The sea in Guangzhou

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The sea in Guangzhou
The sea in Guangzhou

Video: The sea in Guangzhou

Video: The sea in Guangzhou
Video: Travel Vlog | Sea World in China (Guangzhou) 2023, September
photo: Sea in Guangzhou
photo: Sea in Guangzhou

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Middle Kingdom, Guangzhou simultaneously serves as the administrative center of Guangdong province and a transport hub for all of southern China. The city stretches north of the Pearl River Delta, called by the Chinese Zhujiang. It carries its waters to the South China Sea. Guangzhou has a subtropical climate, and even in winter the air temperature does not drop below + 10 ° С - + 15 ° С. The sea water temperature reaches + 20 ° С in February and + 27 ° С in July.

A bit of geography

  • The South China Sea, near the coast of which Guangzhou is located, belongs to the Pacific Ocean basin.
  • Tropical cyclones, called typhoons by meteorologists, often form over its surface. Most of them emerge in late summer and the first half of autumn. The safest time is from January to April. During this period, the sea near Guangzhou is usually calm, with minimal wind strength.
  • A system of winds called monsoons causes northern incursions. This term is used to refer to cold air masses that travel at high speed in winter.
  • Northern invasions most often occur in December-January and cause not only a drop in air temperature, but also unrest at sea. Strong waves appear off the coast of Guangzhou, and sometimes their height reaches 7 m.

The best time to travel to the capital of Guangdong province is spring and mid-autumn.

Pearl River Beach

The city has a long history and the date of its foundation is considered to be 862 BC. NS. Foreigners come to Guangzhou most often for excursions, shopping or medical treatment, but beach holidays in the capital of Guangdong province are not popular. There are clean and equipped for swimming recreation areas on the sea in neighboring Shenzhen.

If you happen to be in Guangzhou and still want to swim, head to the beach on the Pearl River. Local residents spend weekends and vacations here, and therefore there are often too many people on the river.

The beach on the Pearl River is equipped with everything you need. The infrastructure includes changing rooms, toilets and showers. Visitors are free to use sun loungers and parasols. At guests' service there are lockers for storing valuables.

The entrance to the beach of the Pearl River is paid. The ticket price is 35 and 25 yuan for an adult and a child, respectively.

Access: Zhong Shan Ba Subway Station, Line 5, Exit D.

Guangzhou Water Park

The largest water amusement park in Asia in Guangzhou may well replace a seaside vacation. Even a whole day in the "Water World" will not be enough to visit all its attractions, water slides and other entertainments.

For 400 thousand sq. m. can simultaneously rest up to 40 thousand people. Among the most popular attractions are the world's largest "Lazy River", which stretches for 5 km., The water slide "Mouth of the Hippopotamus", from a 20-meter height of which visitors fall into a giant bowl, and the roller coaster is one of the most extreme on the continent.

For kids, the sea will completely replace the playground built in the pool. Adults will love the fire show and the dancers. The participants of the fire show will make spectators of all ages freeze in admiration - they are so masterly performing tricks with torches.

Oceanarium and its inhabitants

You can get up close and personal with the world of the sea in Guangzhou at the Aquarium. It is located on the territory of the city zoo and covers an area of 13 thousand square meters. m. Immediately upon entering, visitors find themselves inside a glass tunnel laid through the water column. Around the tunnel, a corner of the South China Sea with its plants and inhabitants has been recreated. Among the coral reefs motley fish of all sizes flicker, and in the caves there are hermits - mollusks of various types.

The oceanarium hosts a daily show of sea lions and dolphins, but the section where sharks are kept is of no less interest among visitors. Sea predators appear before the guests in all their glory, and, if desired, you can dive into the pool with them. Experienced instructors guarantee absolute safety and a sea of extreme sensations for daredevils.

How to get there: Zoo metro station, line 5, exit B.