Where to go in Rhodes

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Where to go in Rhodes
Where to go in Rhodes

Video: Where to go in Rhodes

Video: Where to go in Rhodes
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photo: Where to go in Rhodes
photo: Where to go in Rhodes
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The Greek island of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea is a jewel in the crown of Mediterranean beach resorts. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world rest on its shores. Arriving on the island, you will fully enjoy the ideal climate, excellent Greek cuisine, shopping and a variety of excursions. When asked where to go in Rhodes, the guides will name many historical monuments and architectural sights. Part of the old quarters of the administrative center of the island is under the protection of UNESCO.

Rhodes landmarks


The island has been known since ancient times, when representatives of the Minoan civilization lived on it. Then Rhodes was conquered by the Mycenaeans and Dorians, it was owned by the Persians and Athenians, it was liberated by the troops of Alexander the Great and captured by the Arabs. The Byzantines and Ottomans, Egyptians and Turks left their traces on Rhodes, and therefore the excursion program for active travelers promises to be exciting and varied!

First of all, guests of the city of Rhodes should go for a walk in the Mandrakai harbor. It was here that once there was a sculpture called one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Colossus of Rhodes appeared in the harbor in the 3rd century. BC. in honor of the god Helios, who saved the city from the siege of the enemy. Now, in the harbor of Mandraki, tourists are attracted by the Church of the Annunciation, the old post office building, medieval windmills and sculptures of Rhodes deer.

Every 12 seconds, the fire of the Rhodes lighthouse, erected at the entrance to the harbor in the middle of the 19th century, flares up. The lighthouse appeared during the Ottoman era and has been in operation for over a hundred years. Then it was closed, but in 2007 it was restored. Now the Rhodes landmark for marine vessels once again serves faithfully.

The Rhodes fortress was erected by the Knights Hospitallers, who settled on the island at the beginning of the XIV century. For two centuries, the knights defended the residence of the Grand Master, and the fortress was called at that time one of the most impregnable. The length of the stone walls of the fort is about 4 km, and there are more than a dozen gates through which visitors will have to pass.

The Palace of the Grand Masters within the walls of the fortress is the main architectural and historical landmark of Rhodes. During the tour, you can look at mosaics, skillful stone carvings and ancient frescoes that adorn two hundred palaces. A museum exposition with collections of antique and medieval rarities is open in the fortress.

The old part of the administrative capital of the island is protected by UNESCO. You can get to the reserved quarters through several fortress gates. The most picturesque of them are called the Freedom Gates. The Saint-Pierre Tower rises next to the portal. In the middle of the 15th century. it was designed by the architect Zacosta, a genius of fortification science and the Grand Master of the Knightly Order. On Symi Square, where the gate opens, you can see the ruins of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Aphrodite. The temple is dated to the III millennium BC. NS.

Religious buildings of Rhodes

Representatives of numerous confessions who have visited Rhodes during its long history have left behind places of worship. Some of them are of considerable historical value.

For example, in the Tsambika monastery, the image of the Virgin Mary is carefully preserved, which helps married couples find the happiness of being parents. The relic is located in the lower part of the monastery, and a copy of the image is kept in the upper building, where a stone staircase with three hundred steps leads.

A great number of mosques were built in Rhodes during the Muslim domination, but the one that bears the name of Suleiman the Great is considered especially significant. The first stone in its foundation was laid at the beginning of the 16th century, when the Ottoman sultan won a bloody war with the Knights Hospitallers. The building was based on the destroyed temple of the Apostles. At the beginning of the 19th century, the mosque was restored and it remains an integral part of the historical part of the island's capital.

For the Jews, the most sacred place was and remains the Kahal Shalom synagogue, which has existed in Rhodes since 1577. Those who would like to get acquainted with the exposition of the Jewish museum can go here. He appeared in the synagogue at the end of the last century. Part of the museum's collection is dedicated to the Holocaust. Kahal Shalom is the oldest synagogue in Greece.

The monastery of the Holy Mother of God and the cell of St. George on Filerimos is a holy place for Catholic pilgrims. Near the monastery begins the Path to Golgotha, paved by novices and repeating all the passions of Christ, who was going to be executed. In the chapel you can see old frescoes painted in the 15th-16th centuries.

