Where to go in Budva

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Where to go in Budva
Where to go in Budva

Video: Where to go in Budva

Video: Where to go in Budva
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photo: Where to go in Budva
photo: Where to go in Budva
  • Religious buildings
  • Attractions of the resort
  • Diving in Budva
  • Budva for children
  • Note to shopaholics
  • Delicious points on the map

An ideal beach resort in Montenegro in all respects, Budva is very popular with Russian tourists. The beaches in the city are clean and well-groomed, restaurants offer a classic Mediterranean menu and national Balkan dishes, water parks with a variety of attractions have been built to entertain the young generation of travelers, and employees of local travel agencies will be happy to answer the question of where to go in Budva. Not too low prices in Budva hotels can be won by booking private apartments: locals willingly rent out their own apartments and rooms in the midst of the high season.

Religious buildings


In the historical center of the resort, there are many buildings protected by the state and representing the pearls of medieval architecture. Among others, there are religious buildings that are of undoubted interest for both history buffs and pilgrims:

  • The Church of St. John the Baptist rises on the central city square and is the co-cathedral of the Kotor diocese. A Christian temple on this site first appeared in the 7th century, and since then, mosaic fragments have been preserved on the floor of the church. The cathedral was rebuilt and renovated many times after devastating natural disasters. The last strong earthquake in 1667 caused its final rework. The current building has characteristic Gothic features and keeps within its walls the most important Christian relic - a fragment of the Holy Cross. In the cathedral, the icon of Our Lady of the 12th century is worthy of attention. and a fragment of a mosaic made of Murano glass measuring 40 sq. m., located behind the main altar.
  • The oldest religious building among those preserved in Budva is the Church of St. Mary in Punta, erected in 840. The temple is the only remaining building from an Orthodox monastery of the 9th century.
  • From the place where a small Christian church in the Old City is located, Saint Sava went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The church, consecrated in his honor, appeared in Budva in 1141. The temple is not functioning now, but inside you can still see frescoes of the 12th century. It is adjacent to the Church of St. Mary and the buildings are separated by an old fortress wall.
  • In 1804, a beautiful temple appeared in Budva, built in the Byzantine tradition. The church is called the Holy Trinity.

If you are fortunate enough to be guests of the island of Sveti Stefan, a few kilometers from Budva, you can visit the three small churches of the resort. They are consecrated in honor of the Dormition of the Mother of God, Alexander Nevsky and St. Stephen himself.

Attractions of the resort

The main historical sights are concentrated in the Old Town, and sooner or later even the most inveterate fans of lazy beach holidays come to get acquainted with them:

  • The visiting card of the resort is rightly called the Budva Citadel. The image of the Fortress of St. Mary adorns most of the souvenirs and advertising brochures, and the museum within the walls of the bastion tells the history of the city, visually illustrating it with the most valuable artifacts. The fortress was built in the 9th century. to protect against Ottoman raids. The citadel stands on a rocky reef, and in some places its walls are ten meters thick.
  • Another popular tourist attraction is the Archaeological Museum, which contains historical relics found during research in the Old Town. On four floors, there is a collection of household items, tools and weapons from the times of the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines and Venetians. All of them once owned the city and left their historical mark in Budva. Exhibits dedicated to the life of Montenegrins are presented in no less detail, and in the museum you will find national clothes, military ammunition, navigational equipment of sailors, furniture and dishes.
  • Even if reading old manuscripts was not part of your vacation plans, we advise you to go to the Budva library located in the Old Town. The cultural complex is located in an old fortress, and the interiors of the library resemble the grand hall of a palace. Examining old books, taking a souvenir photo, drowning in the embrace of cozy leather sofas, and exploring the plan of the old city depicted in the engraving at the entrance - this is the minimum program. It will take you only a few minutes, but it will leave a lot of pleasant impressions from touching the human wisdom preserved for centuries. Pay attention to the ancient bas-relief on the fortress wall above the entrance to the library: two woven fish symbolize the legend of two lovers and explain the name of Budva ("there will be two as one").
  • No one knows the exact date of the construction of the Podmaine monastery, but there is an opinion that the monastery was founded in the period from the XII to the XIV centuries. The fortress walls of the monastery more than once gave refuge to believers who were persecuted. The monastery was ravaged by dissidents and destroyed by natural disasters, but Podmaine still operates today, accepting all comers as guests. On the territory of the monastery, the Small and Big Assumption Churches are worthy of special attention. The first was built in the 15th century. and is almost entirely underground. The large temple was erected in the middle of the 17th century, and then restored after the earthquake.

