Beach holidays in Finland

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Beach holidays in Finland
Beach holidays in Finland

Video: Beach holidays in Finland

Video: Beach holidays in Finland
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photo: Beach holiday in Finland
photo: Beach holiday in Finland
  • Where to go to sunbathe?
  • Weather features of a beach holiday in Finland
  • In the metropolitan area
  • Golden Sands of Yuyteri
  • Riviera of the country of Suomi
  • Useful information

From childhood, the country of Suomi has been steadfastly associated with the patrimony of Santa Claus, the northern lights, the polar night and ski resorts. On closer inspection, it suddenly turns out that a beach vacation in Finland is not the delirium of a tourist overheated in a local hot sauna, and if you want to enjoy the sun, you can even enjoy the sun on the shores of the northern seas and lakes.

Where to go to sunbathe?

On the territory of the country, where the number of reservoirs is in the thousands, there is always a place for a leisurely outdoor recreation, especially since haste is not at all in the tradition of hot Finnish guys:

  • In the vicinity of the Finnish capital, there are about thirty sandy beaches, the most popular of which is Hietaniemi. To services of visitors - changing rooms and cafes, sun loungers and umbrellas.
  • There are several beaches for swimming and sunbathing on Suomenlinna Island. Along the way, you will be able to make a fascinating excursion to the local fortress. And getting here will not be difficult: a passenger ferry leaves the Helsinki pier every quarter of an hour.
  • A bus from the center of the town of Pori will take all those thirsty for sun and sea to the golden sands of Yuyteri. In addition to lazy rest, Yyuteri also thrives on an active one - playing volleyball, golf and surfing. Part of the beach legally belongs to lovers of complete merging with nature - nudists.
  • Fishing is thriving on the Alan Islands. Here everyone, from small to large, fish, and in between meditations with a fishing rod they swim and sunbathe in rocky bays.

Weather features of a beach holiday in Finland

Suomi's moderate maritime to continental climate and warm sea currents ensure a fairly warm summer weather, despite the northern coordinates of the Finnish beaches.

At the height of the swimming season, the air temperature may well rise to + 28 ° С, but the usual + 25 ° С in the south of the country is considered the norm in July and early August.

In the metropolitan area

About three dozen of the capital's beaches offer relaxation for every taste. In addition to the aforementioned Hietaniemi, in Helsinki you can plunge into cool water after a hot sauna on Rastila Beach, where it is customary to stay in a tent camp. Marjaniemi Beach is especially popular with those with a sweet tooth, as the local ice cream parlor offers many popular summer desserts. For an active and sporty beach, Vuosaari Beach is equipped with an excellent gym right on the sand, and healthy food is served in a restaurant overlooking the port. Kids and their parents prefer Mustikkamaa Beach, located near the Helsinki Zoo. Nudists gather at Pihlajasaari, a few kilometers from the city center.

Golden Sands of Yuyteri

The Finns consider the beach 16 km west of the center of Pori to be a unique natural masterpiece. A corner of pristine northern nature on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic is a six-kilometer beach covered with golden fine sand.

A beach vacation in Finland on Yuyteri is both enjoying the picturesque seascape, and horseback riding among the high dunes covered with pine trees, and various water activities - from sailing trips to aquabike races.

Surfers respect Yuyteri for its gently sloping and smooth bottom and great waves, allowing them to enjoy the wind and salty sea air.

Riviera of the country of Suomi

The Kalajoki resort massif on the Gulf of Bothnia is called the Finnish Riviera. There are many clean beaches here, each of which is packed to capacity during the swimming season. In addition to the typical beach infrastructure, tourists are offered water parks and spas, saunas and health centers, restaurants and nightclubs. Hotels in this resort area are cottage complexes, which, judging by the reviews, are in great demand among both local residents and foreign travelers.

Useful information

On Finnish beaches, there are rules of conduct that you should adhere to in order to avoid problems with the law:

  • It is not allowed to have picnics and set up tents outside specially equipped areas or campgrounds.
  • You can't leave trash and start a fire.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring and drink alcohol.

Finland is one of the countries that can boast of the cleanest water, and therefore any violations in recreation areas are punishable by high fines and serious administrative responsibility.