Antique Rhodes

The island has a rich history dating back to the Neolithic era, when the first people appeared in Rhodes. Ancient times, as elsewhere in Greece, left a lot of buildings and structures that have survived to this day and allow you to imagine the possibilities of ancient civilizations:

  • The Acropolis of ancient Lindos ranks second in the list of the largest in the country after the Athenian one. On a hill in Lindos, there are the ruins of the Pythean Stadium, where ancient athletes and warriors competed in honor of Apollo. Another attraction of the ancient city is the amphitheater, on the marble stage of which famous speakers performed. A temple dedicated to Apollo was built in Lindos in the 2nd century. BC e., and even its ruins make it possible to feel the scale and grandeur of ancient buildings.
  • The temples of Athena and Zeus on Mount Filerimos appeared in the 3rd and 4th centuries. BC NS. Only ruins remain of them, but even they impress tourists who climbed Filerimos.
  • Kamiros was founded by the Dorians, and in ancient times it was one of the most important cities in the territory of Ancient Greece. The first buildings of Kamiros are dated to the 8th century. BC BC, but most of the ruins that have survived to this day were once the most beautiful marble structures of the 5th century. BC NS.

Another ancient acropolis existed in Rhodes on Mount Feraclos. Over time, the strategically significant height became a convenient springboard for the construction of the citadel, which was used by the Byzantines, and later by the knights of the Johannites. The traces of the Knights of the Order of Malta, the Ottoman conquerors and even pirates have been preserved in the fortress.

Closer to nature

There are several places in Rhodes where wildlife lovers should go. First of all, tourists, fascinated by the life of worldly inhabitants, go to the oceanarium, the history of which began in the 30s. last century. The building of the maritime museum is now included in the register of the country's cultural heritage, and hundreds of marine inhabitants live in 25 reservoirs inside it. The flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea is also represented in the museum at the aquarium. Among the exhibits are ancient equipment, with the help of which scientists of bygone eras studied the depths of the sea.

Rodini is called one of the oldest on earth, because the park was laid out in the era of the empire of Ancient Rome. In addition to the beautiful representatives of the subtropical flora, in the park you can see ancient structures - the tomb of Ptolemy, dating back to the 4th century. BC e., and the mounds of the Hellenes.

The park, where thousands of beautiful butterflies flutter, can be found 30 km from the city of Rhodes. Its main inhabitants are butterflies of the bear genus, which arrive in the valley in May. The mating season continues until the onset of autumn, and variegated wings can be seen in the park in huge numbers. The Valley of the Butterflies is also famous for the 17th century monastery, built in honor of the Virgin Mary Cleopatra, and the bench of Tiberius, on which the emperor, who had left the worldly vanity, spent his days.

Delicious points on the map


While vacationing in Rhodes, tourists get the opportunity not only to enjoy the beaches and get a lot of impressions during educational excursions. The long-standing traditions of Rhodes restaurateurs do not leave indifferent gourmets. Having gone to an authentic Greek tavern for dinner at least once, guests of Rhodes will forever fall in love with Mediterranean cuisine:

  • When booking a table at Jannis, order a generous portion of the signature dish - charcoal-grilled lamb with Mediterranean herbs. However, all the hot dishes in this restaurant deserve to become a table decoration. Chicken fillet is served with grilled vegetables, and beef stew is seasoned with such aromatic spices that guests feel like a real gourmet paradise.
  • The summer terrace of the Kalesma restaurant can become a favorite place for guests of the city of Rhodes. On it, seafood specialties seem especially tasty, because they are seasoned with a real breeze flying from the Aegean Sea.
  • As elsewhere in Rhodes, Koykos welcomes families with children. You can even go to this place for lunch or dinner with little ones. It offers a children's menu and equipment, allowing parents to relax and have a good rest.
  • The impeccable reputation of Marco Polo has been developing over the years, because the restaurant has a long history. It is open in the historical part of the administrative capital of the island. The best tables in the picturesque courtyard should be booked in advance - the restaurant is extremely popular with both tourists and locals. On the menu you will find an abundance of both fish and meat dishes, and on the bar list you will find the best wines prepared by the masters of Rhodes.
  • In Agalma, seafood is presented in the most varied possible way. On the menu of the establishment you will find tiger prawns, mussels, and exotic fish, seasoned with designer sauces from the local chef.

When choosing an institution, be guided only by your own sympathies: the quality of food and exceptional hospitality are guaranteed to guests in any restaurant in Rhodes.


Where to go in Rhodes
Where to go in Rhodes