Active holidays in Hurghada

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Active holidays in Hurghada
Active holidays in Hurghada

Video: Active holidays in Hurghada

Video: Active holidays in Hurghada
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photo: Active rest in Hurghada
photo: Active rest in Hurghada

The famous Egyptian resort of Hurghada is surrounded by a beautiful and majestic desert. The compacted sand, heated to 50 degrees, extends to the very horizon. The calmness of the orange sandy field is disturbed by rare nimble lizards. On the other hand, the city is bordered by the endless Red Sea, which provides ideal conditions for scuba diving.

Hurghada is a young resort, there are no significant ancient sights in it. The main tourist attractions of the city are the desert and the sea. Active recreation in Hurghada involves trips by jeeps into the desert and the development of the depths and expanses of the sea in different ways.

Jeep safari


In Hurghada, no one walks into the desert, although it starts right outside the city. Firstly, it is very hot for hiking, and secondly, you still won't be able to go far from the city to feel cut off from the world. But tourists who dream of seeing the desert are offered an alternative option: a jeep trip through the dunes.

When people drive far enough from Hurghada, everyone changes to ATVs, which can move down and climb the dunes at high speed. Anyone can drive an ATV.

But the Great Desert Journey doesn't end there. Having dashed through the dunes, tourists make a stop in a recreated Bedouin village, where they are invited to meet the sunset in a warm company by a burning fire. The hosts will provide guests with a delicious dinner, entertain a performance with the participation of yogis and a fakir, and hold a belly dance lesson. There is a small zoo and a terrarium for children in the village.

Marine entertainment

The main assets of Hurghada are kilometers of wide beaches with golden sand and the sea, the water temperature in which rarely drops below 19 degrees.

For those who are tired of sunbathing, Hurghada has prepared a lot of surprises. The sea can become an integral part of your holiday if you do:

  • surfing. Strong winds help to slide along the waves on the board, which do not subside at this resort almost all year round. It is easier to catch a wave where there are fewer people. Surfers congregate on remote beaches on the northern and southern outskirts of the city. Surfing is taught at local surf schools. Good reviews are received by the school "CHuper", which is located on the territory of the hotel "Hurghada Hilton Plaza". The most popular among Russian tourists is the ZONE school;
  • kiteboarding. This is the same surfing, only an athlete is pulled by a kite. The best conditions for kiteboarding are August-September. During this period, the strongest winds blow. There are several centers in Hurghada where you can rent kiteboarding equipment and take a course in this active sport. Reasonable prices and excellent service are offered by the IKO center. Experienced athletes work here who can teach the basics of kiteboarding, as well as help in extreme situations;
  • fishing. Fishing is prohibited on the beaches in Hurghada. But no one will say a word if you go out to sea on a yacht and cast a fishing rod there. From January to March, the chances of catching a huge tuna are great, in the rest of the year barracuda, grouper, sharks and many other representatives of the marine fauna are perfectly caught. The fish can be set free, especially if it is small in size, or you can give it to the cook on the ship, which will make an excellent dinner from the catch. Fishing in Hurghada will cost about $ 60-80 per person.


Thousands of tourists come to Hurghada for the opportunity to see the underwater world of the Red Sea. This desire is fulfilled by dozens of various diving centers that provide their clients not only with professional equipment for rent, but also ships on which you can go out to sea to coral reefs. Beginners are offered training. After a few lessons it will be possible to dive with scuba diving, however, in the company of an instructor. Even experienced divers prefer not to dive alone. It so happens that the help of a friend underwater does not hurt.

Near Hurghada there are several wonderful picturesque reefs with mysterious grottoes and sunken ships. Along with the diver's equipment, you can rent a camera that will allow you to take great pictures underwater.

The basic rule to adhere to when diving is not to take anything with your hands. Any coral, any fish or shell can burn or cause other harm. Then the wounds will have to be treated for a long time.

The cost of a one-day tour to the coral reefs is about $ 60-85. It includes renting a boat and equipment, lunch on a yacht, sometimes accompanied by an instructor.

There are also multi-day diving tours. During them you will have to live on a yacht, but you will have the opportunity to see distant reefs.