Where to go in Larnaca

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Where to go in Larnaca
Where to go in Larnaca
photo: Where to go in Larnaca
photo: Where to go in Larnaca
  • Parks and gardens
  • Places of worship in Larnaca
  • Attractions of the resort
  • Children's holidays in Larnaca
  • Note to shopaholics
  • Delicious points on the map

Among other beach resorts on the island of Cyprus, Larnaca is the most democratic. This also applies to prices, and entertainment for every taste, and vacationers arriving here on vacation, in whose ranks there are families with children, and single pensioners, and romantic couples, and companies of students. Visitors to the city never experience difficulties in choosing a place to go in Larnaca. The resort boasts a rich history and several significant sights. There are restaurants in Larnaca, on the menu of which it is easy to find dishes from dozens of countries and peoples. Family fun on the beach will help diversify amusement parks and attractions, and fans of nightlife will appreciate the clubs and discos of the most popular Cypriot resort.

Parks and gardens


Larnaca is a pretty green resort. Thousands of flowering plants are planted in the city every year, lawns are looked after in squares and parks and, if you wish, you can easily find a place to relax in the shade of trees.

As befits a self-respecting city, Larnaca is ready to offer guests walks in its own central park, which is laid out at the intersection of Afxentiou, Kiouppis and Pierides streets. The main attractions of the municipal park are the Natural History Museum, a theater, a library and a playground for children, arranged in two zones: for very young visitors and for older children.

Another interesting object for young tourists is the small zoo of the municipal park. You will not find exotics in it, but your child will definitely not refuse to communicate with peacocks, chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Larnaca's second famous park worth visiting with the whole family is located a short drive from the city in the village of Mazotos. Camel Park is home to dozens of interesting animals - from porcupines to kangaroos and from llamas to pelicans - but the most important among them are, of course, the ships of the desert. It is not for nothing that the camel park is called entertainment, because on its territory there is an opportunity not only to look at representatives of fauna from different continents, but also to ride a camel, pony or donkey, dine in a restaurant, feed the animals, swim in the pool and explore the play area with attractions. In the park, films in 5D format are shown in a special capsule.

Places of worship in Larnaca

Located at the intersection of many paths, the island of Cyprus has often become a place of confrontation between representatives of various religious denominations. Today, the architectural and historical heritage of the republic is represented by various religious buildings. Some of them are of great importance for believers, others are at the same time architectural monuments and are recognized as the cultural heritage of the island:

  • The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, as the legend says, was built over the sarcophagus tomb of Umm Harram. The woman was the own aunt of the Prophet Muhammad. She appeared in Cyprus at the head of a conquest detachment that arrived with the aim of implanting Islam. My aunt fell from a war horse and broke her neck, and the mosque is famous for the picturesque view of the sea bay and the treasure found nearby dating from the Mycenaean period. The relics can be seen at the Turkish Fort in Larnaca.
  • On the site of the grave of the miraculously resurrected Lazarus in the 9th century, a church was erected, which is now called one of the most important attractions of the island. During the Ottoman rule in the XVI century. the temple, as usual, was converted into a mosque, but in the middle of the 19th century, the bell tower was restored. The baroque iconostasis, restored in 1972, dates from the end of the 18th century. The relics of St. Lazarus are kept in the church.
  • Another old church has been preserved in the city from Byzantine times. Locals claim that the temple was built by angels. The main treasure of the Panaya Angeloktisti church is the fresco of Our Lady, dating from at least the 4th century.

Women will only be able to admire the Stavrovouni monastery a few kilometers from the center of the resort from a distance. Since the novices of the monastery lead a reclusive lifestyle, access to the territory is allowed only to men in appropriate clothing. The monastery was founded at the beginning of the 4th century. Empress Helena, and the monks carefully preserve a particle of the Life-giving Cross, which she found in Jerusalem.

Attractions of the resort

In the 14th century, a fortress was built in Cyprus, which was part of an extended defensive system to protect the southern coast. The fortress was erected during the reign of King James I de Lusignan, and then in the 15th-16th centuries. it came under the rule of the Venetians. In 1625, the Turks who captured the island rebuilt the almost completely destroyed fort and rebuilt it to guard the harbor near Larnaca. Now the building combined features of both Romanesque and Ottoman architecture. Then the fortress served for police needs, criminals were kept in it and sentences were carried out. The modern purpose of the Larnaca Fort is an exposition of the collection of the local historical museum. You can go to the fortress and look at medieval rarities every day. The museum has a schedule of classical music concerts and theatrical performances in the courtyard of the castle.

