Where to go in Brno

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Where to go in Brno
Where to go in Brno

Video: Where to go in Brno

Video: Where to go in Brno
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photo: Where to go in Brno
photo: Where to go in Brno
  • Parks and squares Brno
  • Architectural landmarks
  • Places of worship in Brno
  • Holidays in Brno with children
  • Note to theatergoers
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Brno's thousand-year history is a great reason to visit this old Czech city. It ranks second in the ranking of the largest in the country after Prague. For 300 years Brno has been the capital of South Moravia and has retained not only a majestic royal spirit and cultural traditions, but also unique monuments of medieval architecture. Against the background of noisy Prague and the health resort Karlovy Vary, Brno looks rather modest - the tourist flow in South Moravia looks more like a small river. However, this circumstance is more likely to play into the hands of true connoisseurs of medieval sights. When choosing where to go in Brno, you don't have to worry about queues, problems with tickets or a lack of free tables in restaurants.

Parks and squares Brno


The former capital of South Moravia is considered one of the greenest cities not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe. Brno has many squares and parks, where it is customary to spend weekends with the whole family, have picnics and just enjoy the fresh air and picturesque natural landscapes:

  • Wild animals live in the Hodelna forest park on the outskirts of the city. A walk can delight you with a meeting with deer, mouflons and even wild boars. The latter are not dangerous, but in the season of raising their offspring, it is better for visitors not to show an undue desire to get closer. Deer, on the other hand, are very disposed to communicate, and photos with the most beautiful forest dwellers adorn the memorial albums of almost all visitors to the forest park.
  • The most popular park within the city is called Špilberk. It surrounds the city fortress of Brno, and is a must-see for fans of history and medieval architecture. Spilberk Park was laid out in the middle of the 19th century. The landscape designers used the principles of the English park culture. In Špilberk, you will find perfect lawns, garden sculptures, monuments, immaculately flat alleys and observation platforms overlooking the city - the park and the fortress are located on a hill.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, a Botanical Garden appeared in Brno, which was laid out near the old cemetery. The sad neighborhood did not affect the fate of the Tyrshuv garden in any way, and today this park is one of the favorite recreation places of the townspeople. Small exhibitions of installations are often held in the garden and cute art objects appear: for example, an old piano, perfectly inscribed in an autumn landscape with maples.
  • Luzhanki Park in the city center was officially mentioned for the first time in the documents of the Jesuit Order of the 16th century, although historians claim that it appeared at least three centuries earlier. At the end of the 18th century. Emperor Joseph II transfers the park to the city, and Luzhanki becomes the first public park in the country. Sculptural compositions, fountains, old pavilions, ponds and, of course, dozens of plant species are skillfully placed on an area of 20 hectares.

In Brno there is a special tourist route dedicated to parks, gardens and individual trees. It was invented by a local environmental organization, and during the walk you can see the oldest city oak, for example, or the trunk of an ancient plane tree, preserved after the death of the tree and inscribed in the urban environment.

Architectural landmarks

The historical center of the city is rich in medieval architectural monuments, and the vicinity of Brno is rich in historical sights of the world scale.

The architectural dominant of the former capital of South Moravia is invariably called the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, built on a rocky cliff at the end of the 13th century. The church had the characteristic features of the Romanesque style, but at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. was thoroughly rebuilt into a neo-gothic temple. The interior is dominated by baroque decorations, and the towers of the cathedral soar into the sky to a height of 84 m.

In the Church of St. Jacob, the construction of which dates back to the 13th-16th centuries, the remains of Brno's patrons, Saints Constantine and Primitivus, are kept.

In the arch of the Old Town Hall, you will see symbols of urban legends - a dragon and a cart wheel. The history of the origin of legends will be told to you by the guides, and in the meantime you will also examine the building of the Town Hall itself, built in the XIV-XV centuries.

Another famous landmark of Brno is Villa Tugendhat. It is worth going there, if only because this object is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The modernist villa was built in the first third of the last century and is a classic example of functionalism - the architectural principle of strict compliance of the building with its function. If you don't get too carried away with the terms, just pay attention to the natural onyx wall that changes color depending on the lighting.

Places of worship in Brno

Among cathedrals, churches and other religious city buildings, the Starobrna Monastery, founded in the first half of the 14th century by Queen Eliska, is of particular interest. The Catholic order of the Cistercians, which was patronized by the queen, was also engaged in healing, and therefore one of the first hospitals in Europe was attached to the monastery.

