Travel to the Netherlands

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Travel to the Netherlands
Travel to the Netherlands
photo: Travel to the Netherlands
photo: Travel to the Netherlands
  • Important points
  • Choosing wings
  • Hotel or apartment
  • Transport subtleties
  • Nightingales are not fed with fables
  • Useful details
  • The perfect trip to the Netherlands

We often call this country Holland, although this is only a historical region that includes two provinces of the state, where the most beautiful tulips in the world grow, and some windmills still grind grain. Traveling to the Netherlands is wonderful at any time of the year, because a huge number of interesting architectural sights and museum expositions are concentrated on the territory of a small European state.

Important points

  • A Russian traveler will need to apply for a Schengen visa to travel to the Netherlands. The package of documents is standard, the visa fee is 35 euros.
  • Many Dutch outlets support the Tax Free system. To get a refund of the tax paid, tourists will have to issue a special check upon purchase and then contact the Global Blue point in the departure hall N3 of Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport.
  • There are no toll roads in the Netherlands, but a car driver will have to pay 5 euros for travel through some tunnels.

Choosing wings

A direct flight from Moscow to Amsterdam takes about 3, 5 hours. With transfers in other European capitals, the journey will take a little longer:

  • Aeroflot offers a flight to the Netherlands for 200 euros.
  • Air Baltic, with a transit connection in Riga, delivers its passengers from Moscow to Amsterdam for 170 euros. The long connection can be used for a sightseeing tour of the capital of Latvia.
  • Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa with transfers in Zurich and Frankfurt fly from the Russian to the Dutch capital for 170 euros.

You can get from Amsterdam Airport to the city by taxi (the most expensive option from 45 euros), by bus and train (from 5 euros).

Hotel or apartment

There are not too many hotels in the Netherlands to fully meet the huge tourist demand. You should always book a hotel in advance, so as not to be left without a roof over your head at the start of your trip to the Netherlands.

Prices for accommodation in Amsterdam hotels cannot be called humane. For example, a night in 3 * in the historic center of the city will cost 70-80 euros, but the owners are ready to provide guests with free parking and wireless Internet for this money.

Fives start at 150 euros and are famous for their high level of service, excellent cuisine in restaurants, a wide selection of wines in bars, elegant lounge areas and well-equipped fitness centers.

Even hostels in the Netherlands will seem like a waste to the budget traveler. It will be possible to spend the night in a dormitory room for no less than 30 euros, and the keys to a separate double room will be given to you for no less than 45 euros.

The Dutch also rent out private apartments to tourists, but the prices are unlikely to please those travelers who are used to staying with foreign apartment owners on a budget and without pretensions. A separate room in Amsterdam will cost at least 50 euros, a seat on a sofa in a common room - from 30 euros, and expecting to get an entire apartment with a separate entrance, furniture and a bedroom for less than 100-120 euros is not worth it at all.

Transport subtleties

Urban public transport in the cities of the Netherlands is trams and buses. There is also a metro in the capital of the country. Depending on your plans, you can choose from different types of tickets. They differ in the duration of action. The ticket is activated at the time of scanning at the entrance to the bus or subway car. The minimum price for an hour ticket is 2.9 euros. A pass for a day will cost 7.5 euros, for 48 hours - 12 euros, and for the opportunity to use Amsterdam transport for a whole week you will have to pay 32 euros. Do not forget to attach your ticket to the scanner when you exit the vehicle to complete your trip.

Tickets for transport are sold from the driver or conductor, in GVB machines and in the same pavilions at railway stations.

Amsterdam Travel Ticket is available at Schiphol Airport for 1-3 days. Using them, a tourist can travel by any public transport, except for a taxi, and get by express N197 or by train from the airport and back. The cost of a ticket for a day is 15 euros, for 2 and 3 days - 20 and 25 euros, respectively.

Nightingales are not fed with fables

Not cheap in all respects, Holland and food is no exception. A standard dinner or lunch without alcohol, consisting of 2-3 courses, will cost 50-60 euros for two. If you would like to add the famous Dutch beer to your table, be prepared to shell out an extra € 1 to € 5 per bottle, depending on the location of the restaurant. In places where tourist attractions are concentrated, the price can be even higher.

Fast food in the Netherlands is a great way to have a hearty and inexpensive snack. For example, a hot dog with herring on a street stall will sell you for only 4 euros, while the fish will be fresh and aromatic, and the portion will be very impressive.

A cheap breakfast in the Netherlands is offered by HEMA chain stores. The cafeterias at these outlets offer an omelette sandwich, croissant, jam and a good cup of coffee. For an additional 0, 5 euros, you can drink a glass of juice, and for 0, 25 euros you can get hold of a portion of bacon for an omelet. By the way, HEMA stores sell sandwiches and other ready-to-go food, which will help reduce the cost of food in hotels and restaurants.

Useful details

  • Almost all parking lots in the cities of Holland are paid. After paying for the parking, do not forget to put the receipt on the dashboard so that the parking police can see it. Fines for incorrect parking in the country reach 300 euros and more.
  • The price of a liter of gasoline is about 1.6 euros.
  • Drivers and conductors in public transport only accept cash, and bills must not be larger than 20 euros.
  • The wonderful website will help the tourist to find out what type of transport or route is optimal for moving, find out the schedule of buses or trains and the cost of travel.
  • At you can buy tickets to popular museums in Amsterdam and avoid the ticket lines.

The perfect trip to the Netherlands

Located in close proximity to the sea, Holland is famous for its cool and humid summers and mild winters. The maritime climate provides regular rainfall, fog and snow in winter in the northern regions. Thermometers show on average + 19 ° С in July and + 2 ° С in January, but if the country falls into the zone of influence of the anticyclone, the temperature values of mid-summer and winter can reach + 29 ° С and -10 ° С, respectively.

The ideal time to visit the Netherlands is spring, when tulip fields begin to bloom and cities and parks host numerous festivals and exhibitions dedicated to the local flora. In the 20th of March opens

the famous Keukenhof National Park, which is called the Garden of Europe. It hosts a flower show, which millions of tourists come to the Netherlands to see. The park is open for two months and the main event of the Keukenhof spring is the Flower Parade, which traditionally begins on the third Saturday in April.

No less popular in Holland is Queen's Day, which is celebrated on April 30th. Parades and celebrations in orange are held throughout the country, and shopaholics on this day are given the opportunity to buy many things pleasant to the heart with huge discounts.