Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh

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Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh
Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh
photo: Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh
photo: Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Attractions of the resort
  • Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Holidays in Sharm with children
  • Note to shopaholics
  • Delicious points on the map

The small Egyptian village of Ophira first hit a tourist destination in the 70s. last century. It was then that the resort received its first guests, comfortable hotels opened on its shores, and the infrastructure of the beaches rushed to civilized standards. The convenient location on the Red Sea coast, the climate favorable for beach holidays and the rich underwater world instantly brought the village fame as a place that is pleasant in all respects. Soon, fully loaded charters flew to the Egyptian Riviera, and the question of where to go in Sharm el-Sheikh, as the resort began to be called, was increasingly asked by numerous guests from around the world.

Sharma beaches stretch for three tens of kilometers. The resort has hotels of all price categories, diving and snorkeling are thriving, and excursion routes offered by local travel agencies cover many popular destinations both in Egypt and in neighboring countries.

Attractions of the resort


In Sharm el-Sheikh, there are several sites worth visiting for fans of history and oriental architecture. You can go on excursions as part of organized groups or visit the sights on your own:

  • Like any self-respecting city in Egypt, Sharm has a museum on its territory, introducing the visitor to the ancient history of the country. The exposition is dedicated to Tutankhamun and the tomb of the pharaoh, who died young, opened in 1922. All fifteen hundred exhibits recovered during the excavations are kept in the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo, and in the Tutankhamun Museum at the resort, you can see copies of them. Replicas are made so skillfully that only a specialist can distinguish them from genuine rarities. The museum displays a golden death mask, a sarcophagus, jewelry and other archaeological finds.
  • The same age as the great pyramids in the Giza valley, the complex of stone buildings Navamis served in ancient times as tombs. During excavations, valuable objects, tools and decorations were found in the structures made of stone. The surroundings around the archaeological site are also worthy of special attention - the desert looks especially picturesque at sunset.
  • Another interesting museum in the resort is dedicated to the papyri. The exhibition features copies of the most famous ancient scrolls stored in the museum of the same name in Cairo.

The most impressive among all the religious buildings in Sharm el-Sheikh is the Al-Mustafa Mosque. Unfortunately, you will not be able to go on an excursion to the mosque itself, but you will be able to view the Islamic architecture from the outside at any time. The building stands out among other buildings by two minarets, whose height is 26 m. The mosque looks elegant and light and resembles the architectural monuments of Central Asia.

Another religious building belongs to the Copts. The church in the Sharm region called Ennur is a Christian temple with mosaics, frescoed interiors and traditional architectural elements inherent in European cathedrals.

Ras Mohammed National Park

The Ras Mohammed reserve in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula is called the pride of the country by the Egyptians. One of the most picturesque places on the shores of the Red Sea, it is one of the ten best diving spots in the world:

  • In the reserve you can see over a thousand different species of fish, among which are endemic species found only in the Red Sea.
  • One and a half hundred species of corals make up natural reefs, the study of which is devoted to the study of both professional sea explorers and amateur divers.
  • The terrestrial fauna of the national park is represented by gazelles, various reptiles, desert foxes, and white storks.
  • The salt lake in Ras Mohammed Park is famous for its water, which is similar in composition to the water of the Dead Sea in Israel. Swimming in the lake has the same beneficial effects on skin health and helps treat various dermatological pathologies.

One of the territorial divisions of the national park is called Nabq. The reserve is famous for its mangrove forests with about 130 plant species. Nabq is the northernmost place on the planet where mangroves are found. Plants in them desalinate salt water and create a unique favorable environment for the reproduction of marine fauna. Rare species of birds nest in mangroves - osprey and spoonbill.

Holidays in Sharm with children

If you decide to go on vacation with the whole family, inquire about the availability of entertainment for young guests when booking a hotel. Many resort hotels have on their territory mini-water parks, playgrounds, an entertainment program with animators and suitable dishes in the restaurant menu.

