Where to go in Kuta

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Where to go in Kuta
Where to go in Kuta
photo: Where to go in Kuta
photo: Where to go in Kuta
  • Entertainment
  • sights
  • Shopping
  • Kuta beaches
  • Surf schools
  • A cafe

Kuta is one of the most famous places in Bali. It was from here that mass tourism began on the island 50-60 years ago. At the time, Kuta was a small fishing village with endless beaches, squat houses and bad roads. Good waves and cheap local life have attracted surfers and hippies from all over the world. The village grew, new shops, hotels, guesthouses, bars, surf schools appeared and now Kuta is one of the main hangout places on the island. There is no dress code, pleasant people live here, good weather reigns all year round. Kuta is synonymous with relaxation and surfing.

Kuta attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many Europeans here, a sufficient number of Russians, but most of all Australians. For the young representatives of the Green Continent, Kuta means the same as Ibiza for the British or Cancun for the Americans - an endless "gap".

Opinions about Kut are usually polar, the area is either loved or hated. If you are looking for a place to learn to surf, an active nightlife with a multicultural fun company, budget accommodation and food, you do not care about Bali culture and the nature of the island, you know how to deal with pesky merchants, then Kuta is the place for you.

Kuta is located in the south of Bali, adjacent to the island's capital Denpasaru and its Ngurah Rai International Airport. The Kuta region stretches along the ocean coast. Administratively, it includes Seminyak, Legian, Tuban and Kedongatan. However, the area between Tuban and Legian can be called the most crowded.

The beach in Kuta is public, about 2 km long. It is separated from the houses by Pantai Kuta street. This is one of the widest streets in Kuta. Parallel to it, about 500 meters deep into the city, is Legian Street, which turns into Seminyak Street. This is the second main road in Kuta. A large number of restaurants, bars and shops are concentrated here. Broadband Sunset Road passes in parallel. These three parallel streets are crossed by many streets and lanes filled with guesthouses, bars, shops and spas.

Kuta, like the rest of Bali, has a uniform temperature distribution throughout the year. The whole year round here it is 28-32 degrees, at night - 27. The water temperature is 26-29 degrees. The best season to visit is from late March to mid-October. Closer to December, the rainy season begins. However, this does not greatly affect the rest, since precipitation does not last long and, for the most part, falls in the dark. It is worth noting that the sea can be noticeably dirtier during the rainy season.



The choice of entertainment in Kuta is extremely wide. From beach sports to spa and massage parlors for all tastes. Let's talk about the main ones.

  • Waterboom Waterpark is the largest in Southeast Asia and the third largest in the world. This fact alone is worth a ride on the water park slides. In total, the park includes more than 100 attractions located on an area of 4 hectares. The water park is designed in the form of a tropical garden. There are 14 slides of various extreme levels, a spa center, relaxation and sunbathing areas, restaurants and a children's playground.
  • There are 4 cinemas in Kuta, in which the premieres are shown simultaneously with the whole world. Films are shown in original language with Indonesian subtitles.
  • Spa salons. Not all massages are created equal. Perhaps this phrase fully describes the situation with many massage parlors in Kuta. It is better to go to a large spa with a large number of different treatments, because in the tiny outdoor massage parlors, at best, the tourist will simply be "stroked". Some recommended Spas in Kuta: Smart Salon & Day Spa Legian, Reborn, Carla Spa - a whole chain of 3 salons, The Natural Spa.
  • Nightclubs are one of the main reasons why tourists come to Kuta. All the main party life takes place on Legian Street. On a small stretch of Legiana (between the intersections with Benesari and Poppis I streets), an endless number of nightclubs are gathered. Nightlife is in full swing here 7 days a week. There is no dress code in the clubs, a flip flop, shorts and T-shirts are enough. Mostly in the clubs R'n'b, hip-hop and reggae are heard. Be careful with local cocktails with unknown ingredients. There are known cases of methanol poisoning. Better to go for a tried and tested cocktail recipe. The most popular clubs: Skygarden, Engin Room, Wee Pi, Pyramid. Live music at Hard Rock Cafe and on the waterfront.


There are also sights in Kuta related to the history and culture of the island.

