Where to go in Malaga

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Where to go in Malaga
Where to go in Malaga

Video: Where to go in Malaga

Video: Where to go in Malaga
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photo: Where to go in Malaga
photo: Where to go in Malaga
  • City landmarks
  • World famous museums
  • Bullfighting - a show for the strong in spirit
  • Parks and gardens of Malaga
  • Delicious points on the map
  • Note to shopaholics

What do we know about Andalusia in general and Malaga in particular? Firstly, this Spanish province and its administrative center are very picturesque and popular with the tourist fraternity due to the abundance of cultural and historical monuments. The second reason to come here on vacation is the excellent beaches and diverse infrastructure that allows all guests of the resort to feel comfortable and safe at home. And, finally, the excellent Mediterranean cuisine in the south of Spain very quickly turns into gourmets even supporters of eternal diets.

Add to the list of advantages of the resort, ideal for everyone and everyone, a mild climate, and you will understand that there are no problems for an active and inquisitive tourist, where to go in Malaga and what to do on vacation.

City landmarks


When planning a sightseeing tour of the city, do not forget to mark the most famous sights of the Andalusian capital on the map!

The Alcazaba fortress in the very center of the historical part is a traditional building for the era of Berber rule. It was built in the middle of the 11th century, when Andalusia was under the rule of nomads from North Africa. During the construction of the palace, material was used, found by the Berbers on the ruins of an ancient Roman theater. Today, the Archeology Museum is open in the Alcazaba, and after examining the collection, visitors are happy to stroll through the gardens with fountains that surround the Alcazaba.

Another Arab citadel in Malaga is called Gibralfaro. She was less fortunate than the Alcazaba: the Gibralfaro fort remained in ruins. The fortress is surrounded by a double row of stone walls, between which you can still walk today. In addition to magnificent views of the sea and Malaga, a walk by the fortress promises a lot of interesting things for history buffs. An exposition is open in the center of the citadel, where medieval armor, weapons and paraphernalia of knightly tournaments are presented.

A more modern, but no less picturesque building, the Bishop's Palace dates from the 18th century. It is called the most beautiful building in Malaga. The Episcopal Palace is a true masterpiece of the Baroque style - with columns, pilasters, bas-reliefs and rich interior decor. In the halls of the palace there is an exposition of the Museum of Spiritual Art.

The city's cathedral was built over 250 years - the first stone was laid in its foundation in the middle of the 16th century. The creators of La Manquita, as the townspeople call the temple, used the techniques of Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassicism, and therefore the building turned out to be magnificent and majestic on the outside, but with a fairly strict interior decoration. The orange garden in the temple courtyard is especially attractive in early spring when the citrus trees are covered in white.

The oldest attraction, where you can go on an excursion in Malaga, decently suffered not only from time, but also from robbers. The marble of the ancient Roman theater, which appeared in Malaga in the 1st century. BC e., were pulled apart for their own needs by builders of different eras, but to this day, rows of stone seats and the remains of a stage have survived.

World famous museums

It would be strange if in the homeland of the great Picasso there was no museum dedicated to him. Even if the genius spent only a few months in the city during his own infancy. The exposition was opened in 2003, and the collection of almost three hundred works became the basis of the collection displayed in it. The masterpieces, written in the hand of Pablo Picasso, were presented to Malaga by members of his family. By the way, the Buenavista Palace, where the collection is located, is of considerable interest in itself. It was built in the 16th century on the site where the residence of the rulers of the Emirate of Granada was located. The Nasrid ruled these lands for about two hundred years.

The Buenovista Palace is not the only place in Malaga where you can get acquainted with the work of Picasso. You can go to the museum dedicated to the artist and located in the mansion where the genius was born. The museum, where Pablo Picasso was born, offers visitors not only his work, but also Palazuelo's prints, Rivera's drawings, Chagall's sketches and many works of little-known but very talented Spanish painters.

Very interesting works by Andalusian artists of the 19th century are exhibited in the museum of Baroness Carmen Thyssen. The widow of a famous Spanish industrialist and collector opened an exhibition in 2011 at the Villalon Palace. The mansion was built in the 16th century. and the paintings fit perfectly into his interior.

