Sea in Alicante

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Sea in Alicante
Sea in Alicante

Video: Sea in Alicante

Video: Sea in Alicante
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photo: Sea in Alicante
photo: Sea in Alicante

The Spanish resort of Riviera Costa Blanca boasts the largest number of beaches in the country that have been awarded the Blue Flag certificate for their cleanliness. That is why White Beach resorts are so popular among demanding Europeans. Compatriots also do not ignore the Riviera, and the Costa Blanca hears Russian speech more and more often. The main reasons for the popularity of the Spanish coast are its pleasant climate, an abundance of excursion programs and historical sights, a varied tourist infrastructure and, of course, the Mediterranean Sea. In Alicante, you will find ideal opportunities for a family holiday, enjoy beautiful views, follow the historical twists and turns that the city has experienced over the centuries, and taste local cuisine and wines, since there are dozens of cafes and eateries on the Esplanade and other streets of the resort.

The swimming season on the Costa Blanca starts in mid-May, but only seasoned tourists decide to dive and swim at the end of spring. The sea in Alicante warms up to the ideal temperature only at the beginning of June, and then, during the summer and the first half of autumn, the thermometers rise in the water to + 24 ° С - + 26 ° С.

Choosing a beach

The general rule for all official beaches in Alicante is the availability of lifeguards. The weather is different at sea, and vacationers often overestimate their own strengths, which causes trouble on the water. Lifeguards in Alicante guarantee absolute safety to all tourists.

The list of especially popular and famous beaches of the resort looks like this:

  • The central city beach is called Postiguet. The surface is sandy, the Blue Flag flies over the sun loungers every year, and the promenade, the Esplanada de España, stretches parallel to the strip of sand. There are dozens of eateries and entertainment venues along the boulevard. For active vacationers, the rental points of equipment for water sports are open.
  • The widest beach in Alicante, San Juan stretches for almost two kilometers in the northern part of the city. The sea is clean, the sand is sifted daily, and the European quality standards are confirmed by the Blue Flag. Renting a set of umbrella and sun lounger will cost 8 euros per day, which is cheaper than many other beaches in the resort.
  • Torment Vista is the de facto sequel to Sun Haun. There are a little fewer people here even on weekends, and therefore this place is suitable for adherents of a quiet rest.
  • The convenient location of the Albufereta beach on the coast of the bay guarantees its guests safe swimming. Waves are absent here in most cases, and therefore Albufereta is ideal for families with small children. The family contingent prefers this beach also because of the shallow sea depth. It warms up quickly and is safe for young and inexperienced swimmers. The eponymous suburb of Alicante is popular with tourists who prefer to rent apartments or rooms.
  • Another Blue Flag regularly adorns Saladar Beach near Alicante Airport.
  • You will find the sea, ideal for children`s holidays, on the beach of Almadraba.
  • But nudists prefer to relax on a rocky stretch of the coast at the Cape of Cabo de Huertas. They are not embarrassed even by snorkeling enthusiasts who have chosen the bay for the sake of small underwater grottoes where fish live.

Going to the sea in Alicante, be sure that you will find all the necessary infrastructure on the beaches. Recreation areas are equipped with changing rooms, toilets, fresh showers, parking for vehicles. Most of the beaches are equipped with playgrounds for children and rental offices for equipment and inventory for active entertainment.

Children's holidays

The sea in Alicante is the protagonist of the production called "Vacation", and any children's entertainment is somehow connected with it. Excursion routes will help you to change the scenery and add variety to your lazy beach vacation. For example, a neighboring resort has an aquarium displaying the underwater fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. There is also an amusement park in Santa Pola.

Sea lions take part in shows at the safari park in Elche, and the Aqualandia water park in Benidorm does not need advertising at all. You can get to the many water slides and attractions from Alicante by tram.