Walking around Old Budva, you will meet many authentic Balkan buildings, admire the red tiled roofs, climb the fortress walls, observe the life of Montenegrins and save your impressions in your photo album for years to come.

Diving in Budva

If you prefer to explore the underwater world not only from pictures, pay attention to the most interesting dive sites off the coast of the resort. The clear water of the Adriatic Sea provides visibility for several tens of meters and a walk along the bottom can be an exciting adventure.

Budva Bay keeps many treasures and fans of wreck diving will be interested in exploring the ships that have sunk in its water area. Diving can be done in the area of the Jaz beach and on the island of St. Nicholas, in whose waters the famous Galiola rock with underwater tunnels is located in Montenegro.

If you have only dreamed of learning to dive, use the services of the Dukely Beach Club. It offers professional coaching and trips to all the most famous dive sites of the Budva Riviera.

Budva for children

In addition to a pleasant climate, ideal for families with little ones, Budva is ready to offer tourists several useful addresses with entertainment for the whole family:

  • The mini-zoo near the bus station of the resort has been arranged with great love. On the picturesque and cozy territory of the park, representatives of four-legged animals are gathered, with whom children will be happy to communicate. You will see peacocks, deer, rabbits, goats in the zoo, and you can have a nice rest by the cool fountains.
  • The Mediteran Hotel has a water park designed for visitors of all ages. For kids in the park there are small slides in the children's pool, and teenagers and adults will love the higher and more serious rides.
  • Near the resort embankment, an Luna Park has been built with roller coasters, a Ferris wheel and a variety of attractions, traditional for such places.
  • Miracle Park hosts performances for young tourists every day during the high season. The hottest time of the day can be enjoyed comfortably in the pool.

The second half of summer in Budva is also rich in theater festivals. Together with your children, you can go to the old fortress in the historical part of the city to watch performances organized by artists from many European countries.

Note to shopaholics

Budva can hardly be called a paradise for advanced shoppers, but even there there is a place to go for a person who cannot imagine a vacation abroad without shopping.

In addition to typical Montenegrin souvenirs, you will find many Italian goods in the city shops, including shoes, accessories and clothing. In the historic center of Budva, on Mediteranskaya street, there are many shops, where famous brands are represented. Prices are all lower than in Moscow. There you will also find jewelry stores with precious metals and high-end Italian costume jewelry.

It is best to buy traditional Balkan delicacies in the market and in ordinary urban grocery stores. For gourmets in Budva, there are various varieties of olive oils, smoked ham prosciutto, honey and local wine.

Delicious points on the map


The main rule of finding the best restaurant in any overseas resort is to pay attention to the places where the locals dine. As a rule, the prices are nicer there, and the quality of cooking is at an altitude. In Budva, a tourist should go to several restaurants, where there are rarely free tables:

  • The 300 seating places of the Jadran waterfront restaurant are filled to capacity at lunchtime or in the evening. The reason for the popularity of the establishment lies in the high-quality food and warm atmosphere that the owner of the restaurant tirelessly provides to his guests.
  • At Tropiko you will find the perfect selection of Montenegrin dishes on the menu. In addition to traditional seafood and meat dishes, his chefs constantly try themselves in the preparation of new types of desserts and they succeed perfectly! A pleasant atmosphere is guaranteed by the proximity of the sea in summer and a fireplace in the main hall in winter.
  • Visitors with small children will love Zeleni Gaj. The restaurant has special meals for younger guests and a children's playground.
  • The high class of service in Porto is harmoniously combined with the level of prepared dishes and an exquisite menu. It is worth going here if you are looking for the best seafood dishes and a romantic atmosphere. The establishment operates opposite the yacht dock in the Budva marina.
  • One of the cheapest in town, Mogren Café is located in the hotel opposite the Old Town. The hotel has existed for almost a hundred years and the centuries-old traditions of hospitality do not go unnoticed by tourists. The local chef is especially good at desserts, and the barista's skill is legendary among fans of good coffee.

Do not forget that in Montenegro, restaurant visitors are offered very large portions and, when placing an order, feel free to ask for a couple of clean plates and one hot plate for two.


Where to go in Budva
Where to go in Budva