Where to stay in Ibiza

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Where to stay in Ibiza
Where to stay in Ibiza

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Video: Where to stay in Ibiza
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photo: Where to stay in Ibiza

Famous for its numerous nightclubs and beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean island of Ibiza (another pronunciation of the name is Ibiza) is annually visited by a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world. A wonderful climate, discos, electronic music, warm and clean sea water - this is what attracts most of the travelers here. But some tourists come to the island only to see the historical monuments, which are under the protection of UNESCO. Among these attractions, a special place is occupied by the ancient castle, the first mention of which dates back to the XII century.

A few centuries before the new era, a Phoenician port was founded on the island. Later, Carthage and the Roman Empire had a huge impact on the history of the island. At that time, the locals mined salt, made paint, wool and fish sauce, which was very popular in the cuisine of Ancient Rome. The island is currently Spanish territory. The tourist boom here began around the middle of the 20th century. Today, most of the island's population works in the tourism industry.

The choice of places to stay in Ibiza is huge. Which one to prefer? Which area of the island should you choose? The answer depends only on you - on how exactly you imagine your ideal vacation.

Municipalities of the island

The territory of the island, which covers an area of approximately five hundred and seventy square kilometers, is divided into five municipalities:

  • Ibiza town;
  • San Jose;
  • San Juan Bautista;
  • San Antonio Abad;
  • Santa Eulalia del Rio.

Each of these municipalities is attractive to travelers, each of them has many hotels and guest houses. Choosing any of the five areas of the island, you will not make a mistake. But still, which one is perfect for you?

Ibiza town

The municipality is located in the southeast of the island. Its area is just over eleven square kilometers. Population - about fifty thousand inhabitants. The administrative center of the island is located here.

First of all, the city is famous for its nightclubs and discos. Some of them even have worldwide fame. This is the ideal place for all lovers of around-the-clock fun and vibrant nightlife. If you are one of them, be sure to stop here! The best place to have fun and dance until the morning, you will not find, perhaps, on the entire planet!

However, one should not think that there is nothing here but clubs and discos. There are schools, shops, administrative offices - in short, everything that is required for everyday life.

San Jose

The largest municipality of the island is located in its southern part. There are more beaches than any other municipality in Ibiza. The length of the coast here is eighty kilometers. The area seems to be specially created for beach lovers.

On the territory of the municipality there are natural attractions of amazing beauty. This is, for example, a nature park (protected area) where you can wander among the white sand dunes and see flamingos. There are also historical monuments - for example, the remains of a 7th century settlement, which are under the protection of UNESCO. Also historical sights are ancient towers built along the coast to defend the island.

If you prefer nightclubs to historical monuments, then even in this case you will not be disappointed. There are many of them on the territory of the municipality. Some of them are among the most popular clubs on the island. In short, the nightlife is usually in full swing here, which is why the municipality is so attractive to young people.

San Juan Bautista

The area of this area of the island is about one hundred and twenty square kilometers, its population is about five thousand five hundred people. Part of the municipality is the village of the same name with a beach nearby. Hills rise in this area, pine trees turn green. Tourists stay here, perhaps, less often than in other municipalities of the island.

The area was once popular with the hippie movement. Today this movement has become part of history in many ways. Now, those who seek solitude and peace, who want to enjoy the silence and forget for a while about the intense rhythm of megacities, rest here.

The main local attraction is the 18th century temple built of white stone. It will not be difficult for you to find it: it rises above the rest of the buildings.

There are also natural attractions. The main one is, of course, a beach with white sand and perfectly clear sea water. Another attraction is a cave located not far from the coast. However, this tourist place is not only a natural attraction, but also a historical monument: the cave houses the sanctuary of the ancient goddess. It is over two and a half thousand years old.

Although life in the municipality is usually quiet and measured, you will not be bored there. You can, for example, go for a four-hour horseback ride or go on excursions to mysterious caves where criminals once stored contraband. Today these caves amaze visitors with stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre shapes. It seems that they were created by an artist with unbridled imagination, but in fact they are all the creations of nature. Some of them are similar in shape to the silhouettes of people and animals, others - to smaller copies of buildings … And there are those whose outlines remind of spaceships.

San Antonio Abad

The area of the territory of this municipality, which is sometimes also called simply San Antonio, is one hundred twenty-six and a half square kilometers. Its population is approximately twenty two thousand inhabitants. It is located in the western part of the island.

Two thousand years ago, there was a small village here, the inhabitants of which were engaged in fishing. It was located near the port built by the Romans. Tourism in this area began to develop only in the middle of the 20th century. Currently, the municipality is one of the popular tourist centers of the island.

The most interesting local attraction is perhaps the sculpture symbolizing the birthplace of Columbus. It is well known that the famous navigator was born in Genoa, but the locals have their own point of view on this matter. Many of them are convinced that the discoverer of the New World was actually born on their island. The sculpture is a huge egg. A niche has been made in it, in which a greatly reduced copy of the flagship sailing ship of the famous sailor is installed. The sculpture is the “calling card” of the municipality. Many tourists are photographed against its background.

Another local attraction is a bar called Cafe by the Sea. It is literally a few meters from the surf. It is better to come here in the evenings to enjoy an unforgettable spectacle - a sunset over the sea. However, if you want, sitting at a bar table, to watch the sun sink into the waves of the sea, you should still come not at sunset, but a little in advance. Otherwise, there is a risk that all the tables will be occupied: the bar is very popular with tourists, and the main reason for this is precisely the beauty of the sunsets.

The history of the bar began in the 80s of the XX century. Since then, it has not only become one of the most famous tourist centers of the island, but also … has released many music collections. Yes, that's right: the DJs working here compose music albums, which are then sold out very well. These albums include musical works by famous authors. The compositions are selected with a certain calculation: DJs strive to convey to the listener the mood that usually occurs when watching the sunset over the sea.

Santa Eulalia del Rio

The area of the territory of this municipality is just over one hundred and fifty square kilometers. Population - about thirty-three thousand inhabitants. If you are going on holiday with the whole family, we advise you to stay in this municipality. Here you will live surrounded by natural beauty, enjoying peace and quiet. You can walk along the palm alleys, breathe in the aroma of coniferous forests, relax in the shade of olive groves …

The resort is widely known for its delightful sandy beaches. Note also that the holiday season here (as elsewhere on the island) lasts from late spring to mid-autumn. At this time, there is practically no rain. Let us emphasize that the sunny weather here is about three hundred days a year.

Once upon a time, hippies loved to relax here; they took a fancy to this area back in the 60s of the XX century. Especially many of them lived here in the 90s of the named century. At that time, the municipality could not be called a calm resort suitable for families, but since then the situation has changed a lot. Now the tourist infrastructure of the European level has been created here; mostly couples with children, as well as everyone who considers peace and harmony with nature to be important components of a good rest.

On the territory of the municipality there is a river - the only one on the whole island. Currently, the water level in it has dropped significantly. The reason is the rapid development of tourism and an increase in the local population, which led to an increase in water consumption. An ancient viaduct rises above the river, which is one of the main local attractions. Another interesting object is the temple on the top of the hill, located in the territory of the Old City.


Where to stay in Ibiza
Where to stay in Ibiza