How long to fly to Egypt from Moscow?

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How long to fly to Egypt from Moscow?
How long to fly to Egypt from Moscow?
photo: How long to fly to Egypt from Moscow?
photo: How long to fly to Egypt from Moscow?
  • How many hours to fly from Moscow to Egypt?
  • Flight Moscow - Cairo
  • Flight Moscow - Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Flight Moscow - Hurghada

"How long to fly to Egypt from Moscow?" - arouses the interest of everyone who wants to climb more than 3700 steps to Mount Moses, see the Sphinx in Giza, the pyramids in Dakhshur, the Hatshepsut temple in Luxor, the Abdin Cairo palace and the TV tower, visit the Colored Canyon and the Valley of the Kings, explore the Kom ash-Shukaf catacombs and spend time in the Montazah Park of Alexandria.

How many hours to fly from Moscow to Egypt?

The road to Egypt will take 4-5 hours, and travelers will be offered a direct flight on the airliners of Aeroflot, Siberia and Egypt Air. With regard to flights with transfers, the flight to Egypt will last at least 7 hours.

Flight Moscow - Cairo

In the capital of Egypt, vacationers find themselves 4 hours 10 minutes after departure from Domodedovo with Egypt Air, and from Sheremetyevo with Aeroflot (between the two capitals - almost 2,900 km; a ticket can be bought for at least 9600 rubles). You will have to spend 9 hours on the road, for those who fly with a transfer in Larnaca, 8 hours - in Athens, 8, 5 hours - in Amman, 10 hours - in Munich, 11 hours - in Tunisia, 26 hours - in Manama (waiting - 17 hours), 11, 5 hours - in Doha, 12 hours - in Abu Dhabi, 9, 5 hours - in Budapest, 10, 5 hours - in Dubai (rest time - only 1 hour).

Cairo Airport is equipped with several ATMs, bank branches, a duty-free shop, coffee shops and restaurants, a currency exchange office. In the waiting rooms you can use the phone, read magazines and newspapers, enjoy the taste of the drinks offered, go online, cool off under the air conditioning … Cairo and in the provinces, you need to take one of the buses, the stop of which can be found near Terminal 1. Those who wish can use the Airport Bus Service (they take travelers to famous attractions).

Flight Moscow - Sharm el-Sheikh

A ticket Moscow - Sharm (they are separated by 3100 km) costs at least 6900-9100 rubles. A stop in Istanbul will extend the journey for 13.5 hours (rest - 5.5 hours), in Cairo - for 6.5 hours, in Tbilisi and Istanbul - for 14 hours, in Budapest and Cairo - for 12 hours, in Larnaca and Cairo - at 15.5 hours, in Antalya and Istanbul - at 23.5 hours (flight - 7.5 hours), in Vienna and Cairo - at 11.5 hours, in Frankfurt am Main and Zurich - at 11 hours 50 minutes, in Tel Aviv and Amman - at 11 hours 50 minutes, in Athens and Cairo - at 15 hours.

Sharm el Sheikh Airport equipment is represented by: premises for mothers with children; car rental and currency exchange points; souvenir and duty free shops; a cafe. A taxi, bus or minibus will take tourists to Sharm (the parking lot is located next to Terminal 1).

Flight Moscow - Hurghada

There are 3,194 km between Moscow and Hurghada, which will take 4 hours and 50 minutes to travel on board the North Wind airline (the price of an air ticket is at least 6900-7800 rubles). The journey with a stop in Istanbul will take 12 hours (6-hour flight), in Brussels - 11 hours 40 minutes, in Cairo - 6.5 hours, in London - 14.5 hours, in Frankfurt am Main and Dresden - 11, 5 hours, in Vienna - more than 10.5 hours (rest for 2.5 hours), in Munich - 19.5 hours (12-hour connection), in Dusseldorf - 11 hours, in Rome and Cairo - 13 hours, in Thessaloniki and Istanbul - 13.5 hours, in Riga and Dusseldorf - 12.5 hours, in Berlin - 29 hours (almost 22 hours will be allocated for sightseeing in the German capital).

Hurghada Airport has a car rental office (Sixt, Hertz), a post office, telephone points of contact, souvenir shops, special platforms for moving people in wheelchairs (they are also used by passengers with small children). The way from the airport to the center of Hurghada by minibus will take 20 minutes.