Travel to Maldives

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Travel to Maldives
Travel to Maldives
photo: Travel to Maldives
photo: Travel to Maldives

An independent trip to the Maldives is a great chance to visit one of the luxurious places on the planet for relatively little money. But one can only dream of a bungalow on the ocean coast, since it is a very expensive pleasure.

We buy tickets


Today you can buy tickets to the Maldives at very affordable prices. The lower limit offered by low cost airlines starts at thirty thousand. To really save money - do not forget that it is the ticket price that is the main expense - it is advisable to book tickets in advance through Internet portals.

Travel documents

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  • international passport;
  • a return plane ticket (without fail indicating the exact date of departure);
  • a tourist voucher or a document confirming a hotel reservation;
  • cash covering the probable expenses of the entire period of stay on the islands of the archipelago (for a day at least one hundred dollars).

Visa for holidays in the Maldives is not required. But only if the rest does not take more than thirty days. Otherwise, permission will still need to be obtained.

The best time to relax


Holidays in the Maldives will be great at any time of the year, since the average annual temperature is kept within + 24 … + 31. The water also stays warm throughout the year. The rainy season starts in May and ends in autumn. But the rains are short-term and do not interfere with rest.

The most popular tourist months are from November to April. At this time, the Maldives "work" exclusively for tourists and it will not be possible to save money. You can reduce the cost of Maldivian vacations by coming here in the summer. There are few guests from other countries during this period, prices are much lower. The weather is normal and the tan will be first class.

Maldives Monthly Weather Forecast

What you need to know about holidays in the Maldives

The Maldives is a Muslim country. That is why on the islands, swimming and sunbathing in a bikini is allowed only on the resort islands.

  • Alcohol and pork are not served here. The exception is tourist hotels.
  • The islands are characterized by a humid climate. The air temperature is almost constantly kept at around +30, and the water temperature is +27.
  • Wi-Fi is not available everywhere on the islands.
  • They don't know Russian in the Maldives. That is why for a comfortable trip you need at least basic knowledge of English.
  • When buying souvenirs, you need to bargain, because in this case, you can reduce the price to 80% of the original.

Traditionally, ferries travel to your destination in the Maldives. Upon arrival, you will need to go first to Male and from this island, board the desired ferry, move to your island.


Travel to Maldives
Travel to Maldives