How much money to take in Bali

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How much money to take in Bali
How much money to take in Bali
photo: How much money to take in Bali
photo: How much money to take in Bali
  • Housing costs
  • Transport rental
  • Public transport
  • How much will the food cost
  • Excursions and entertainment
  • Purchases

Bali is a small Indonesian island, which is a popular resort area, washed from the north by the Bali Sea and from the south by the Indian Ocean. Mostly young people from Australia, New Zealand and Asia come here to go surfing, hang out in nightclubs, sunbathe on the beaches, and ride a bike around the island. Bali is considered an inexpensive tropical paradise that will appeal to absolutely everyone: both tourists who are accustomed to five-star hotels and impeccable service, and budget travelers who do not want to spend more than $ 20 a day.

Tourists from Russia and European countries get to Bali for a long time, with several transfers. The flight will cost a tidy sum, but you can save a lot on accommodation and meals. How much money to take in Bali to enjoy every minute of your stay on the island, we will tell you.

Locals claim that one dollar a day is enough for a normal life in Bali. The appetites of our compatriots, of course, are much higher than that of the Balinese, so such a small amount cannot be dispensed with. It is best to take dollars with you to the island, which, upon arrival, can be exchanged for the local national currency - Indonesian rupees in exchange offices with the inscription “Authorized money changer” or in bank branches. For 1 dollar in 2018, they give 15200 Indonesian rupees.

Housing costs


The cost of living in Bali depends on several factors: the level of service in the hotel, the rental period, and the location of the hotel. In popular resorts, housing will cost more than in Ubud - in the center of the island. For example, in Kuta and other resort villages, a place in a hostel will cost $ 4-7, and in Ubud - only $ 2.

However, most travelers arriving in Bali still try not to skimp on accommodation. It costs $ 20-30 to rent a bungalow, where there are practically no amenities, but you can fully experience all the features of local life. Excellent service awaits guests in Balinese hotels, which cost between $ 50 and $ 100 per day. It is quite easy to find an inexpensive three-star hotel, where rooms are rented for $ 15-20 per person. True, it will be located far from the beach. There are also good hotels on the first line, where you can stay for $ 25 per day. For large companies, villas have been built in Bali, the rent of which will cost $ 100-150 per night.

When renting a house on the island, you should also take into account the fact that you will have to pay much less for a longer stay than for a short one. So, when you rent a bungalow or villa for a month or more, you will be asked for a completely different amount, which will pleasantly surprise you (about 350-700 dollars).

Transport rental

It is unlikely that at least one traveler who comes to Bali spends his entire vacation without getting out of the resort. The island has many scenic spots and ancient temples to see during your trip.

The easiest way to get around Bali is in a rented vehicle. Here you can rent:

  • moped. You are in Asia, which means that narrow streets, dirt roads of not very good quality, strange traffic rules when everyone is driving in different directions at the same time, and endless traffic jams await you. The best way to maneuver in traffic jams is on a scooter. His rent will range from $ 10 to $ 15 per day;
  • automobile. If you are traveling with a large company or with your family, then you can hardly find something better than a car. For a day of using the car, you will have to pay $ 30-40. It is profitable to rent a car for a month. Then his rent will not exceed $ 400;
  • bike. A suitable vehicle if you don't feel like walking, or you simply don't have a driver's license. Local residents rent a bike for $ 5 per day.

A liter of gasoline costs less than a dollar in Bali. Parking is also very cheap - about 20 cents per hour. In addition, there are many places on the island where you can leave your vehicle indefinitely for free.

Public transport

There is public transport to any village or town in Bali. The bus fare from the island's only airport to the nearest city of Denpasar is Rs 7,000 (half a dollar). A taxi will cost $ 11.

Tourists should pay attention to the following types of transport:

  • bemo - small buses that take you to popular attractions within and outside your resort. The ticket price starts from 20 cents and can go up to 1 dollar;
  • intercity shuttles. They run between the southern resorts. The fare on these comfortable buses is $ 1.5-5, depending on the route chosen. You can also purchase a 3-day ticket for about $ 10 and a week for $ 16;
  • Taxi. Perhaps the most popular form of transport, but also the most expensive. For calling a taxi, you will have to pay $ 0.50, each kilometer will cost 40 cents.

