Where to go in Varadero

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Where to go in Varadero
Where to go in Varadero

Video: Where to go in Varadero

Video: Where to go in Varadero
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photo: Where to go in Varadero
photo: Where to go in Varadero
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If you prefer to relax on the shores of the warm sea and are ready to fly on vacation for the sake of beach pleasures for many thousands of kilometers, buy a tour to Varadero. This Cuban resort offers its guests magical beaches that look like they were on tourist posters. Perfectly white sand on them merges with the turquoise waters of the Atlantic, emerald greens of palm trees give life-giving coolness, light smoke from the world's best cigars appears and disappears along with a perfectly built mulatto bartender who has prepared a delicious mojito for you, in a word, a heavenly delight!

With their dose of daily tanning in hand, the Cuban tourist begins to crave active entertainment, and the resort does not disappoint again. When asked where to go in Varadero, local restaurateurs are the first to answer, displaying Caribbean cuisine in all its splendor. And on the Island of Liberty, they practice excursions to the capital, diving, acquaintance with the technology of growing tobacco and many other entertainments and pleasures.

Varadero parks


The Icacos Peninsula, on which the resort of Varadero is built, is located in the northern part of the island. It is a long cape stretching out into the sea, the width of which does not exceed 1, 2 km. Varadero hotels are literally surrounded by greenery, and the resort has several parks where you can spend time watching birds or admiring the works of landscape designers.

One of the largest parks in Varadero, where you can go for a walk, is called Hosone. You will find it in the part of the Icacos Peninsula, which is located closer to the "mainland". The park was laid out in the first third of the last century by the wealthy Cuban industrialist Jose Uturrio. Determined to amaze the imagination of his beloved wife, he built a villa in the neoclassical style and invited the best experts in the cultivation of exotic plants. José Uturrio has been involved in the production of Cuban rum all his life, but is better known in Varadero for the park. A restaurant and café serving signature cocktails are located on the shores of a man-made lake in Hoson. The park is home to dozens of tropical bird species, including the world's largest macao parrots. It is customary to arrange picnics and family walks in the park. For lovers of outdoor activities, a bowling alley is open in Hoson, a shooting range is open, and boat rental is organized. In the park, you will also see the most famous living attraction of Varadero - the cactus, which biologists estimate is at least 500 years old.

Not far from Hosone, there is another park called Central in Varadero. It is located between a line of beaches that runs along the western coast of the peninsula and the main highway that runs along the east coast. In Central Park you will find a Wi-Fi hotspot and a café serving traditional drinks.

The Golf Club and Villa Dupont occupy a solid chunk of the Varadero resort area. The former owner of the estate was the richest member of a family of American industrialists who retired and chose Cuba as their place of residence. In the 20s. last century, he bought land on the island and built a house, and then began to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure. Today, the Liberty Island golf course can compete with the best golf courses in the world. But even if you have never picked up a golf club, you can spend time in the park near Villa Dupont with great pleasure. In addition to the excellent menu of the local restaurant, you will undoubtedly be amazed by the ocean views from the rocky coast.

Attractions Varadero

Cuba's beach resort cannot boast of historical or architectural landmarks, and you will have to go to Havana, Santa Clara, Trinidad or other cities for a full excursion. And yet, you will be able to draw up a rich program of your stay in Varadero. For example, you can go to a dolphinarium or cabaret. The town closest to the beaches is called Cardenas. And the reserve "Varaikakos" is famous for its caves.

When composing a recreation program, do not forget to include in it:

  • Visit to Montemar National Park. It occupies a large area near the resort and represents a special ecological system with mangroves and swamps inhabited by hundreds of species of exotic animals and birds.
  • Inspection of the Ambrosio karst cave, where the oldest petroglyphs were discovered. Evidence that Icacos was inhabited by humans in prehistoric times is rock carvings and writings. The cave stretches several hundred meters underground.
  • Visit to the Varadero Museum. Its exposition was opened in the 80s. last century in a building of the colonial type. The collection includes household items of the inhabitants of the island, drawings of travelers who visited Cuba in the 19th-20th centuries, antique furniture and religious items. The museum tells in detail the history of the creation of the Varadero resort and displays original photographs of the first third of the twentieth century.
  • Shopping in the "House of Roma". A shop with museum elements appeared at the resort several years ago and immediately gained popularity among foreign guests. The House of Rum sells a variety of popular Cuban spirits and tells the story of the emergence and development of the most famous rum brand, Habana Club.