An even more ancient landmark is located in the northern suburb of Larnaca and is called Kition. Archaeological excavations of the ancient city have been going on since the end of the 19th century, when the ruins were accidentally discovered while draining the swamp. The ancient city existed, according to scientists, already in the late Bronze Age, and then experienced a significant influence of the Mycenaean culture. Archaeologists have discovered on the ruins of Kition the sanctuary of Astarte, which is considered the largest known today.

Another attraction of Larnaca will help you to spend time in pleasant contemplation of the seascapes and to show off the resort outfits bought especially for the holidays. The best place to go for a walk after a beach day is Finikoudes. The famous Larnaca promenade is the focus of everything that is called the symbols of resort life: restaurants, souvenir shops, coffee shops and nightclubs. On the Finikoudes waterfront, you can find some of the attractions, visit the municipal art gallery, buy a ticket for a glass bottom boat cruise or go fishing on a yacht.

Children's holidays in Larnaca

If you have explored all the rides in Larnaca Municipal Park, went on an excursion to the park with ships of the desert, but the younger generation still wants to change the beach monotony for extreme adventures, go to Lucky Star Park. One of the largest amusement parks on the island is open on the outskirts of Larnaca and is deservedly popular among resort guests.

The main entertainment in Lucky Star Park is karting. The race track is laid out in the open air, and all guests, both adults and not too much, are eager to test their strengths in the art of driving a car. Another popular spot in the park is the roller coaster. They won't seem too grandiose to those who have been to Disneyland, but you can get your shot of adrenaline in Larnaca Park too. It is convenient to take a look at the scale of the upcoming entertainment from the monorail, laid over the park, and to kill a worm or have a full lunch, if desired, in a restaurant in Lucky Star Park.

Note to shopaholics

Especially popular with tourists in Larnaca are Zenonos Kitieos and Ermou Street, where local shops with jewelry and products with names on labels are located, which are known to fashionistas all over the world.

It is best to buy products from local craftsmen at the market, which is open on Sundays at the same Ermou: the choice is more varied, and the prices are lower than in any souvenir shop. Many souvenir shops are open on the streets leading from the Finikoudes promenade deep into the old town.

It is most profitable to buy olive oil from local producers on the market. You can bargain, but you should not count on too large movements in price, unless you plan to make a wholesale purchase.

The village of Lefkara, located near Larnaca, is famous for its lacemakers. Craftswomen from Lefkara weave lace from linen thread and sell their products, as they say, without leaving home. If you want to buy lace from Lefkara, go directly to the manufacturer for it. In Larnaca, you will be asked for much more for the same products, and the chance of running into a Chinese counterfeit is much higher.

Delicious points on the map

Larnaca is a popular holiday destination for international guests. Local residents have tried and done so that finding a restaurant with Indian, Russian, Mexican, Italian or French cuisine is not a problem here. The city has Thai restaurants, Lebanese cafes, and pastry shops with a selection of desserts from around the world.

Where to go in Larnaca if you want to try local dishes and enjoy the Mediterranean menu? The recommendations of the resort's regulars largely agree:

  • La Pergola is an upscale establishment at Palm Beach & Bungalows. On the menu you will find gourmet Mediterranean cuisine prepared with vegetables, seafood and fruits. The wine list will delight you with its variety, and the level of service will not leave the slightest doubt for recommending this establishment to your best friends.
  • Another worthy place in Larnaca is called Monte Carlo. The restaurant specializes in seafood, but dessert lovers can also go there.
  • If you are a fan of Lebanese cuisine, Abu Dany will delight you with classic hummus, charcoal lamb dishes and typical aromatic and spicy appetizers. The service in the establishment can give a hundred points to any European restaurant.
  • Lithos Bar & Grill serves the right steaks. This fact alone is enough for someone who loves meat and is ready to overcome any obstacles for a good portion of it. Quite affordable prices and hospitable staff will be a pleasant bonus.

The best place to look for a true Cypriot tavern is by the sea. For example, Dionyssos Fish Tavern will delight visitors not only with home-made quality food and reasonable prices, but also with a gorgeous view of the bay from its veranda.