Sea in Naples

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Sea in Naples
Sea in Naples
photo: Sea in Naples
photo: Sea in Naples
  • Vacation at the sea in Naples
  • Nature and vegetation

A city of unprecedented beauty and unique history, Naples strikes with the contrast of architectural luxury and folk surroundings of the outskirts of the streets, the magic of natural landscapes and the feeling of standing still. Palaces, cathedrals, sophisticated promenades, air, sea in Naples - every detail creates a picture of an authentic Italian town, living according to its own foundations.

One of the major international ports, Naples is located on the coast of the Gulf of Naples, which merges with the Tyrrhenian Sea. Nature has given the city fabulous landscapes and indescribable views of the sunset, and for centuries has provided resort fame and the halo of the best beach center in Italy.

Here is the mildest and most pleasant climate for relaxation - the sun does not leave the resort 280 days a year, most of the time warm weather reigns here and gentle seaside breezes blow. The air temperature in summer varies from 26 ° to 30 °. The water in the sea is also favorable to holidaymakers - 24-27 ° - indicators that persist throughout the swimming season, which lasts from May to early October.

For objectivity, it should be noted that at the beginning of May, the sea water in Naples is still cool - 18-20 °. But already the second half of the month and the beginning of June confidently record 24 ° C. The high season is in July and August, at this time the sea is warmed up to the maximum - 25-27 ° C are provided in any weather. And September and October in Naples is the traditional velvet season, in which 24-25 ° in the water is the norm.

Vacation at the sea in Naples

The coast of Naples and neighboring resorts is mostly pebble, but there are also sandy areas covered with fine fine golden sand. In different areas of the coast, the sea behaves differently - somewhere it pleases with silence and tranquility, and somewhere it indulges in high waves, to the delight of surfers and extreme sportsmen.

The water near the coast is perfectly clean and transparent, but, unfortunately, not everywhere - directly in Naples, the primordial purity of the sea is poisoned by port emissions, which is why the city itself has become not the best place for swimming. But it is worth driving out of the city and the picture changes dramatically - visibility in the water reaches tens of meters.

As mentioned, the sea in Naples is rather muddy and muddy, although there are also beaches here and you can always swim. Unspoiled tourists may find it quite suitable for recreation. However, connoisseurs of sea pleasures prefer suburban areas and beaches of neighboring resorts.

Where to swim in Naples:

  • Posillipo.
  • Lucrino.
  • Marina di Licolo.
  • Salerno.
  • Sorrento.

A cheerful, carefree resort life reigns on the beaches - surfing, water skiing, bananas, parachutes, boats and scooters plow the expanses of the bay, and children and adults, who are crazy about the beauty they have seen, are enthusiastically splashing along the coast.

For sophisticated lovers of recreation of the highest category, cruises on yachts and boats are organized, but you can also get by with a small motorboat, from which the view is no less heartfelt.

Diving is very popular on the sea in Naples, for this there are many suitable places in the area. The most popular among them is the Punta Campanella marine reserve with untouched marine nature and many caves, grottoes, bays. Good diving spots can be found around the Sorrento Peninsula. Many caves are located at shallow depths, allowing beginners to feel on par with experienced divers, enjoying the unprecedented beauty of stalagmites, soft corals and colored algae.

Nature and vegetation

The Tyrrhenian Sea is one of the most colorful, beautiful and abundant in flora and fauna. The Gulf of Naples, as an integral part of it, is no exception. Millions of fish, crustaceans, bivalves, molluscs and other marine life hide in corals and lush underwater gardens.

Sardines, tuna, swordfish, mackerel, eel, horse mackerel, mullet, flounder - all this can be tasted not only in local restaurants, but also on the high seas.

Wrashers, gobies, sea dogs, needle fish, sea turtles, crayfish, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, mussels, whole armies of shells, moray eels, rays, jellyfish maneuver and move through the salty sea expanses.

Perch, octopus, crucian carp, barracuda, cuttlefish, groupers, seahorses live in the sea in Naples - and this is only a small part of the underwater world.