The male half of the tourist fraternity, interested in where to go in Malaga, first of all rushes to the museum dedicated to cars. More than a hundred unique and rare cars are collected under one roof by João Magallas, a car lover and connoisseur from Portugal. Among the exhibits are hand-painted cars decorated with gems, cars tuned according to the latest technology and even the first examples of technical innovations that once appeared in the world of the automotive industry.

The Center for Contemporary Art of the Spanish resort has collected hundreds of works under its roof, which were created by local craftsmen in the second half of the last century. Paintings, sculptures and installations are located in a modern building, ideal for a variety of innovative projects.

Bullfighting - a show for the strong in spirit

Speaking about Spain and Andalusia, one cannot but recall bullfighting - a national entertainment of the country's inhabitants, whose roots go back to the ancient Roman era. In Malaga, you can watch bullfights in a real arena that has existed in the city since 1867.

The arena is called La Malagueta and is located in the historic center near the waterfront on Reading Boulevard. The architect Joaquin Rucoba, who has built many wonderful structures in Malaga, Aadrid and Bilbao, designed La Malagueta in the neomudejar style. Portuguese, Spanish and Moorish elements are intertwined in the design of the arena, and the structure looks surprisingly light and harmonious.

Declared an object of the country's historical heritage, La Malagueta also contains a museum exhibition dedicated to bullfighting. The Bull Museum is named after Antonio Ordoñez, who was the most famous Spanish matador of the mid-twentieth century.

Parks and gardens of Malaga

The Malaga resort is known for its parks and gardens, the largest of which is located in the city center. The Malaga Mediterranean-style park was laid out at the end of the 19th century. by order of Antonio Canovas del Castillo. The famous Spanish statesman and prime minister paid great attention to urban infrastructure, and the park has become a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of Malaga. In addition to the huge variety of subtropical plants in the Malaga Park, you will find sculptures and fountains made in the Baroque and Renaissance styles.

The Tivoli World park in the province of Malaga offers visitors a different kind of recreation - entertaining and active. A variety of rides, carousels, stage venues and restaurants attract thousands of guests every year. Since its opening in 1972, Tivoli World has been visited by over 30 million people.

Delicious points on the map


The historic part of Malaga is the ideal place to experience the local cuisine. Dine in one of the best restaurants is a great idea to end a busy sightseeing or beach day:

  • El Pimpi is famous for ham, cheeses and seafood, and the local wine Malaga Virgen, made from Muscat grapes, is always popular among the assortment of the bar's menu.
  • Fans of fish dishes should book a table at Los Mellizos. The seafood supplied by the fishermen to the cuisine of this restaurant is always of the highest quality, and the service and interior will allow visitors to fully enjoy the Mediterranean menu.
  • The best views of the city are from the rooftop of the AC Hotel Malaga Palacio by Marriott, which features a bar with an outdoor terrace. An ideal set of wines and snacks from the head of the establishment is a simple set for a person who knows a lot about gastronomic pleasures.

When choosing between dishes on the menu of any restaurant in Malaga, don't miss out on fritura malageña, the signature hot charcoal grilled seafood appetizer.

Note to shopaholics

The Mercado Central de Atarazanas market is the most colorful place to go in Malaga. In addition to food and souvenirs, you will find many interesting characters there and witness picturesque scenes from the life of the townspeople. At the market it is profitable to buy jamon, olives and oil from them, nuts, fruits, cheeses and other products for which the southern coast of Spain is famous.

Fashionistas and fashionistas will love the Muelle Uno quarter in the city's harbor, home to dozens of designer shops and boutiques. Clothing, leather accessories and jewelry are just a few of the huge assortment offered by outlets in the popular area of Malaga.

At La Casa del Cardenal you will find antique rarities, while the Fnac store in Malaga Plaza is full of music-themed goods. The resort's largest department store, Vialia Centro Comercial, offers a wide range of home furnishings, clothing and footwear from local fashion designers, souvenirs and toys.

A typical selection of European and overseas brands is presented at Larios. The prices in the department store are quite affordable, but during the sales period you can save a lot by buying goods at a discount.

The perfect set of souvenirs - from magnets and postcards to T-shirts and painted ceramic plates - is offered by La Revuelo. On its shelves are also a variety of travel guides to Malaga and Andalusia, which are often required by tourists traveling on their own.


Where to go in Malaga
Where to go in Malaga
Where to go in Malaga
Where to go in Malaga
Where to go in Malaga
Where to go in Malaga