How much money to take to Prague

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How much money to take to Prague
How much money to take to Prague

Video: How much money to take to Prague

Video: How much money to take to Prague
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photo: How much money to take to Prague
photo: How much money to take to Prague
  • Cost of living
  • Transport
  • Nutrition
  • Excursion service
  • Souvenirs and shopping
  • Entertainment

In what currency and how much money to take to Prague - these questions inevitably arise on the eve of the trip. Someone has a fairly modest amount for a couple of vacation pleasures, but for someone the whole world is not enough - it all depends on the plans and the tourist scale.

What are the main expenses in Prague:

  • Accommodation if you do not take a ready-made tour with payment of the hotel.
  • Transport - trips in and around Prague are inevitable if you want to see the riches of the city.
  • Meals are rarely included in the cost of living, the maximum that tourists can expect at the hotel is breakfast.
  • Excursions.
  • Souvenirs and shopping.
  • Additional entertainment.

Payments in the country are made in the local currency - kroons, but many shops willingly accept dollars and euros, if necessary, money can be easily exchanged, it is most profitable to do this in exchange offices and ATMs.

Cost of living

Accommodation eats up the bulk of the budget, although in most cases it is already included in the price of the tour. If you decide to try on the role of an independent traveler, the issue of accommodation should be decided in advance.

The cost of renting accommodation in Prague depends on the area where you are staying - the closer to the center, the more expensive and vice versa. The level of household requests also affects how much money is needed in the Czech Republic.

The cheapest option is hostels. A bed in a dormitory room will cost 10-25 € per day, if you want a private room you will have to pay 40-100 €. Inexpensive hotels in the center of Prague of the category 1-2 stars offer rooms for 60-100 €. It is much cheaper to live on the outskirts, where you can find a hotel for 30 € per day per person.

Prices for 4 star hotels start from 90-100 € per night per person, and for 5 star luxury and luxury accommodation you will have to pay more than 200 €.

Housing rent is comparable to hotel rates and starts from 50 €, depending on the location, footage and equipment of the apartment.

Thus, when calculating how much money to take to Prague for a week, focus on 150-400 € per person just for a roof over your head.


Transportation costs directly depend on your level of activity. By staying in the center, the cost of taxi buses can be avoided or minimized, since all the main attractions are located nearby within walking distance.

One trip by public transport (trams, buses, metro) costs 1-1.5 € on average. If you are planning an active program with regular movements around the city, you can purchase daily tickets, a subscription for several days, for a week or immediately for a month, which will significantly save you money. For example, a monthly pass for all types of transport costs about 23 €.

Taxi prices start at 5 €, the final cost of the trip depends on its distance and waiting time.


Meals while on holiday are one of the most important items of expenditure and are individual in nature. Meals in the Czech capital can go from a modest 10-20 € per day to absolutely fantastic amounts, if you enjoy gastronomic riches and do not deny yourself anything. You can eat at modest eateries, small cafes and street fast food outlets, or dine like a king, enjoying all the delights of Eastern European cuisine. So how much money you need for a day in Prague depends on the culinary aspirations and the guests' appetite.

So, a modest breakfast in a cafe a short distance from the central quarters will cost 3-5 €. Lunch for one person in an average cafe costs the same or slightly more. For lunch in a not very luxurious restaurant, you will have to pay about 15-20 €, if you do not indulge yourself with delicacies and gluttony. For a dinner with a glass of wine in a cafe, you will be asked about 20 €, in a restaurant, depending on its level, menu and order volume, you can give 20-50 €, or 100 € and more. Prestigious establishments in the center of Prague, of course, are more expensive and are clearly not addressed to thrifty tourists.

The cheapest is to eat at street stalls selling hot dogs, sausages, and McDonald's and its analogues, where, regardless of the time of day, a standard set of burger, french fries and a drink will cost 5 €. A cup of coffee in a coffee shop costs 1.5 €, not including a roll or cake. A pint of beer in a bar - 1.5 €, in a store for the same beer you will pay half the price.

You can buy food in stores and markets and cook yourself. Food prices are comparable to domestic ones, and sometimes even lower. If you do not buy expensive delicacies, you can keep within 100-150 € per week per person.

Excursion service

It is impossible to visit Prague and not go on at least one or two excursions, there are so many interesting things in the capital that even the most economical ones will not be able to resist. It should be borne in mind that the prices for excursions here are not the lowest, while the visit itself is usually inexpensive, or completely free, while the main part of the cost goes to the guide for service.

The best way to save money and spend a rich excursion vacation is to do excursion delights on your own, armed with guidebooks and a map of the capital.

All excursions in Prague can be divided into several types:

  • Architectural objects and expositions inside the city.
  • Castles and palaces in the suburbs.
  • Excursions to other cities of the Czech Republic.
  • Excursions to other countries.

Your expenses and, accordingly, how much money to take to Prague directly depend on the type of route.

The most popular excursions in the Czech Republic are famous architectural monuments such as Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Town Hall, St. Vitus Cathedral, etc. Sightseeing tours around the capital cost 12-15 €, these can be completely walking walks or combined tours with bus routes.