  • Ground Zero / Bali bomb is a memorial associated with one of the most tragic stories in Kuta's life. In 2002, Islamic radicals detonated a bomb in Kuta. 202 people died, most of whom were tourists. The memorial is located on Legian Street, opposite the intersection with Poppies II Street.
  • Vihara Dharmayana Kuta (Vihara Dharmayana Kuta Temple) is the main Buddhist attraction in Kuta. The temple was built in the 19th century, it is very bright and elegant. In 1982, the 14th Dalai Lama visited the temple. Buddhist holidays are celebrated here, especially the colorful New Year. In the courtyard of the temple there is a sacred banyan tree, a place of worship for the four-faced Buddha.
  • The statue of Gatot Kaca (Patung Gatot Kaca) welcomes tourists just entering the area. The statue was erected in 1993 in honor of the legendary warrior Gatot Kacha, the son of Bima, one of the Pandava brothers of the Indian epic Mahabharata.


Shopping in Kuta can be roughly divided into two categories: shop-street and shop-boutique. If you are a lover of shopping, then in both cases, you will be satisfied.

The entire Legian street (including Seminyak and Basangkas streets) is a continuous series of shops and souvenir shops. There is everything here - souvenirs, glasses, shoes, jewelry, decor, beach goods. There are also many shops for surfers. The streets of Benesari, Poppies 1 and Poppies 2 are also worth a look.

Be sure to bargain, because the mark-up can exceed the real value of the product by 4-5 times. If you are annoyed by barkers, don't say no, because no is the beginning of a conversation. It is best to walk by with a smile.

Major shopping centers in Kuta:

  • Beachwalk is perhaps the most famous shopping mall in the area. Three floors, many brands such as Zara, Mango, Victoria's Secret, GAP and Topshop, Stradivarius, Bershka. There is a food court. Located opposite Kuta Beach.
  • Discovery Mall is located in South Kuta near the beach. A wide selection of boutiques and souvenirs.
  • DFS Mal Bali Galeria - here, among other things, is the only duty free shop in Bali. In addition to him, the mall houses a clothing, footwear, accessories and cosmetics store - Matahari, a store of goods for creativity, tourism and recreation - Gramedia, a bookstore with English publications Gramedia, a Hypermart supermarket.

Kuta beaches

White sand beach 5 km long. It is believed that in the Kuta area it is dirtier, especially during the rainy season or at low tide. The beaches of Legian and Seminyak are cleaner and more well-groomed, but the further north you go, the more black volcanic sand becomes in the white sand. Black sand is finer and more corrosive. But the photographs against its background are first-class.

At low tide, the width of the beach increases by 50 meters, but due to the gently sloping sandy bottom, this difference is almost imperceptible. The winds always blow here, but the waves are not too big - perfect for learning to surf, as is the soft sandy bottom. The situation with theft on the beach is not very good, so you should always keep track of your belongings, if you rent a surfboard, it is best to leave your belongings with the landlord.

Surf schools


Kuta Beach is very convenient for teaching beginners to surf, so there are many surfing schools in the area. Including those where training is conducted in Russian.

  • Surf Discovery is one of the most popular schools around. Located within the Bali Bungalow, next to the beach. There is a swimming pool, a place to sit and relax. Very good Russian speaking instructors.
  • Endless Summer - located three minutes from the beach. Also one of the oldest Russian schools in Kuta. There is no own pool, but all beginners learn great on the beach.
  • Windy Sun was founded 10 years ago. Has international accreditation for teaching, awards and various certificates. If you do not live in Kuta, then there is a free transfer to and from the school.
  • Surf Season is a pretty young, but very good school. The price includes all the necessary equipment, transfer to school and insurance. There are no more than 5 students in a group.

A cafe

You can eat at local cafes (warungs), where Indonesian dishes are prepared, consisting of rice, noodles, vegetables and meat. Usually with some kind of local sauce. All food is very inexpensive. In addition, there are trays - "glass", standing right on the street, in which you will be offered to choose one of the ready-made dishes. It is worth choosing "glass", in which there are many people, so that the dishes are always fresh.

The two main dishes of Indonesian cuisine, nasi goreng and mie goreng, are rice or noodles fried with vegetables and meat. You can try them literally everywhere. There are also restaurants with international cuisine, however, you shouldn't expect much from Italian pizza in Bali. However, the food will always be hearty and very cheap. In shopping centers at food courts, you can also meet the world's major fast food giants.


Where to go in Kuta
Where to go in Kuta
Where to go in Kuta
Where to go in Kuta
Where to go in Kuta
Where to go in Kuta