Dalat waterfalls

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Dalat waterfalls
Dalat waterfalls

Video: Dalat waterfalls

Video: Dalat waterfalls
photo: Dalat Falls
photo: Dalat Falls

The nature of Southeast Asia abounds in sights and in the vicinity of any beach resort you can find many beautiful places, excursions to which can diversify your vacation. Among the most popular attractions, where tourists in Vietnam prefer to go, are the Dalat Falls. This resort is located in the mountains at an altitude of one and a half kilometers and the surrounding landscapes are worthy of the brush of the most famous artists.

The most powerful

There is an elephant waterfall 45 kilometers southwest of Dalat in the jungle. Its power amazes every traveler - the roar of the water is heard long before approaching the waterfall. From Dalat, the easiest way to get here is by rented bike or taxi.

The entrance ticket costs about 20 thousand VND, and the opening hours of the facility are from 09.30 to 17.00.

The steps, along which you can go down to the foot of the water stream, are very old and slippery, and therefore comfortable shoes are the main condition for a safe visit.

Near the observation deck there is a Buddhist pagoda, whose interior is decorated with statues of the goddess Skanda. The entrance is free.

In the vicinity of this Dalat waterfall, there are many coffee plantations and restaurants serving aromatic coffee made from local beans.

The longest

This waterfall in the vicinity of Dalat is the longest in all of Vietnam. The width of its water stream is more than 200 meters, and all this splendor is thrown down from a height of 20 meters. The national park, where the Dray Sap waterfall is located, is located 100 km northwest of the resort.

The best views open from the observation deck above the waterfall, and the park has a virgin jungle, where you can take a walk. The best time to visit this Vietnam attraction is the rainy season, which begins at the end of May. At this time, the rivers become full-flowing and the waterfall appears before tourists in all its splendor.

Three cascades of Datanli

Just five kilometers from the city center, there is another Dalat waterfall, which is known to all fans of outdoor activities. The waterfall is called Datanla and you can get to it by any taxi or rented motorbike:

  • The facility is open from 07.00 to 17.00, but the last visitors are allowed into its territory until 16.15.
  • The cost of the entrance ticket is 20 thousand dongs.
  • A ticket for a special sleigh, which will have to get to each of the first two cascades, costs 50 thousand dongs in both directions.
  • A funicular is laid to the third cascade, the ticket price for which is 40 thousand dongs.
  • Archery is possible on the territory of the waterfall. The issue price is 10 thousand dongs for three arrows.

There is a cafe on the territory adjacent to this Dalat waterfall, where guests are invited to taste local cuisine.