The sea in Mallorca

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The sea in Mallorca
The sea in Mallorca

Video: The sea in Mallorca

Video: The sea in Mallorca
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photo: Sea in Mallorca
photo: Sea in Mallorca
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Sunny Mallorca is washed by the waters of the Balearic Sea - one of the warmest, most beautiful and rich in flora and fauna. And the island itself, to match its resort neighbors, is distinguished by the breadth of its natural range and a friendly climate. Delightful bounty-style landscapes, untouched lagoons, secluded rocky coves, bronze tan and the refreshing coolness of the purest water - all this is a seaside holiday in Mallorca.

basic information

In fact, the Balearic Sea is a part of the Mediterranean, separated from its main territory by the Balearic archipelago, to which Mallorca belongs. The sea is not very deep - the average depth is only 767 meters, and a relatively small area allows the water to warm up faster and delight guests with warm transparent water.

Already by May, the sea in Mallorca warms up enough to comfortably swim here even for the pampered connoisseurs of beach pleasures. The swimming season lasts until October, and in the summer months the water is temptingly warm and 25-27 ° - the usual indicators for June-August.

Large rivers flowing into the Balearic Sea, such as Jucar, Mijares, Turia, make the water moderately salty, although you still cannot do without a shower after each bathing.

The sandy clean bottom, uniform deepening, the absence of rapid currents and unrest played a positive role in the formation of the tourist power of Mallorca - beach holidays here are considered one of the best in Spain, and the beaches of the island themselves are the standard of the resort industry.

Underwater world

High transparency of the water, excellent ecology and rich natural world allowed the development of such types of tourism as diving, snorkeling, yachting and other disciplines.

The sea in Mallorca has become home to millions of vibrant inhabitants. During the dive, you have every chance of encountering moray eels, groupers, stingrays, tuna, mackerel, scorpion fish, golden pairings, octopuses, anchovies, wrasses, crabs, lobsters, seahorses and even sharks. But the most exciting thing about the Balearic Sea is its underwater landscape, which includes numerous caves and grottoes. Many of them are available for research, here you can admire stalactites and stalagmites, and some caves have their own lakes, such as the Geroni Cave.

Add to this dozens of coral species, multi-colored variegated sponges, and, well, fragments of sunken ships - where can we go without these objects, so attractive for divers and adventure seekers.

In Mallorca, you can also observe such an interesting type of underwater vegetation as Posidonia. Many dive sites are located at shallow depths, which will allow even beginner divers to admire the underwater beauty.

Sea holidays in Mallorca

The Balearic Sea has given Mallorca a total of 260 stunning beaches, and a third of them are completely wild, devoid of intrusive human "care". Many are completely hidden from people by green vegetation of Mediterranean vegetation and rocky outcrops. Some can only be accessed from the water, by taking a boat or speedboat. But these are the most picturesque parts of the coast, with perfectly clear water and visibility up to 30-50 meters. The islanders themselves and experienced tourists who are well acquainted with the riches of Mallorca rest here.

The best beaches in Mallorca:

  • Alcudia.
  • Cala Major.
  • Magaluf.
  • Playa de Palma.
  • Sa Calobra.
  • Cala Millor.

Along with wide sandy areas, there are also pebbly areas. A large part of the coast is owned by hotels, but in any of the island resorts you can always find an excellent municipal beach with infrastructure, restaurants and bars.

Almost all beaches boast a gentle entrance to the water and a clean, flat bottom, which is great for families.

In addition to the classic idleness in the shade of umbrellas, active recreation at the sea in Mallorca is also popular. It is a paradise for surfers, water skiers, parachutists, sailing enthusiasts. Commoners can amuse themselves with a walk on a banana or catamaran, boat or jet ski.

And, of course, nothing beats the excitement and adrenaline of sea fishing, for which there is simply no better place than the coastal water area. A rich catch and indescribable pleasure are guaranteed to everyone.