Where to go in Manavgat

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Where to go in Manavgat
Where to go in Manavgat

Video: Where to go in Manavgat

Video: Where to go in Manavgat
photo: Where to go in Manavgat
photo: Where to go in Manavgat
  • Monuments of cultural heritage
  • Natural attractions
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Manavgat is a miniature Turkish town located in close proximity to Antalya. Tourists who prefer to relax in one of the most popular resorts in the country often go to Manavgat in order to see local attractions and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the city. If you know where to go in Manavgat, you can make your own excursion program.

Monuments of cultural heritage


There are several important architectural sites in Manavgat, which are strictly protected by the state and are considered relics of Turkey.

The Green Mosque is an Islamic symbol of the city with an unusual architectural concept. The shrine is located in the central part of the city, and the entrance to it is accessible only to believers. Therefore, a tourist can only enjoy its external splendor. In 1973, the mosque was reconstructed, which gave it a new look: the upper part of the building was crowned with four original domes, forming a closed square. The roof is made of sheet metal that shimmers in the sun, creating a bright light effect.

Separately, it is worth noting arched windows, a calm color scheme in green tones, a laconic facade ornament with records from the Koran. The internal interior of the building does not differ significantly from other mosques, since there are certain rules for constructing the internal space for Islamic shrines.

An amphitheater located in the suburb of Manavgat, namely in Selekvia. This ancient building is recognized as the largest in the country. A number of majestic columns have survived to this day in excellent condition, framing the spectator rows and the stage. Thousands of years ago, the most important events of the country, gladiator fights, performances, and the fate of politicians were decided on it.

Historians managed to establish the fact that a unique stereo system was created in the amphitheater, which allows to distribute absolutely pure sound over several kilometers. The auditorium accommodated more than 17 thousand people, which testifies to the scale of the attraction. A tour of the amphitheater includes a walk through the ruins, acquaintance with the history of this place and the opportunity to take beautiful photographs against the backdrop of seascapes.

The ruins of the ancient city or Libre were discovered by specialists only in the 20th century, but this did not prevent a detailed study of this ancient settlement in such a short period of time. Libre was originally built in the 2nd century BC as a defensive structure, around which new settlements were formed over time. As a result, over the course of several centuries, the small village expanded to the size of a large port city.

Today Libre is surrounded by forests on all sides, but this does not prevent tourists from walking through its ruins and feeling the true spirit of history. The most well-preserved parts of the city are marked by a circular gate, statues of Roman deities, the central platform of the amphitheater, a bathhouse and a couple of temples.

The Grand Mosque is considered the largest in Turkey and one of the newest religious-type structures in Manavgat. It was built in 2004 and in a short time has become very popular not only among pilgrims, but also tourists, for whom the entrance to the mosque is free.

The mosque is distinguished by an original architectural concept: four minarets with a height of about 60 meters form the main structure. Each minaret is decorated with frescoes with Arabic painting and spacious openings decorated with stained glass. In front of the central entrance to the mosque, you can see a fountain where all visitors wash their feet. After this ritual, it is allowed to enter inside the shrine, and at the exit to collect cleansing water from the source.

Top 10 attractions of Manavgat

Natural attractions

In the vicinity of Manavgat, there are many natural sites that attract the attention of tourists with their picturesqueness and beauty. You can get to them either by sightseeing bus or by a rented car. Be sure to include the following places in your itinerary:

  • A canyon located 10 kilometers from the city. This natural landmark stretches 350 meters above sea level. According to experts, the canyon is recognized as a protected area due to its high ecological indicators, as well as the diversity of flora and fauna. In order to see this unique natural formation with your own eyes, it is necessary to purchase a group tour. A walk along the equipped paths, sailing on a yacht, acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the canyon are waiting for you. If desired, for a fee, tourists are allowed to swim in the clear waters of the canyon.
  • Lake Titreyengol is a water area known far beyond the city limits due to its unusual name, which translates as “the lake of excitement”. According to popular legend, a kind old man lived near the lake many years ago. He loved birds and protected them during the wintering period on the lake. One day the old man saw a hunter aiming at a couple of swans. The old man covered the birds with his chest, and he himself was killed by a bullet. Since then, ripples have often appeared on the surface of the lake, symbolizing Titreyengol's "tears" about the old man who died. Today, tourists are offered not only to ride on the lake on a pleasure boat, but also to visit cozy restaurants, small cafes, and also stay for several days in hotels located on the coast.
  • Magavgat waterfall, considered the symbol of the city. To see the attraction, you should drive 4 kilometers from the city. Despite the insignificant height of 4.5 meters, the waterfall is striking, first of all, by its width. It is 42 meters long. Due to the wide space, the water falling down in stormy streams creates an unusual light effect in the sun. If you look at the waterfall from different angles, you can see powerful jets of water, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. For 50 years, Manavgat has been depicted on one of the Turkish banknotes, and local writers and artists have glorified its beauty and greatness for centuries.
  • The Altinbesik cave is considered poorly studied and only 10 years ago began to receive its first visitors. The cave consists of karst rocks, which allowed for many years the water streams to form many branches and passages inside the cave. You can get to Altinbesik by boat, accompanied by an experienced instructor. There are several very large lakes inside. The first of them is 50 meters in size and 240 meters wide. All the halls of the cave are strewn with stalactites and stalagmites, illuminated by artificial lamps. This spectacle looks especially large-scale in the middle hall, where the ceiling height is about 50 meters. Also, tourists are allowed to climb to the second level. To do this, you need to overcome the lake, and then climb using a special system along the rock 40 meters up. In the upper hall, an amazing sight awaits you in the form of two lakes connected by a figured arch.

Where else to go in Manavgat

In addition to historical and natural attractions, the city has many other places that can be visited by both adults and children. Among them, the market, the petting zoo and the interactive dinosaur park are especially popular.

Contact zoo, which is located in the central part of the city. It is worth noting that Turkish zoos are compact, have a small variety of inhabitants and a well-groomed area. Before entering the zoo, tourists are given a detailed map in English and Turkish. It is enough to simply move along it and look for the necessary enclosures.

For the youngest visitors, there is a recreation area where you can play and get to know some of the zoo's inhabitants. It is also allowed to take photos with animals, feed them and play with them. On weekends, the zoo hosts costume performances with the participation of the best creative teams of the city.

The city bazaar is a favorite place for tourists who prefer to come to Turkey for shopping. Manavgat Market is a combination of a large-scale trading platform with the spirit of history and trade traditions of the country. Most of the bazaar is occupied by pavilions selling food products, spices, and alcoholic beverages.

The clothing segment and counters with antiques and perfumes deserve special attention. If you choose the right product, then on the Manavgat market you can find everything you need at reasonable prices. Do not forget that in Turkey it is customary to bargain with the seller. This kind of ritual allows you to bring down the price of some goods by up to 80%.

Discovery Park is located near Manavgat in the town of Side. This is where most tourists go to learn more about the life of dinosaurs. The park is a vast area of 23 hectares, divided into thematic zones. Each zone is a separate fascinating world in which you can meet a variety of animals that lived millions of years ago.

More than 45 models of ancient reptiles are installed throughout the park, including all dinosaurs known to science. The best European architects worked on the project of the park, thanks to which they managed to create a separate world full of wonders. Each model is equipped with a special system that allows parts of the animal's body to move, creating the effect of the reality of what is happening. There are several souvenir shops, restaurants and cafeterias at the exit from the park.

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