodedovo Airport provides its clients with a range of services that will greatly facilitate the life of passengers traveling in transit or those whose flight is delayed for a long time.

At Domodedovo airport you can find:

  • storage room. It is located in the arrivals hall and is open 24 hours a day. The cost of storing one suitcase per day is 500 rubles. If the baggage is large, then three times more will be asked for its storage;
  • wardrobe, where clothes are accepted - outerwear, festive, etc. For storage of one piece of clothing during the day they take a fee - 150 rubles;
  • luggage packing points. To prevent damage to the suitcase on the road, it is suggested to wrap it with plastic wrap. Such points are located at the check-in counters. Packing one suitcase will cost 600 rubles.

Domodedovo has counters where you can rent a battery for 200 rubles a day. Be prepared to be asked to leave a security deposit for an expensive device. Also on the territory of the airport there is a shop selling inexpensive and roomy suitcases.


Domodedovo airport
Domodedovo airport
Domodedovo airport
Domodedovo airport