What to visit in Bangkok?

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What to visit in Bangkok?
What to visit in Bangkok?
photo: What to visit in Bangkok?
photo: What to visit in Bangkok?
  • Bangkok loved and unloved
  • What to visit in Bangkok in one day
  • Bangkok cultural
  • City and sea

For many tourists from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, Thailand has become almost home. Annual visits to the resorts of this exotic country allow you not only to get a beautiful tan, gain strength for the next working year, but also get to know the amazing region of the planet better. It is important to decide before the trip what to visit in Bangkok, being here for the first time, and where to go for new experiences.

Bangkok loved and unloved


Many tourists are discouraged from visiting the capital of the kingdom for several reasons. The first is the unbearable heat (trips to Thailand usually occur in the summer), the second is the too busy traffic, which almost immediately starts to spin the head of a non-capital Russian resident.

The third important reason is Bangkok's vibrant nightlife, which can be avoided by planning an excursion in the early morning of the weekend. Then the heat is not so felt, and the traffic significantly slows down, the city opens from a different side. It has historical sights, amazing monuments of religion, cultural institutions. You can feel the true spirit of Bangkok in local exotic markets, touch the ancient architecture - when visiting palaces and museums.

What to visit in Bangkok in one day

The most interesting point of the capital of Thailand for tourists is undoubtedly the Grand Royal Palace. A tour of the historical and architectural complex allows you to:

  • get to know the palace itself and other buildings and structures;
  • take a walk in the magnificent park;
  • see the giant swing used in national rituals;
  • go for a walk to a nearby temple to get acquainted with the main shrine of Bangkok - the Emerald Buddha.

The royal family has long understood that the palace cannot only be a residence; it is one of the main attractions of the capital, which should be introduced to every guest. Therefore, ceremonies are held here today, but only several times a year, the rest of the time the architectural complex meets simpler and less famous guests. Their attention is also attracted by the chic frescoes that adorn the numerous galleries and halls of the palace. In addition, the complex includes not only a palace, but also buildings for the government, temple buildings, a library, and outbuildings.

Guides claim that the modern Thai capital can showcase four hundred temple complexes, differing in architecture and interiors. A month will not be enough to inspect all the religious buildings of Bangkok, so most travelers choose the most important and beautiful temples:

  • Wat Po, where guests will be surprised by the huge statue of the reclining Buddha.
  • A marble temple built at the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries. from Carrara Italian marble.
  • Another complex with a beautiful and romantic name is the Temple of Dawn.

Choose one of these architectural masterpieces or go in search of your temple, each guest decides for himself, depending on what plans he sets for himself, what he dreams of.

Bangkok cultural

Do not think that the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand is proud only of its religious buildings. No, this metropolis has other interesting offers for guests. Lovers of museum treasures will be able to build routes through the most famous museums in the city. It also has its own art gallery, which introduces the work of contemporary masters of the brush and chisel, and a cultural center.

Naturally, in the first place is the National Museum, among the main treasures of which is a huge collection of Thai art. The museum complex itself is also interesting, including a chapel with a difficult to pronounce (for a European) name - Buddhaysavan.

The second most popular is the Silk Museum in Bangkok. It is interesting that the first collector of the collections was the architect Jim Thompson, who, it turns out, was also a spy. The exhibitions are open in the house. Where he lived, visitors can get acquainted with Thai antiquities collected by Thompson, and with a collection of ancient silk fabrics, an amazing creation of weavers who lived many years ago.

Top 10 attractions in Bangkok

City and sea

Bangkok is proud to host the largest aquarium in the southeastern region. This is the answer to the question of what to visit in Bangkok on your own. The aquarium includes seven zones, where you can get acquainted with the life of certain inhabitants of the kingdom of Neptune.

Traveling around the aquarium on a boat, the bottom of which is made of glass, can be quite extreme for guests. In general, this cultural and educational complex surprises with its interactivity. Among the offers interesting for tourists are the opportunity to feed sea animals, ride a boat, dive to visit sea inhabitants, but only in the company of an instructor.


What to visit in Bangkok?
What to visit in Bangkok?
What to visit in Bangkok?
What to visit in Bangkok?
What to visit in Bangkok?
What to visit in Bangkok?