The monastery underwent restoration in the 18th century, when the baroque features were given to its appearance. Only the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary has preserved the Gothic style.

The monastery is also interesting because at the end of the 19th century. its abbot was Gregor Johann Mendel, who was later recognized as the founder of the science of genetics. Moreover, it was the monastery brewery that became the ancestor of the famous Czech beer brand Starobrno.

Holidays in Brno with children

It is not difficult to come up with an interesting excursion program for a young tourist in Brno. The answer to the question of where to go with your child can be found here in entertainment centers, in the zoo, and in other places invented for family vacations:

  • The Koupaliste Kravi Hora water park is small but very pretty. It has several swimming pools, water slides - modest, but quite suitable for spending a couple of hours in the warmer months, terraces for sunbathing and a cafe that has a special menu for kids.
  • Schoolchildren will love the Velka Dohoda Entertainment Center. A team of professional instructors will help you overcome obstacles of varying difficulty, including rope bridges, bungees and climbing frames. Do not be afraid to test your strength and dexterity in the park - all rides are certified in accordance with European safety requirements.
  • Kids will be delighted with the excursion to the small nature reserve Lamacentrum Hady, home to llamas and sheep. In addition to simple observation of cute animals, children will be offered to communicate with the four-legged inhabitants of the reserve and learn how to take care of them. The Lamacentrum Hady has picnic areas.
  • The Obora Holedna nature reserve near Brno is also worth going with young naturalists. Its inhabitants are deer, wild boars and dozens of bird species, which will be interesting to watch from specially equipped grounds.

There is also a zoo in Brno, where, in addition to the usual zebras, flamingos, iguanas and lemurs, cute pandas live. The aviary with Chinese black and white bears usually gathers the largest number of observers.

Note to theatergoers

In provincial Brno, there are fifteen theaters, each of which is worthy of the attention of fans of this art form.

The main state theater institution proudly bears the name of the National Theater since 1884. Drama and opera performances are staged on three stages. The music scene is called the Janáček Theater. She works in a modern environment. The drama troupe performs at the Magen Theater. The building was built in 1882 and is known in the country as the first theater to be electrified. The lighting system was designed by Thomas Edison personally. The neo-Renaissance mansion is today an architectural landmark of Brno.

The whole family can go to the "Joy" puppet theater. The Czech language will not interfere with understanding the essence of what is happening on the puppet stage, and the performance will undoubtedly appeal to all, without exception, young spectators.

The Brno City Theater has a special specialization. The actors of his troupe take part in dramas and musicals, and the performances take place on two stages - drama and contemporary music. In front of the theater, there is the Walk of Fame, where the actors of the troupe leave their handprints in the concrete.

Delicious points on the map


Czech cuisine is varied and amazing. On the menu of any establishment you will find dozens of solid meat dishes, vegetables, desserts and, of course, beer. Not a single celebration is complete here without a classic national drink, and therefore the list of beer sorts on the menu plays a significant role in the process of choosing a restaurant in Brno. If you are deciding where to go for dinner, choose an institution with a national flavor. This way you will be able to better understand and feel the Czech Republic:

  • Despite the English roots in the name, the Sherlock Holmes restaurant in the central part of Brno will offer visitors dozens of dishes of classic Czech and Moravian cuisine. Pay special attention to pumpkin soup and homemade cakes.
  • Traditional sauerkraut, pork shank and stuffed duck breast are served at the Garden on Benesova Street. The entrance to the restaurant is decorated with a light and music fountain.
  • A special feature of Vycep Na stojaka is that in the pub you will have to drink beer while standing! The prices are quite affordable, and the selection of appetizers includes the legendary marinated hermelin cheese.
  • The true Czech Republic will open to the visitor U Blahovky. The beer here is always fresh, and the chefs are perfect for boar knee. Another advantage of the establishment is that it is located in a residential area of Brno, away from tourist routes, so that the authenticity of the atmosphere is guaranteed to the visitor.

As elsewhere in the world, in Brno you will find restaurants with Chinese, Indian, Italian and even Russian cuisine. So, if your soul demands gastronomic cosmopolitanism, you can easily find it in South Moravia.


Where to go in Brno
Where to go in Brno