Sea in Netanya

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Sea in Netanya
Sea in Netanya
photo: Sea in Netanya
photo: Sea in Netanya

If you decide to spend your vacation on the beaches of Israel, you will not find a better resort than Netanya. Firstly, the length of the city's beaches is more than thirteen kilometers, and therefore a person with any preferences will be able to choose the perfect place to relax. The resort area is even larger than the beaches of Tel Aviv. Secondly, the city offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities both day and night. On the beaches you can practice active sports, and at night the resort turns into a huge nightclub with entertainment for every taste. Finally, the sea in Netanya remains warm all year round, and even in winter its beaches are quite crowded. So you have a chance to celebrate the New Year surrounded by palm trees and, moreover, very inexpensively: Netanya is a resort with very democratic prices.

Summer and winter water temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea on the beaches of Netanya are + 28 ° C and + 18 ° C, respectively. The most comfortable time for a beach holiday is from April to June and the second half of autumn. Summer can be too hot: in the second half of July and August, daily air temperatures often reach + 37 ° C and higher.

Choosing a beach

Features typical for absolutely any beach in Netanya: comfortable conditions for vacationers; operating rescue stations; infrastructure, including changing rooms, fresh showers, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas; the presence of cafes or eateries and fountains with drinking water; perfect cleanliness.

Many beaches are equipped with breakwaters to avoid heavy storms even in windy conditions. The beaches are covered with fine sand, which is regularly cleaned and sieved. The entrance to the sea on most of the coast of Netanya is shallow, which allows the water to warm up faster in the morning, and small tourists feel absolutely comfortable.

The list of popular city beaches usually includes:

  • Sironit A, located in the embankment area. The breakwaters form a quiet bay, making the sea in this part of Netanya most often calm. Sironite A opens at dawn, which attracts fans of a healthy lifestyle, warming up at the gym from the early morning.
  • Young people will love the Onot beach next to the hotel of the same name. On Otnot you will find a popular disco, which attracts many tourists in the evenings who prefer nightlife.
  • A playground is equipped on the Herzl beach, and therefore family tourists with preschool children come here more often.
  • Poleg Beach is famous not only for its restaurant, where Mediterranean cuisine and national Israeli delicacies are ideally prepared, but also for the opportunities for outdoor activities. In the Ramat Poleg area you will find a lot of rental shops for motor boats, jet skis and skis, boats. Beach volleyball tournaments are held at Poleg.
  • Canz Beach is ideal for kosher observers. Everything on it is according to the rules - women and men sunbathe on its sand at different ends, and meat and milk are sold and eaten here in full accordance with the concepts of Judaism.

Keep in mind that the coastline of Netanya is significantly lower than the city with hotels, and therefore you can go down to the beach or back up either by stairs or in a panoramic elevator. It is located near the Residence and Residence Beach hotels and is open from 7.00 to 22.00.

Entrance to the beaches of Netanya is free.

Not by the sea alone

A seaside vacation is the best way to spend your summer and get a lot of positive experiences and health benefits. Sunbathing and swimming in Netanya, thanks to the excellent organization of recreation and modern tourist infrastructure, is comfortable and safe even with the smallest children. The beaches are equipped with lifeguard stations, the breakwaters provide a calm sea, and the varied menu in cafes and restaurants allows you to choose the perfect meal for toddlers of all ages.

Entertainment complexes will help to diversify your beach vacation. Your children will be able to take a break from the sea in the Shfaim water park, where a huge number of attractions and other water activities are concentrated. In the Nahal Alexander Park, in the shade of an orange grove, there are several playgrounds and bicycle paths.