Weather in Netanya in April

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Weather in Netanya in April
Weather in Netanya in April
photo: Weather in Netanya in April
photo: Weather in Netanya in April

The largest Mediterranean resort in Israel in the middle of spring is quite ready to welcome tourists arriving on a beach vacation. The weather forecast in Netanya in April promises a lot of sun, a fairly warm sea and a comfortable stay without extreme heat and an influx of tourists. In April, you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also go to see the nearby attractions, because the weather even in the vicinity of the Negev Desert at this time allows you to be in the sun for several hours in a row.

Forecasters promise

April can be called the beginning of a stable beach season in Netanya and other resorts on the Mediterranean coast of Israel:

  • Mercury columns do not rush up in the morning and at breakfast they show guests of Netanya hotels only + 17 ° С.
  • By noon, the temperature rises to a confident + 23 ° C, and in the afternoon, thermometers can show + 26 ° C.
  • It is still fresh in the evenings, and with sunset the temperature drops sharply to + 17 ° С and further - to + 15 ° С late at night. When going to dinner, be sure to bring a stole or cardigan with you.
  • There are no more than five rainy days in April, and cloudiness occurs more often, but, as a rule, in the afternoon.
  • The wind on the seashore in April is quite fresh and it may not be very comfortable to sunbathe in the open space. By the end of the month, sea breezes are getting warmer and no longer an obstacle to sunbathing.

The growing activity of a star named the sun requires vacationers on the beaches of Netanya to take care of their own health. High SPF creams are absolutely essential as early as April, although the weather is still not too hot. On excursions, wear clothes made from natural fabrics that protect exposed skin from direct sunlight.

Sea in Netanya

The April water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the resort may not seem very pleasant. In the first days of the month the sea warms up to + 20 ° С, but in the third decade of April the water temperature reaches + 22 ° С, especially in shallow water and in the afternoon.