Beach Holidays in Canada

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Beach Holidays in Canada
Beach Holidays in Canada

Video: Beach Holidays in Canada

Video: Beach Holidays in Canada
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photo: Beach vacation in Canada
photo: Beach vacation in Canada
  • Where to go to sunbathe?
  • Weather features of a beach holiday in Canada
  • Places you need to know!
  • Top best beaches

Residents of the second largest country on the planet by land area often joke that the best beach vacation in Canada is a vacation spent in Cuba or the Dominican Republic. But even on the rugged Canadian coast in summer there is a place for those who want to sunbathe and swim in the ocean. However, you can swim very quickly, because the water temperature even at noon in July does not allow you to comfortably bask in the waves.

Where to go to sunbathe?

If you have chosen Canadian beaches, pay attention to where it is better to sunbathe from the point of view of seasoned tourists. Almost every province of Canada has its own cherished places:

  • In Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Coast is popular in the Five Islands, Lawrenstown and Mavillite Parks. The farthest stretch is Martinique Beach, and boats can take you to the secluded Cape Breton Island.
  • The smallest Canadian province, Prince Edward Island, has two dozen organized beaches. They are concentrated in the north of the island in the territory of national parks. But on the east coast is one of the most famous Canadian recreation areas - Singing Sands Beach.
  • In Quebec, they swim on the Magdalene Islands and the Gaspesi Peninsula. In addition to lazy beach holidays in Canada, active leisure is practiced and the Quebec territories are no exception.
  • The top five in the country include the Pacific Long Beach in British Columbia on Hornby Island. In its southern part, nudists take sunbaths on quite legal grounds.
  • In the Vancouver area, there are many beaches and recreation areas that stretch for two dozen kilometers.
  • Parley Beach, New Brunswick, is famous for its sandcastle contests and outdoor activities. Yachting is especially popular on this beach.

Almost all beaches in Canada are equipped with changing rooms, toilets and paid parking for cars.

Weather features of a beach holiday in Canada

Canada is washed by the waters of three oceans - the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific, and its coastline is the largest in the world. The coastline is intricately indented, and rocky beaches alternate with soft sand.

The climate of a country is very different depending on the province, the latitude at which a particular city is located, and the proximity of the ocean. The most favorable weather for a beach holiday is in British Columbia in the Vancouver area, where summer temperatures can reach + 35 ° C.

The swimming season on most Canadian beaches begins at the end of June, but even then the thermometers in the ocean waves rarely rise even to + 18 ° C. You can sunbathe much earlier: already in the second half of May in Quebec, British Columbia and even Nova Scotia, warm weather sets in with average daytime temperatures around + 23 ° С.

Places you need to know

Given the climatic features and the ocean waves that are not too welcoming and comfortable for swimming, the concept of "children's beach holidays in Canada" seems to be something out of the realm of fantasy. In practice, it turns out that the younger generation here does not suffer at all from the lack of summer entertainment. Firstly, there are beaches on the lakes, where the shallow depth of coastal waters allows them to warm up even to + 25 ° C, which makes it possible for even the smallest to splash quite comfortably.

These family-friendly destinations are located in Ontario on sandbanks in the East Lake area. Parents will not be bored there either: you can rent a kayak or canoe and take a walk on the lake or ride a mountain bike and take photos of migratory birds that hatch chicks on the banks.

The second option to relax comfortably with children is to stay for a weekend at a hotel or recreation center in the beach area. As a rule, hotels in Canada are equipped with swimming pools, where even the smallest can swim safely for health.

Top best beaches

Long Beach stretches over 20 km from Torfino Airport to Uklyuet, British Columbia. In addition to traditional beach holidays, active water activities are very popular in Canada, and there are canoe, kayak and windsurfing equipment rentals on Long Beach, and beach school instructors give lessons to all beginners. The surrounding landscapes are popular with hikers. There are many scenic trails in the vicinity of Long Beach.

The world's longest freshwater beach is the 14 km long Wasaga on Lake Ontario. For its cleanliness, it has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag certificate, and for active tourists there are opportunities for fishing and canoeing. Details and possibilities of posting on the website -

Grand Beach, an hour's drive from the city of Winnipeg, is located on the shores of the lake of the same name and with its white soft sand very much resembles a Caribbean beach. During the summer season, Grand Beach hosts many cultural events and festivals, while the rest of the time guests enjoy the magnificent scenery while hiking, cycling and fishing in the surrounding area.

Parkley Beach on the Atlantic coast of New Brunswick is a favorite vacation spot for beach volleyball fans and sand sculptors. The surrounding infrastructure allows you to stay inexpensively and comfortably: near the beach there are camping sites and inexpensive motels. You can choose the one you like on the website, having studied the prices and reviews of predecessors.

Surfers prefer beaches where there is an opportunity to conquer the big wave. It turns out that such conditions can be not only on the ocean, as evidenced by Saabl Beach on Lake Huron. Strong winds bring high waves to the 11-kilometer beach, which the instructors of the local surf centers will help the beginner to curb. There you can also rent equipment for canoeing and kayaking. The nearby golf courses will satisfy even seasoned golfers, while romantics will love the sunsets. They say that on Huron they are the most picturesque in the entire province of Ontario.