The main problem of any tourist - a white person - is that the locals automatically raise the price for him 2-3 times. This applies not only to travel, but for some reason such injustice is especially noticeable in public transport.

Another convenient service that is offered in Bali is calling a courier on a scooter, who can buy food from a list, bring an order from a restaurant, etc. The driver will take from 65 cents to 2 dollars for his work.

How much will the food cost

For a nutritious diet, expect $ 15-20 per person per day. In Bali, especially in tourist areas, there are many establishments serving various Asian cuisines. You can have a tasty and hearty lunch there.

Locals prefer to visit varungs. This is a part of the house that has been converted into a small cafe with old chairs and tables. The assortment of food is small, it consists of only 8-10 items. Here you can find meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and desserts. The cost of lunch in such establishments will be only a couple of dollars. The main thing is to get there when the food is fresh. Usually hostesses cook for these cafes in the morning and at lunchtime.

Snacks in chain restaurants, for example, McDonald's or Burger King, will cost a little more. A hamburger costs $ 2, a lunch of potatoes, cheeseburger and a drink costs $ 3.

There are also higher level restaurants in Bali. Their prices are set quite high. For a Caesar salad they will charge more than $ 6, for fried beef with a side dish - about $ 20.

It is better to buy water and fruits in supermarkets, and there are a lot of them here. The most affordable prices are set in the Pepito and Papaya stores. One and a half liter bottle of water costs 16 cents, bread - $ 1.55, beer - at least $ 1.30, a kilogram of mangoes - about 80 cents, coconuts - up to $ 1, etc. In the markets, you can buy fruits and vegetables a little cheaper than in supermarkets.

Excursions and entertainment


Many tourists ask the question: how to save money on excursions in Bali and see all the fun? The solution is very simple: negotiate with a local taxi driver who will play the role of a guide and will have time to show you up to 5 interesting tourist sites in a day. You will have about an hour and a half to inspect each attraction, at which time a taxi will stand and wait for you. This "tour" costs about $ 50.

Prices for entrance tickets to temples, zoo and other attractions are set low. $ 15 is probably enough for you. Additional costs may be required to rent a scarf, which must be worn in the form of a skirt when entering the temples. For renting a pareo, locals ask for about $ 10. If you know about this, then you can think about a scarf in advance: it costs $ 1 on the market. Vehicles are prohibited from entering the territory of many temples, for example, the Besakih sanctuary. Locals seek to earn extra money and offer tourists a rickshaw ride to the shrine itself. And they will take $ 10 for their service. Do not hesitate to refuse, because the distance from the road to the temple can be easily covered on foot.

As you know, Bali is an ideal place to learn surfing and boarding. Numerous instructors work on the island, who will teach you to stand confidently on the surf and catch a wave in a short time. For an hour of study, you will have to pay about $ 20. If the instructor speaks Russian, then he will charge much more for his services - up to $ 50 per lesson.

Other activities include a helicopter flight over Bali. For half an hour of using a helicopter, they ask for about a hundred dollars. The massage will cost $ 5 or more. Participation in sea fishing is estimated at $ 40-45.


Every tourist dreams of buying something as a souvenir of his vacation by the blue ocean, which is why the sale of various souvenirs is flourishing in Bali. Traditional small plates with views of local beauty start at 50 cents, postcards can be found at 10 cents apiece. A souvenir T-shirt costs $ 5 or more. But these are standard souvenirs that can be found in any country in the world. Much more interesting are the goods produced by artisans in Bali: masks, paintings, painted scarves, wooden figurines, jewelry, etc. Prices for them start at $ 10.

Bali also carries inexpensive but high-quality wardrobe items. For example, a leather belt will cost $ 10, children's T-shirts and T-shirts - $ 3 per piece, and men's and women's shorts - $ 4-5. The clothes are sold in beach shops and local markets.

A good souvenir is a set of spices and incense. Local vendors sell these products for $ 2 or more.


How much money should be allocated for holidays in Bali? In principle, on the island, you can perfectly get by with $ 30-50 per day, but for people who are not accustomed to deny themselves anything, we recommend counting on $ 70-80 per day.


How much money to take in Bali
How much money to take in Bali
How much money to take in Bali
How much money to take in Bali
How much money to take in Bali
How much money to take in Bali