Sea in Alanya

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Sea in Alanya
Sea in Alanya
photo: Sea in Alanya
photo: Sea in Alanya
  • Choosing a beach
  • Children's rest in Alanya
  • Sea caves

A large seaside resort in Turkey, Alanya, every summer, increases several times in size, if we take the number of people in the city as a unit of measurement. The reason for this is the popularity of the resort among Europeans.

The city boasts excellent infrastructure, ancient history providing rich excursion opportunities, and, of course, clear sea. Alanya is usually warmer than other Turkish resorts and the swimming season starts here a week or even two earlier. The water temperature on the beaches of Alanya reaches + 26 ° С at the height of summer, but already in early May, mercury columns in the Mediterranean Sea rise to + 20 ° С, and the hotels become crowded.

Choosing a beach


In the Turkish ranking of the best beaches, Alanya invariably occupies one of the highest positions. The sea here is always clean and transparent, teams of responsible cleaners keep order on the shore, and the diverse infrastructure allows you to organize almost any type of recreation, at the same time fitting into a quite modest amount.

The coastal area near Alanya is conditionally divided into western and eastern. The stone cape serves as a conventional boundary. The list of the most popular recreation areas among tourists looks like this:

  • Cleopatra is one of the favorite beaches of the resort. Its cover is sand with areas of small pebbles prevailing at the entrance to the sea, so that the water remains clear even after rough seas. For a family vacation, Cleopatra is not very suitable, because the entrance to the sea in this part of Alanya cannot be called gentle. Inexperienced swimmers should choose a different swimming area.
  • A quiet and calm sea is guaranteed for tourists vacationing on Keykubat Beach in the eastern part of the resort. Sand, shallow water and well-warmed water from early in the morning is an ideal combination of conditions for relaxing with babies.
  • Many active water activities await visitors to Damlatas Beach. The inventory rental points are open until late at night. Young vacationers are attracted to this beach by equipped playgrounds.
  • The pebbles and sand that cover Portakal Beach make it possible for every visitor to choose a comfortable place to relax. Throwing a towel on the sand or renting a sun lounger on a rocky area, pay attention to the water attractions prepared for you by Portacal employees.

Some of the beaches in the Alanya region belong to hotels, the rest are municipal. In the second case, you will not be required to pay an entrance fee and you will only need money for renting sun loungers.

Children's rest in Alanya

Sea and sun! What could be better for a little person who regularly performs his duties in kindergarten or school all year round. A trip to a Turkish resort will be unforgettable, because in Alanya there is a lot of entertainment and interesting things to do.

For example, an excursion to a marine park with attractions, the most exciting of which is diving in special costumes. The artificially recreated seabed showcases the coral reef ecosystem. During a walk under water, tourists get to know the inhabitants of the sea.

There is also a dolphinarium in Alanya, located on the territory of an amusement park near the village of Turkler. After watching an exciting show with the participation of the smaller brothers, the dolphinarium offers to swim with the artists and take a photo for memory.

In the vicinity of Alanya there is also a water park where you can go if your little one is a little bored with the usual swimming in the sea. It is called the Water Planet, and its organizers have provided an opportunity for active recreation for visitors of different ages. The pool for the youngest guests is small, but the slides in it still cause storms of delight. Older teens and parents will appreciate extreme rides, slides of varying heights and steepness, and a sea water pool with real waves.

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Sea caves

Among other excursions in Alanya, a walk by the sea to the Pirates' cave is booked more often than others. Legend has it that corsairs once hid stolen beauties and treasures in this grotto. In Turkish, the name of the huge underground hall sounds like "Karain Magarasy". It is the largest natural cave in Turkey. The height of its vaults reaches 150 m. You can get into the Pirates' cave only by boat from the sea.

Top 10 attractions in Alanya


Sea in Alanya
Sea in Alanya