Sea in Rhodes

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Sea in Rhodes
Sea in Rhodes

Video: Sea in Rhodes

Video: Sea in Rhodes
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photo: Sea in Rhodes
photo: Sea in Rhodes
  • Peculiarities of a seaside holiday in Rhodes
  • Rhodes resorts
  • Rhodes beaches
  • Underwater world

Rhodes is a romantic meeting place for two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Such a harmonious combination in tandem with the luxurious Mediterranean nature is ideal for an unforgettable vacation. The sea in Rhodes is the main source of pleasure and relaxation, not to mention the inspiration and incomparable emotions that it gives to its guests.

The Mediterranean and Aegean Seas complement and contrast with each other at the same time. While the first is warm and calm, it flows lazily along the island coast, the second is fresh and swift, with a wayward character. The water in the Mediterranean Sea is warm and transparent, there are practically no large waves, currents and storms. The coast is mostly sandy, located in the east of Rhodes.

The Aegean Sea, washing the island on the west side, is traditionally a few degrees cooler, it is more prone to storms, tides and waves, which often makes the water seem cloudy. The rocky-pebble coast is indented with cozy coves and lagoons with small pebbles and stones, there are artificial bulk beaches with imported sand.

The Mediterranean climate gave Rhodes great weather all year round, it is constantly warm and sunny. The air temperature all summer exceeds 30-35 °. The sea water temperature in summer is 25-28 °. It is noticeably cooler in May - around 23 °. In September-October, the temperature drops to 24-25 °.

Although the beach season lasts from March to November, it is not recommended to come here in early spring, in March-April the sea is only warmed up to 18 ° and is not suitable for swimming, especially on the Aegean coast. Only a few dare to plunge into the water. For active sports, this period is ideal, you just need to stock up on a wetsuit.

Peculiarities of a seaside holiday in Rhodes

The East of Rhodes has been considered for centuries a place of calm, relaxed tourism. Here they rest with families, couples, companies, bask in the sand, sunbathe in the sun and indulge in beach pleasures.

The West is more intended for sports training and active leisure. The spirit of adventurism reigns here, and surfboards and other sports equipment dominate the water.

Rhodes resorts

In the east of the island, the best resorts are:

  • Kolimbia.
  • Tsambika.
  • Kallithea.
  • Faliraki.
  • Lindos.
  • Ladiko.

In the west, the resorts of Ialyssos, Ixia, Theologos, Porto Antico and the island's capital city of Rhodes are highly respected.

And the shores of Prasonisi are washed by both seas at once.

Rhodes beaches

The coast of the island is also heterogeneous, like the sea in Rhodes. There are rocky shores and flat areas covered with sand, there are territories with impregnable stone terraces, desert stretches, supplemented by coniferous and palm plantations. The beaches also vary, from tiny coves hidden among the rocks to wide, many kilometers of sandy promenades. You can enter the water from the shore or dive directly from the rocks, in some places pontoons, ladders and platforms are equipped for descent. And this is not to mention the "civilized" and wild beaches.

Almost all popular areas are equipped with sun loungers, awnings, showers, bars, etc. And there is even a nudist area near Faliraki beach.

There are beach attractions and usual activities - surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, fly fish, jet skis, catamarans, water skiing, riding on bananas and mad sofas, motor boats, inflatable attractions.

The transparency of the water reaches such a degree that it allows you to admire the underwater space even from the shore; snorkeling is incredibly popular in the water.

Underwater world

Diving on the sea in Rhodes is not so popular, there are not many underwater animals and vegetation to delight, especially among experienced athletes. There are over a dozen dive sites, but all of them are more suitable for beginners. The most popular diving sites are located near Mandraki Bay, near Lindos, next to St. Paul's Bay, Coliteo Springs Bay and Cape Ladiko. There are underwater caves and grottoes, sunken ships, small accumulations of coral.

In the sea, you can find colorful algae, octopuses, nudibranchs and schools of small fish. Sometimes stingrays, moray eels, jellyfish, shrimps and other animals typical for warm seas come in.


Sea in Rhodes
Sea in Rhodes