If you do not take an excursion as part of an organized tour, but walk around the same objects on your own, the excursion will cost free, since, as you know, you do not take money for viewing. Admission to some objects may be paid, but it is not at all necessary to go there, and the ticket price is not comparable to the cost of the excursion.

If you want to see Prague with a guide and accompanying stories, get ready to pay 15 € for a large sightseeing tour, and the same amount for an evening walk around the city. There are also popular excursions "Mystical Prague" and "Children's Prague".

Beer excursions popular with tourists with visits to breweries, beer halls and tastings cost from 40-45 €. Roughly the same costs are for trips to all kinds of enterprises - jewelry factories, liqueur factories, pastry shops, with tastings and master classes. Tickets for museums and exhibitions cost 2-8 €.

Excursions to the famous cities of the Czech Republic cost about 30-40 €. For this money, you can visit Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora or local castles such as Hluboku nad Vltavou. For an international tour, you will have to fork out € 50 or more. So, a trip from Prague to Munich costs 70-90 €, depending on the duration and program. A visit to Paris costs 100-120 €, and for the happiness of seeing the Benelux countries you will have to part with 300 € or more. The cheapest destinations - Vienna and Dresden - cost about 35-40 €.

When drawing up an action plan, it should be borne in mind that meals are usually not included in the price, and sometimes even transportation costs, it is worthwhile to clarify these issues and plan a budget in advance. Well, how much money to take to the Czech Republic for a week is up to you and your excursion appetites.

Souvenirs and shopping

Souvenirs in the Czech Republic have their own special flavor and it is incredibly easy to spend your vacation budget without even noticing it. Despite the fact that prices in Prague are very reasonable for everything, and shopping is much more profitable than in Paris and Milan. In order not to spend all the money in the first store, it is reasonable to draw up an approximate shopping plan in advance and, based on it, calculate how much money is needed in Prague.

The cheapest souvenirs start at 2 € and these are well-known magnets, in our case - with the views of Prague and the Czech Republic. Souvenir key rings cost approximately € 5, beer mugs € 8 or more. A good decision is to bring Prague gingerbread as a gift to your loved ones, and it doesn't hurt to pamper yourself. This pleasure costs from 2 €, depending on the size, shape and abundance of decor. Prices do not affect the taste - all gingerbread and other sweets are equally tasty.

In the shopping centers and boutiques of the capital, you can see stunning jewelry with the famous Czech pomegranate, which the fairer sex will certainly want to buy. It is simply impossible to resist, especially since it costs only 25 € and more, which is quite inexpensive. It will cost you 50-100 € for a handmade set of not less famous Czech costume jewelry. Prices for Bohemian glass start at 10 € and go to sky-high distances, depending on the complexity of the work and the type of product. Czech porcelain costs around 15 € for a small piece, prices for sets and sets range from 100-200 €. The cartoon symbol of the Czech Republic - the pot-bellied Mole - meets tourists in almost every store, prices vary from 5 to 15 €.

For ladies, shops offer gift sets of natural cosmetics at a price of € 10 or more. A bottle of Becherovka will cost € 6, a good wine costs € 5 and up. You can also buy souvenir mini-bottles with alcohol for 3-4 €. The cost of clothing and accessories depends on the season, brand and the level of the store's claims. On average, branded jeans will cost 40 €, a sweatshirt or pullover 15-20 €, prices for shoes are 30-100 €, souvenir T-shirts with pictures cost 5-10 €.

In general, if you do not buy everything in a row, you can keep within 50-100 € by buying souvenirs for yourself and as a gift to your loved ones.


Not the last source of expenses is entertainment, which abound in the Czech Republic. We will consider what places tourists prefer and how much money to take to Prague for a week.

Corners for fine art connoisseurs - Prague theaters. Tickets to the main one - the National Theater - cost from 35 to 65 €, a performance at the Prague Opera will cost 6-60 €, depending on the location and performance. True, tickets should be booked several months in advance. It is much easier to get into lesser-known temples of art, for example, the Black Theater or the Puppet Theater, which cost 20 €.

Tickets to cinemas in Prague cost between 6-10 €, a zoo - 7 €, amusement parks - 10-15 €. A day at the water park will cost 20-30 € per person. Football fans can attend local matches for 25 €.

Popular tourist boat trips on the Vltava cost 10 €, you can also find more sophisticated pleasures, for example, Thai massage, for an hour of relaxation you will have to part with 40 €.

In the evenings, many Prague establishments invite to folklore shows - musical or theatrical performances followed by dinner, such events cost 50 €. Another favorite place - the Singing Fountains - charge 25 € per person for their show.

Dozens of clubs and bars with a wide variety of music and surroundings open their doors at night in Prague, ticket prices start from 2 €, usually after 21:00 the entrance is more expensive, within 8-15 €.

If you take stock and calculate how much money an ordinary tourist needs to take to Prague for a week, then even the most conservative estimates will turn out to be a considerable amount. With proper savings, you should count on 400-500 € per person, if you eat moderately and in inexpensive cafes, do not be zealous with shopping and visit only inexpensive excursions and entertainment venues.