The list of places to go with children in Sharm el Sheikh usually looks like this:

  • Aqua Blue Water Park offers numerous attractions designed for visitors of all ages. The popular water park in Egypt is built in the Ras Umm al-Sid bay and offers water slides of different heights, pools with and without waves, artificial rivers and communication with animators, in whose arsenal there is a whole list of interesting games and contests.
  • Swim with dolphins or just watch a show with their participation at Dolphina Park in Nabq.
  • Horseback riding, steam trains or carousel rides are not a complete list of entertainments in Fan Town. The park is famous for its "ships of the desert", on which you can take a leisurely walk around the territory.
  • The light and music show at Soho Square begins every evening at dusk. From musical fountains, the show can be a worthy end to a day of family shopping in Soho stores.
  • Another nice option for the evening is a show at the 1000 and One Nights shopping mall in Hadaba. The repertoire of the artists includes oriental dances, a performance with snakes and fakirs and performances of fire eaters.

An overnight desert excursion may seem exhausting to a young traveler, but you can also experience Bedouin life on a short walk. During the evening trip to the traditional village of nomads inhabiting the vicinity of Sharm el-Sheikh, you and your children will have time to watch a performance with national dances, taste Bedouin cuisine and look through a telescope at the starry sky over the desert.

Note to shopaholics

What tourist does not dream of bringing a real hookah or papyrus from Sharm el-Sheikh, and therefore tirelessly asks the regulars of the resort where to go for souvenirs. The city has no shortage of shopping centers and the addresses of the most popular are well known:

  • The variety of goods and high quality distinguish IL Mercato shopping center from competitors. There are many shops with clothing, souvenirs, home furnishings and jewelry. The prices may seem a little too high to you, but the difference is more than compensated by the European level of service.
  • You can and should bargain at Naama Center! Despite the status of a modern shopping complex, this department store also has all the advantages of an oriental bazaar - a colorful assortment of goods, sociable sellers and the ability to significantly reduce the price. Do not forget to follow the rules of Eastern bargaining! Be polite, patient, and consistent. The department store offers carpets, dishes, hookahs and aromatic oils.
  • Love the nightlife and have an idea of the meaning of the word "clubber"? You should visit the Clubbers store, which has a pretty collection of things from Amsterdam. Products for nightclub lovers will make anyone feel like a star on the night dance floor.
  • A gallery of shops is open on Soho Square, where fans of original things should go. It turns out that in Sharm El Sheikh you can buy stylish interior items, designer leather or glass products and handmade shoes.

The true spirit of the East reigns in the Old Market, which is noisy in the city center. It is at Old Market that you will be offered thousands of items of souvenirs, papyri and hookahs, leather slippers and painted lamps, and the jewelry you like will be instantly engraved. At the bazaar you can buy vegetables, fruits, oriental sweets, and in authentic coffee houses you can try real oriental coffee and popular dishes of local cuisine.

Delicious points on the map


Tired of the hustle and bustle of the buffet at the hotel and dreaming of having a romantic evening in a restaurant with a sea view and quality service? If you are looking for where to go for dinner in Sharm El Sheikh, in order to have a good time, pay attention to the best restaurants in the resort:

  • ARABESQUE at FOUR SEASONS RESORT is a truly luxurious place. Grab a selection of signature meze snacks to start, continue your dinner with spicy coriander prawns, sip a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the sea, and be sure to return to experience the same feeling that gourmets call happiness again.
  • The floating restaurant ON DECK on the pontoons in the Red Sea Bay offers an excellent seafood menu. Fresh fish is delivered to his kitchen directly from the fishermen, and therefore the choice of dishes depends on what kind of catch happened today. A breathtaking view of the bay will be a worthy decoration for a romantic dinner.
  • The family run FARES SEAFOOD in the city's Old Market is the perfect place to try lobster soup and squid pasta. Cozy atmosphere and friendly staff will turn any event into a holiday.

Guests will be kindly offered to taste Arabic cuisine in the Lebanese restaurant FAIRUS. It is worth going here for vegetarians, because FAIRUS offers the richest selection of fruit and vegetable dishes in all of Sharm el-Sheikh. The highlight of the restaurant's delicious program is eggplant in yoghurt and green bean goulash.


Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh
Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh