Where to go in Fujairah

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Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
photo: Where to go in Fujairah
photo: Where to go in Fujairah
  • Emirate landmarks
  • For children and parents
  • Diving in Fujairah
  • Fujairah islands
  • Al Ain Gomur Hot Springs
  • Al Wuraya National Park
  • Note to shopaholics
  • Delicious points on the map

If we compare Fujairah with other emirates that are part of the UAE, it may seem that life here is boring and monotonous. The capital of the emirate cannot surprise with the giant mania of neighboring Dubai, on the contrary, there are no skyscrapers in Fujairah, but historical monuments are carefully preserved for posterity.

In this part of the country, beaches are washed by the Indian Ocean, and the sufficient amount of rainfall that falls annually in the emirate ensures a comfortable existence of lush vegetation. Wondering where to go in Fujairah? Pay attention to the restaurants of the resort - coffee and desserts in any institution are beyond praise.

Emirate landmarks


In Fujairah, despite its quiet and provincial status among other emirates, there are many interesting places for an inquisitive tourist:

  • The hallmark of the historic center of the capital of the emirate is the fort built in the 17th century. It was repeatedly destroyed during the hostilities, but it was rebuilt and now it is open to tourists.
  • The archaeological museum near the old fortress is another interesting place to visit in Fujairah. The museum presents many aspects of the history and life of the inhabitants of the emirate. You will see coins and utensils, national clothes, ancient jewelry, recreated dwellings of Bedouins and sedentary residents, and many other interesting exhibits on the stands.
  • Fort El-Hale, 8 km south-west of the capital, has long served as the emir's residence. Visitors will not only be shown the rooms and furnishings, but will also be introduced to the process of making molasses from dates. In the courtyard, raw materials for confectionery are still made according to old recipes.
  • The famous Fujairah religious building is known to all Muslims. A source of pride and pilgrimage for those professing Islam, the Al-Bidiya mosque appeared five hundred years ago and is considered the oldest in the UAE. It is built of rough sandstone, looks very laconic, but inside any visitor always feels that this place is blessed and significant.

Bullfighting is also called a real attraction of Fujairah, where you can go on Friday from 16 to 19 hours. The arena is located along the road leading from the capital to Kalba. The spectacle is rather spectacular than bloody, and therefore there is no need to be afraid of terrible scenes.

Top 10 attractions in Fujairah

For children and parents

With school-aged children in Fujairah, it is worth going to the Heritage Village. The ethnographic open-air museum recreates traditional Arab settlements, conveying an authentic atmosphere, telling about the life and customs of local residents. Visitors are introduced to folk dances, taught to extract well water and are treated to freshly squeezed fruit juices.

In the gardens of Ain Al Madhab, you can see folklore performances with traditional dancing and camel riding.

Diving in Fujairah

The starting point for divers in the emirate of Fujairah is the Oceanik Hotel in the Khor Fakkan resort. From there, boats depart with those wishing to dive into the magical underwater world of the Indian Ocean. The journey to the most popular dive sites in the emirate takes less than half an hour:

  • The underwater rock Martini is completely covered with a soft carpet of variegated corals. The depth of a possible dive here ranges from three to twenty meters, and this site is suitable for both beginners and already experienced explorers of the deep sea. Martini is home to cuttlefish, lionfish and dozens of other species of the Indian Ocean fauna. The only danger can be lionfish and sea scorpions, and therefore, before diving, it is important to know "by sight" of a possible underwater enemy.
  • The artificial reef "Car Graveyard" began to form in 1988, when several old cars were flooded in the waters north of the village of Korfakkan. Over time, the scrap metal became covered with coral, and the artificial reef was gradually inhabited by stingrays, barracudas, reef sharks and flocks of seahorses.
  • Three Rocks are stunning at first sight. Slightly visible above the sea surface, their peaks under water turn into elegant mountains, densely populated with clown fish, eels, barracuda and sea turtles.
  • The diving site with the menacing name "The Chasm of the World" is a pretty underwater rock with a six-meter deep cave in which sea crayfish and emperor fish hide.

Aerobatics of diving in Fujairah can be learned at the bottom of the sea, where ships are sunk. If you're looking for where to go for the thrill, head to the sites called Shipwreck. There are two of them in the waters of the emirate: the first has a depth of more than 32 m, on the second you can dive to 20 m. The boats were flooded during the implementation of a program to create artificial coral reefs. Over a decade and a half of its existence, the "Shipwreck sites" have become a popular attraction for tourists and turned into a cozy home for marine life.

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Fujairah islands

One of the most beloved islands off the coast of the emirate is called Snoppy. Divers love it, because the underwater rock, which is the base of the island, is inhabited by a wide variety of marine life and is completely covered with colored corals of bizarre shapes.

Shark Island is named so because of the resemblance to the fin of the most formidable sea inhabitant. The island has several cozy sandy beaches, but diving fans prefer it because of the diverse underwater world. In the waters near Shark Island, stingrays and lobsters are found, and the number of species of colorful fish in the ocean off its shores is impossible to count. Perfectly clear water near Shark Island allows you to make even night dives

Al Ain Gomur Hot Springs


A famous landmark of Fujairah, the hot springs of Al Ain Gomur are located 20 km from the capital of the emirate. Anyone who cares about their health and does not miss the opportunity to try healing procedures, even while on vacation, thousands of kilometers from home, is definitely worth a trip here.

The springs of Al Ain Gomur were formed as a result of volcanic activity. Their waters are rich in sulfur and remain hot all year round. The water enriched with sulfur has a beneficial effect on the skin, has an antimicrobial effect and is good for rheumatic pain. The springs help to cure many dermatological diseases or significantly alleviate the condition of people suffering from them.

The springs gush in a picturesque rocky valley. Arriving here from any resort in Fujairah, you can go on an excursion to the top of the Hajar Mountains, from where an unforgettable view opens up from the observation deck. Not far from the springs, a colorful camel market is noisy, and a walk through it will also be a vivid impression for a European.

Al Wuraya National Park

In Fujairah, you will find many natural attractions, but even against their background, Al-Wuraya deserves the most enthusiastic epithets. The mountainous area received the status of a national park in 2009, and since then the territory has been protected. The reserve is located in the northern part of the emirate between the villages of Al-Bidiya and Korfakkan.

On the territory of Al-Wuraya among the Hajar mountain range, a picturesque gorge, natural mineral springs and waterfalls are worthy of special attention. Fujairah National Park covers an area of about 190 sq. km.

The wildlife of the emirate is carefully preserved in the reserve. It is home to several dozen species of birds and animals, for example, the Arabian leopard listed in the Red Book.

Another important tourist attraction in Al-Wuraya is rock carvings that scientists date back to the Stone and Bronze Ages. Fujairah petroglyphs and ruins of ancient structures are included in the most popular excursion routes in the national park.

Note to shopaholics

Compared to cosmopolitan Dubai, Fujairah may seem like only a modest province, but the question of where to go shopping will still be answered here. Traditionally, handmade carpets, clothes made of fur and cashmere, jewelry made of precious metals with pearls, Turks for preparing oriental coffee and, of course, hookahs of all sizes, types and colors are brought from the emirate.

Vendors at the famous Friday Market, which is open against its name, seven days a week, will gladly offer shoppers a huge assortment of all kinds of goods - from fruits to carpets. Don't forget to bargain! In addition to a significant price reduction, you will receive unforgettable sensations and emotions from real oriental shopping.

As elsewhere in the UAE, Fujairah has several large shopping centers where you can buy everything you need, spend time in a coffee shop or dine in a restaurant, entertain your little one in a play town and visit a spa. Shopping addresses popular with tourists and residents are Fujairah City Center, Century Mall, Dana Plaza, Fujairah Tower Mall.

What to bring from the UAE

Delicious points on the map

You can have a delicious meal in Fujairah in almost any local catering establishment. The only differences will be in the level of service and the cost of dishes. When choosing where to go for dinner, pay attention to the alcoholic policy of the object that caught your attention. Not all cafes and even restaurants have a license to trade in alcohol. In this sense, the International Marine Club at the local Hilton hotel is the most popular among tourists who are not accustomed to relaxing without alcohol.

Top 10 dishes to try in the UAE

For just gourmets, we inform you of other useful addresses:

  • At Golden Fork, fish and meat cuisines are plentiful. Freshly squeezed juice and national flatbreads will complement lunch or dinner.
  • In the Lebanese restaurant Meshwar, in addition to traditional hot snacks, you can order delicious hummus and enjoy a rack of lamb cooked over charcoal.
  • The Taj Mahal offers a menu of Indian and Chinese cuisines. The wide variety of dishes is also becoming a very profitable option on Thursdays when the restaurant hosts a buffet. The buffet format allows you to try literally everything and pay only 30 dirhams.
  • On Thursday, you will also be offered a buffet lunch at King Restaurant, next to the vegetable markets in the capital of the emirate.

Even in the establishments of world chains such as KFC in Fujairah, they cook deliciously, and if your budget is more than modest, do not hesitate to buy fast food and street food - you will not regret it!


Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah
Where to go in Fujairah