The sea in Palermo

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The sea in Palermo
The sea in Palermo
photo: Sea in Palermo
photo: Sea in Palermo

The administrative center of the island of Sicily is known to Russian tourists thanks to films about the Italian mafia. Even today, no, no, a cortege of carabinieri will rush along the streets of Palermo, loudly declaring themselves by all possible means of attracting attention. But first of all, the capital of the largest Italian island attracts guests with its sights and beach holidays. The proximity of the sea in Palermo provides the city with warm and short winters and long summers, which actually end only by mid-December.

The swimming season starts on the beaches of the island in mid-May. Water warms up at the height of summer up to + 25 ° С, and air - up to + 30 ° С and above. The proximity of the sea is also due to high humidity: in July-August it is quite stuffy in Palermo, and the largest amount of precipitation occurs in the period from October to March.

Let's take a look at the map

The province of Palermo with the administrative capital of the same name is located in the northern part of the island. Sicily is washed from the north by the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean. In ancient times, the Tyrrhenian Sea was called the Avsonian Sea.

On the bottom of the sea that washes Palermo, there is a seismic fault between the two continents - Africa and Eurasia, and some of the peaks from the mountain chain located on the bottom of the sea are active volcanoes. The most famous of them are Etna in Sicily and Vesuvius near Naples. The depth of the Tyrrhenian Sea in its central part can exceed 3700 m.

Choosing a beach

If the goal of your tour in Palermo is a beach holiday, get out of town and look for a resort in its immediate vicinity. You should not swim in the capital of Sicily itself - the sea is not too clean, and the infrastructure for this is not the most ideal.

The best seaside resort in the vicinity of Palermo is called Mondello:

  • The beaches of Mondello are located on the shores of the bay of the same name, a few kilometers north of the city center.
  • The resort area stretches for a couple of kilometers, the beach is sandy.
  • Due to the fact that the entrance to the water is shallow, the sea warms up very quickly. Even small children will be able to swim comfortably and safely in Mondello.
  • The cliffs of Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino along the edges of the bay become natural obstacles to the formation of strong waves during windy periods. This is another argument in favor of a safe holiday with children.
  • The infrastructure of the resort provides for any preferences and wishes of tourists. On the beach you will find water sports equipment rental, sun loungers and parasols for rent, cafes and restaurants serving Italian cuisine.
  • In the vicinity of the beach there are caves and underwater grottoes, which attracts photographers, divers and simply lovers of natural attractions.

Getting to Mondello is easy with your rental car on the SS113 highway or public transport. Buses NN 84, 544, 677, 866 and many others follow to the bay.

Another picturesque beach can be found at Isola della Femine in Mondello Bay. The Island of Women in the Sea not far from Palermo is also famous for its lookout towers of the 16th century, which curious tourists come to see every day.

Relax beautifully

The list of the most beautiful small towns in Italy invariably includes the beach resort of Cefalu in Sicily. It is located in the province of Palermo, 70 km east of the administrative center. The sea in Cefalu is always clean, and its beaches are spread out at the foot of the picturesque Rocca di Cefalu cliff.

On the city beach you will find all the benefits of resort civilization: a variety of hotels, changing rooms, fresh showers, cafes and rental equipment for active entertainment. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and parasols and convenient parking for rented cars. If you are vacationing in Cefalu with your family, the gentle entrance to the sea and the shallow waters near the coast will provide your little one with a comfortable and safe swim.

Adepts of relaxation on "wild" beaches will be happy to be alone on the seashore just outside the city. If you drive away from Cefalu towards Palermo for a few kilometers, you can find a sandy seashore, where there is not a large concentration of tourists and noisy merchants, but the infrastructure leaves much to be desired. The countryside beaches of Cefaly are suitable for those fans of seaside recreation who love peace and solitude.