Where to stay on the Costa Blanca

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Where to stay on the Costa Blanca
Where to stay on the Costa Blanca
photo: Where to stay on the Costa Blanca
photo: Where to stay on the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is one of the most popular resort areas in Spain. It represents the Mediterranean coast, where even in winter the air temperature rarely drops below nineteen degrees Celsius.

The total length of the beaches here is about one and a half hundred kilometers. It is cloudy and rainy here only forty days a year; for the other three hundred and twenty days, the sun usually shines over the coast. In the mountains, located at some distance from the sunny coast, the climate is slightly colder: sometimes it can even snow.

Each year the resort receives about six million tourists from different countries. The choice of hotels here is huge. In hotels and apartments located on the coast, it is possible to accommodate about one hundred and fifty thousand people at a time. The choice of hotels is especially great in the major tourist center of the coast - Benidorm. But if you decide not to stay in it, but prefer a more secluded and quiet place, then even then you will not have any problems finding accommodation. There are many answers to the question of where a tourist should stay on the Costa Blanca, and they are all correct.

Areas of the resort

Most often, the coast is conventionally divided into northern and southern parts. The main difference between them is in the landscape. The southern part is a plain and lakes. The northern part is cliffs and mountain slopes. In the south, the beaches are wide and sandy. This area is ideal for families with children. There are more rocky bays in the north, there are relatively few beaches, some of which are pebbly. Holidays here will appeal to those who appreciate the beauty of the seascapes: they are simply amazing here. And the air is also wonderful here.

But the division into north and south is too general. In order to give the most complete information about the coast, you need to conditionally divide it into smaller parts and characterize each of them. In this article, we will tell you about ten areas of the resort, list their features and attractions:

  • Valencia;
  • Javea;
  • Denia;
  • Moraira;
  • Calpe;
  • Althea;
  • Benidorm;
  • Orihuela Costa;
  • Alicante;
  • Torrevieja.

In fact, these are the names of cities; in this text we will talk about the peculiarities of living in each of them, as well as in its immediate vicinity.


There is an international airport fifteen kilometers from the city. The city is an important center for education and medicine, as well as a major transport hub. There are many architectural monuments from different eras. Here you can see buildings from the Renaissance and examples of the Gothic; if you are interested in buildings erected in accordance with the canons of ancient Roman architecture, you can easily find them here. Arab architecture is also represented here by several very colorful monuments.

The city regularly hosts car races, motorcycle races and regattas. If you are a sports lover, this is the place to be.


The resort is located in the northern part of the coast. It is located at the foot of the mountain, the height of which is seven hundred and fifty meters. It is the highest mountain in the region. Its slopes are the territory of a national park. Another local attraction is the old lighthouse. It offers a magnificent view.

The beach is small here. It is especially popular with divers. The reason they love this resort so much is the picturesque underwater cliffs. If you are into diving, this city is worth a stop.

The resort regularly hosts colorful old festivals.


This resort is a small town located in the very north of the coast. There are several beaches (pebbly and sandy). There is a port on the territory of the resort. From there it is very easy to take a ferry to Mallorca or Ibiza. After resting there and having enough fun, you can return to the calm atmosphere of a small town.

However, there is still a nightlife at the resort. There are no discos or casinos, but there are bars and restaurants open at night.

The resort has several museums. The exposition of one of them consists of archaeological artifacts, in the other toys are exhibited, and the third one will really appeal to those who are interested in ethnography. By the way, the last of the named museums has an exposition dedicated to the traditions of local winemaking.

The resort has a market on Mondays. On other days, you can shop at regular stores.

There are relatively few hotels here. Many visitors to the city prefer to stay in apartments or rent villas.


This resort is considered the quietest on the entire coast. It's just a paradise for lovers of silence. If you are one of them, you should stop here. It is believed that this place is great for people of retirement age. It is also perfect for families with young children.

In fact, this is not even a city, but a village whose inhabitants are engaged in fishing. This is the perfect place for lovers of fresh seafood. In addition, excellent grapes are grown here, from which excellent wine is made.


The resort is famous for its stunning beaches. Staying here, you will live surrounded by unforgettable natural beauty.

There are also historical sights on the territory of the resort. If you are interested in them, be sure to visit the Moorish Quarter, it is located in the central part of the city.


This city is located on a mountain. The nearest beach is far enough from here: you can only get there by car. However, this resort is quite popular with tourists. The reason is the cozy, relaxing atmosphere of the city. However, you will not be bored here: the choice of entertainment is quite large.

In the middle of the last century, the resort became famous as a resting place for creative people: it was very popular among writers, musicians and painters. Today, the city is considered the cultural center of the entire coast.

Russians usually look with interest at the Orthodox Church, built here several years ago.


Benidorm - with amusement parks, discos, clubs and bars - is simply made for young people. However, families with babies will also like it here: there are zoos and water parks in the city.

Some consider this resort to be the most striking and unusual city in the country. It cannot be called quiet or cozy, it is a real metropolis with huge skyscrapers.

There are three beaches on the coast near the town. One of them (the one that is the least crowded) is located near the central part of the city.

Orihuela Costa

It is the southernmost resort on the coast. It is one of the oldest settlements in the region. Many ancient temples have survived here. One of them is painted by the famous Velazquez. In addition to historical sights, there are other tourist places on the territory of the resort. These include yacht clubs and golf courses.

In fact, this is not even a city, but several villages. There are almost no hotels here, vacationers live in apartments. There are grocery stores almost at every step.

This resort is very popular with our compatriots. In particular, it is often chosen by those Russians who are vacationing with small children. The local beaches are located in bays, and therefore are safe, so you can safely allow the kids to splash in the sea water.


The airport is located about ten kilometers from the city. Therefore, for many Russians, this is where the journey along the coast begins.

Even those who have never been here have probably heard of Santa Barbara, a fortress built in the 13th century. She stands on a mountain, towering over the city and being one of its symbols. But this is not the only local attraction. The city is one of the oldest in the country; there are many historical monuments on its territory. Here you can see examples of Moorish architecture and buildings in the ancient Roman style; there are also buildings built in accordance with the canons of the Gothic. There are several museums in the city.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the local embankment: its beauty invariably makes a great impression on tourists. There are many cafes and bars on it. Be sure to try the local paella: they cook it in the city just great! This is not surprising, because it was invented here.

There are several beautiful beaches on the coast near the city, which are very popular with vacationers. But it should be noted that tourists rarely stop in this city, although they come here for a beach holiday and sightseeing. The reason is probably the absence of a "resort atmosphere" here (the city is not officially a resort).


This city is home to the largest Russian diaspora on the coast. There is a Russian school here that was opened several years ago.

If you decide to stay here, visit the local salt lakes - they are the main local attraction.

There are several beaches in and around the city (which, however, are not among the best on the coast). There are many discos, restaurants and bars here. The resort has a children's amusement park. It is located near the waterfront.


Where to stay on the Costa Blanca
Where to stay on the Costa Blanca