Capital airport

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Capital airport
Capital airport
photo: Capital Airport
photo: Capital Airport
  • A look into the past
  • Airport terminals
  • Features of Beijing airport
  • How to get from Capital to Beijing

Beijing's international airport is called the Beijing Capital. It is located three dozen kilometers northeast of the center of Beijing, in the Zhao-lang region. The airport was managed by BCIA. Capital Airport is the busiest airport in Asia, the second largest airport in the world and the largest airport in China. Intense traffic, a large number of passengers became the reason that a few years ago at the airport only 1/5 of all planes departed and received on time. About 2/5 flights were delayed by about 45 minutes. The airport authorities are doing everything to cope with this problem.

Capital airport also sets records for cargo transportation. It is one of the twenty busiest airports in terms of cargo transported. The airport is the main hub of Air China, the flagship carrier of the People's Republic of China, which offers flights to 120 cities from Beijing. Hainan and China Southern Airlines also use this airport as their main hub.

A look into the past


Capital Airport, compared to some other airports in the world, is quite young. It was built in 1958. Before the advent of the Shoudou, China did not have its own airfields, so it could not serve commercial flights. Until 1980, passengers checked in for the flight and waited for the plane to depart in a small terminal, which can be seen today. He currently operates private and charter aircraft.

In the 80s of the last century, a new terminal was built, which, after a decade of its use, seemed cramped. Therefore, in 1999, when the PRC celebrated its 50th anniversary, a new terminal was opened at the Capital Airport, known as number 2. In 2004, another building for passengers appeared on the territory of the airport - Terminal 1. The opening of the third terminal, which ranks first in the ranking of the largest terminals in the world. Some passengers have to travel 3 km to get from the check-in point to the exit to the plane.

The airport has three runways, which allows to send and receive more than 1,300 flights daily.

Airport terminals

Capital Airport has three terminals. Above the third terminal, a tower for dispatchers rises almost 100 meters.

The first and second terminals are connected by a passage and are used mainly for domestic flights and flights to the nearest Asian countries. Terminals 1 and 2 have modest infrastructure. There are only a few cafes and restaurants with very high prices for food.

Terminal 3 is used by a number of airlines. The main terminal 3C, serving domestic flights, is adjacent to two international sub-terminals - 3D and 3E. The complex of this terminal also includes a multi-level parking lot, where there are public transport stops, and a metro station.

Terminal 3 has all the conditions for a long wait for a flight. There is a huge area with 72 food outlets with reasonable prices. Space of 12 thousand square meters. occupied by various shops, including duty-free.

Beijing airport scoreboard

Board of Beijing airport, flight statuses from Yandex. Schedule service.

Features of Beijing airport

Beijing Airport is unlike any other airport in the world. Tourists who land at Capital Airport immediately realize that they are in China.

Among the unusual features of the airport are the following:

  • the vault of Terminal 3 has a red tint, which, according to the beliefs of the Chinese, brings good luck;
  • you can navigate at the airport not only by information signs, but also by the color of the roof. It is lined with white stripes that serve as traffic indicators. The ceiling is painted in different shades of orange. Towards the center of the terminal the shade is less intense, near subterminal 3E it is more saturated. Raising your eyes to the ceiling, it is easy to understand where you are at the moment;
  • in the decor of the interior of the airport, various national symbols were used - copies of historical objects, statues;
  • Winter gardens are considered the highlight of the airport, including one underground, which is visible only from the window of a passing train.

How to get from Capital to Beijing

Beijing and Capital Airport are only 20 km away. You can get to the city center by buses in 40-90 minutes, depending on the route chosen and the presence of traffic congestion. Buses bound for Beijing await arriving passengers opposite gates 11-13 located in the arrivals area. The interval of buses is from 15 to 30 minutes. Any visitor to Beijing who travels to the city by bus has the opportunity to listen to a story about the sights encountered. Information is provided in English.

Where are the terminal stops of the airport buses in Beijing?

  • bus number 1 arrives in Xindan at the Minhang building. On the way, he stops at the Yuyang Hotel, several bridges and a market;
  • bus number 2 goes to Gongzhufen. The final stop is at the Xinxing Hotel;
  • bus number 3 will take you to the main railway station;
  • bus number 4 goes to the bridge number 4 Zhongguangcun.

In 2008, a railway was brought up to the airport. By train you can get to the city metro stop.

There is also a taxi service for passengers. Free cars are parked outside the arrivals hall. Taxi drivers work over the counter and do not require a tip. The passenger also pays for the toll road to Beijing.


Capital airport
Capital airport
Capital airport
Capital airport