The sea in Helsinki

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The sea in Helsinki
The sea in Helsinki
photo: Sea in Helsinki
photo: Sea in Helsinki
  • Leisure opportunities
  • Fishing on the Gulf of Finland
  • Holidays in Helsinki

Helsinki is known as the capital of Finland and the most important cultural center, but few suspect that the city can also be a place for sea recreation. It is not surprising, because there is no warm sea in Helsinki, where do the beaches come from? The residents of the country of Suomi will tell about this best of all, but the guests of the Finnish capital are also delighted with the local riviera.

Helsinki is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea, known for its harsh conditions and climatic coolness. Even at the height of summer, the water temperature in the sea does not exceed 20 °, and in winter the bay completely freezes, covered with a thick crust of ice. From November to April, the bay is covered with ice, which thaws with the arrival of spring.

The Gulf of Finland is distinguished by an extraordinary landscape - differences in depths, shallows and islands. The sea in this area is shallow, the average depth is only 38 meters, the deepest sections are 120 meters.

For the middle of summer, the norm for sea water - 17-20 ° - is not the best indicator for swimming. It is true that not all vacationers decide to plunge and swim on the beaches, most of them prefer to bask on the sand. But the climate here is very suitable for sunburn - you can lie down and not be afraid of getting burnt or overheating.

Leisure opportunities

The swimming season at sea in Helsinki is very short - only from June to September, the Finns themselves often compensate for this in winter, swimming in the ice hole and warming up in the saunas.

Many rivers flow into the Gulf of Finland, including the Neva, so the water here is slightly salted, there is no need for showers on the beach. But all the rest of the capital's beaches are equipped at the highest level, including playgrounds, cafes, and some areas are equipped with saunas.

The best beaches in the city are Hietaniemi, Aurinkolahti, Pihlajasaari, Uunissari and Kivinokka. All in all, Helsinki has 29 excellent beaches. Sandy and rocky shores with a flat bottom and a gentle entrance to the water are decorated with pine forests and emerald lawns.

The sea off the coast is calm and shallow enough to make vacationers with children feel safe and comfortable. The water is clear and clean.

Along with measured rest, active sports, popular on the southern coasts, are also in demand. For windsurfing and surfing, the conditions on the Gulf of Finland are optimal - frequent winds, high waves, rapid currents - everything plays into the hands of athletes.

Fishing on the Gulf of Finland

But the most favorite and incomparable activity is Finnish fishing. The Gulf of Finland, despite the cool water and shallow water, is rich in commercial fish. There are Atlantic salmon, herring, sea pike, catfish, ide, lamprey, roach, rudd, sea needle, pike perch, cod, flounder, smelt, gobies, silver bream, dace, ruff, crucian carp. The Baltic herring and Baltic cod also live here - exclusive fish that you will not find anywhere else.

For fishing, special fishing tours are organized with access to the open sea, with various tackles and vehicles. The sea in Helsinki is so rich that the catch is guaranteed for everyone, even beginner fishermen.

Holidays in Helsinki

However, the wealth of Helsinki is not limited to one sea. The centuries-old architectural traditions and distinctive history have created beautiful landscapes of mansions, temples and squares on the streets of the capital.

The famous Sveaborg fortress, erected in the middle of the 18th century, is located here. There is also the Senate Square, the Assumption Cathedral, the Church in the Rock, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Chapel of Silence, the Town Hall, the Presidential Palace, the Athenaeum, the Finnish National Theater, the National Museum and the gallery.

An impressive array of attractions are complemented by some very modern entertainment. Many interactive museums, expositions, popular science centers, amusement parks, children's centers, water parks, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, saunas, spa centers have been opened.

What to do in Helsinki:

  • Boat trips.
  • Theaters, concerts.
  • Shopping.
  • Water complexes.
  • Acquaintance with Finnish cuisine.

And outside the city, vacationers relax in cozy cottages, on the very sea in Helsinki, enjoying nature, silence and remoteness from the madness of the city.