If you're ready to take a tour outside Varadero, head to Cardenas. The city is famous for its horse-drawn carts, which still serve as public transport in Cardenas, such as minibuses, and for its sugar factory. The sugar cane processing in Cardenas was first started in 1878, when the production of Jose Smith Comas was opened. It was from here that the “Havana Club” rum began its victorious march around the world. The museum demonstrates old equipment, shows the stages of processing raw materials and obtaining sugar and rum, and offers to taste some types of products - molasses and the drink itself.

Top 10 attractions in Varadero

Delicious points on the map

Even if you've bought an all-inclusive hotel tour, go and sample Caribbean cuisine in Varadero's restaurants. At the resort, it is worth going to different establishments in order to get a complete picture of the skill of Cuban restaurateurs:

  • Decorated in the style of a traditional Cuban home, El Criollo will delight guests with typical dishes from the Caribbean region. Rice with black beans, herbal chicken and baked fish are also served outdoors.
  • The main feature of Las Americas is a magnificent view of the ocean from its veranda. Nice French wines are a bonus to the landscape.
  • At Las Antiguedades, the focus is on the interior. When ordering lunch, the visitor involuntarily feels like a traveler who has fallen into the past. The halls of the restaurant are full of antiques - from lamps and furniture to napkins and cutlery.
  • Next to a replica of the medieval castle, built in Varadero on a small hill, the Meson de Quijote restaurant is open. The menu contains some dishes of European Spanish cuisine and, in particular, seafood paella.

Don't forget about the lobsters, which are expertly prepared in Cuba. They are served in most establishments in Varadero, but the cost of seafood can vary significantly depending on the status of the restaurant. But the declared price usually does not affect the quality of lobster dishes.

Top 10 Cuban Must-Try Dishes

Shopping in Varadero

Rum, cigars and coffee are always included in the list of popular goods carefully packed into suitcases by tourists before departure. The top three are sold and bought in any Cuban store, and in Varadero you will find the above in the Plaza America shopping center. The department store is located next to the Melia Varadero hotel.

Two important addresses for the shopaholic in the Cuban resort are La Casa del Habano and La Casa del Ron at the crossroads of Avenida and Calle 63. In the first you will find the best cigars, in the second - Cuban rum of different varieties, names and sizes.

Don't forget about customs regulations! If you are allowed to take out practically any quantity of cigars or rum from Cuba if you have receipts for the purchase of goods legally, then you will not be able to import everything you want into the territory of the Russian Federation. Remember also the European rules for the transport of goods from duty-free shops purchased at airports outside the European Union. If you are on a connecting flight and you are waiting for a transfer in one of the European cities, drinks from Cuban Duty Free with a capacity of more than 100 ml will not be allowed on board after a transfer in the Old World.

What to bring from Cuba

Children's holidays in Varadero


Despite the rather tiring flight, tourists with children can often be found in Varadero. Perfect beaches, favorable climate, always warm sea - sufficient reasons why Cuba is chosen for family holidays. Where to go in Varadero with children and how to entertain little tourists? Go to the dolphinarium, which is traditionally liked by all visitors.

The Dolphinarium of the resort is very comfortable for its inhabitants. Participants in the daily dolphin show live in a body of water that connects to the open sea. The large pool area allows dolphins to feel free, which cannot but affect their mood. That is why the show at the Varadero Dolphinarium turns out to be so joyful, and the artists look happy and natural. After the performance, guests can swim with dolphins and take a souvenir photo.

Another great place for a family vacation is the mini golf club in Hosone Park. In the club, kids will be taught how to hold a club and how to hit the ball correctly. After active activities, visitors to the park enjoy riding catamarans on an artificial lake. There is a cafe in the park that serves delicious ice cream.

Club-have fun

Varadero is as hot in the evenings as it is on the beach at noon. With the onset of darkness, nightclubs open their doors, where the guest will be taught to dance salsa, distinguish strong mojito from very strong and smoke Fidel's favorite brand of cigars correctly.

Popular points on the Varadero club card where you can go to experience the local culture: Cuevos Los Pirate, built in a natural cave; Casa de la Musica, traditional for any Cuban city; dance floor at the Hotel Internacional and cafes with live music on Calle 62 and at the Mambo Club.


Where to go in Varadero
Where to go in Varadero
Where to go in Varadero
Where to go in Varadero
Where to go in Varadero
Where to go in Varadero