Where to go in Kemer

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Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer
photo: Where to go in Kemer
photo: Where to go in Kemer
  • Kemer parks
  • Attractions of Kemer
  • Antique surroundings
  • Children's rest in Kemer
  • Divers note
  • Note to shopaholics
  • Delicious points on the map

Port of Kemer in the Turkish province of Antalya in the 90s. last century became known throughout the world. After the construction of a modern highway connecting all cities and towns of the Antalya Riviera, the region's tourism infrastructure began to develop especially actively. Now, tens of thousands of travelers from Europe, including Russian guests, are vacationing in Kemer every year.

The variety of tourist infrastructure and the proximity of ancient cities and archaeological sites make it easy to find places to go in Kemer. A rich excursion program around the city and its surroundings is usually offered by numerous tourist companies of the resort. Do not forget about your daily bread! In Kemer, you can taste the best local cuisine and a traditional Mediterranean menu.

Kemer parks


Almost the entire resort area of Kemer is located in the Olympos-Beydaglari National Park. The protected area stretches between the ridge that gave the park's name to the second part and the Mediterranean Sea. A lot of interesting things await tourists in the reserve: ancient ruins of ancient Greek policies; the beach between the village of Cirali and the archaeological site of Olympus, where huge sea turtles breed; pine and cedar groves, thanks to which the air of Kemer and the surrounding area becomes especially useful for the treatment of lung diseases. On the ruins of the ancient city of Mira, blue lizards live in the park, and trout is found in the waters of the local river, which is cooked in Kemer restaurants.

Another park, only this time ethnographic, is located on the slope of the Kemeri hill. It is dedicated to the Yoruk tribe - nomads who inhabited these lands hundreds of years ago. The tribe was engaged in cattle breeding and lived in the summer on a high mountain plateau, and in the winter in a valley on the seashore. In the ethnographic park, typical Yoruk dwellings are recreated, their costumes, household items and inventory are presented. There is a cafe in the Yoruk park, from the terrace of which a beautiful view of the sea opens, and the menu includes oriental coffee and hookah.

Attractions of Kemer

You will not find especially valuable historical monuments or architectural masterpieces in Kemer, but the surroundings of the resort can offer many natural beauties to curious travelers. The places, called natural attractions of the Antalya Riviera, are visited by almost all guests of Kemer who like to have an active and varied vacation:

  • The sea bay, 10 km south of the village, is known as a beautiful place and resort of international importance. The name Camyuva is translated from Turkish as “Pine Nest”. The bay is surrounded by the Taurus mountain range, and orange and palm groves and thickets of blooming oleanders descend from the hills directly to the picturesque beach.
  • Mount Tahtali of the Western Taurus mountain system is visible from all points of Kemer. You can go on a hike to its top if you are confident in your abilities, or climb in a cable car. In winter, the peak is covered with a cap of snow and ice, and with the onset of spring, the white peak turns red: winds from the Sahara bring brown sand.
  • On the way from Kemer to Antalya, you will come across a sign offering to visit the Beldibi cave complex. Natural shelters in the rocks served man even in the Paleolithic era, as evidenced by the rock paintings and tools of ancient people found in caves. The complex is surrounded by coniferous forests, and not far from the caves, water falls from a mountain ledge, forming a picturesque cascade.

The Moonlight beach, which stretches along the park of the same name, is often called a tourist attraction in Kemer. The beach is covered with pebbles, in places alternating with strips of fine sand, there are rental offices for water sports, and the infrastructure will delight you with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The rest of Kemer's beaches are mostly pebbly.

Top 10 attractions of Kemer

Antique surroundings

There are many ancient ruins preserved near the resort, which remind of the eventful historical past of Kemer. You can go to any of the city's travel agencies and buy an excursion to Olympos or Phaselis, which are called the most famous sites of antiquity in the area:

  • Founded by colonists from Rhodes in the 7th century. BC NS. Phaselis once had three harbors and was a thriving trading port. Here they loaded on ships the wood obtained in the foothills of the Taurus. In the 5th century BC NS. the city came under the rule of the Persians, and a century later its inhabitants presented the golden crown to Alexander the Great. Phaselis was then plundered by pirates and conquered by the Romans. The triumphal arch in honor of Emperor Hadrian reminds of the domination of the latter. On the excursion you can see the ancient city walls, the Roman aqueduct, the ruins of the Byzantine basilica and temples in honor of Pallas Athena and Hermes. The ruins of the ancient city are buried in a luxurious cedar grove. The distance from Kemer to Phaselis is just over 15 km.
  • Another ancient polis, named after the sacred Mount Olympus, lies in ruins not far from Kemer. It was founded several centuries before the advent of the new era by immigrants from the Greek islands, and soon Olympos, like Phaselis, became a member of the Lycian League. The inhabitants left the city during the rule of Byzantium due to the frequent Arab raids. For tourists in Olympos, the remains of the fortress walls, the ruins of a small amphitheater, the colonnade and the ruins of residential buildings are available.

The name of another attraction of Kemer is well known to those who were fond of reading the myths of Ancient Greece. One of the legends told about the hero Bellerophon, who liberated the inhabitants of Lycia from a fire-breathing monster called Chimera. He buried the defeated enemy on the side of the mountain, which is now known to the whole world. The only one of its kind on the planet, it is constantly burning - gas escapes from the ground here, and natural torches do not extinguish on the slopes of the Chimera for at least several thousand years. To the place where the gas is burning, you can climb a stone path.

Children's rest in Kemer

Beach and park complex "Moonlight" is a wonderful place for a family vacation in Kemer. It is located not far from the ethnographic village "Yoruk" and it is worth going here if little tourists get bored by the pool or on an ordinary beach. The inhabitants of the dolphinarium, taking part in the daily incendiary show, will help you to have fun in the Moonlight complex. The playground for the youngest visitors is equipped with safe rides, and parents can buy souvenirs in the mall and play tennis.

The dinosaur park in the Goynuk village in the vicinity of Kemer is another popular entertainment facility for families to visit. Prehistoric lizards are "found" on a vast territory, and some of the park's inhabitants are able to move.

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Divers note


If you are into scuba diving, Kemer offers several diving sites. You can go for a “walk” to the bottom of Three Islands Bay, where stingrays, octopuses and squids live in underwater caves. Various fish are found in the underwater tunnel in Mayak Bay, and in the Kabardzhik cave you can see stone fish and barracuda.

Novice divers should take a couple of lessons at the training centers in Kemer. Some schools have Russian-speaking instructors and the learning process will be clear and enjoyable.

Active rest in Kemer

Note to shopaholics

A typical shopping set of a person vacationing in Kemer is oriental souvenirs and sweets, handmade carpets, jewelry and leather and fur items. With the exception of souvenirs, it is better to buy all this in shopping centers, where the seller can give a guarantee for the purchased product or a certificate if the buyer chooses jewelry made of precious metals.

The best assortment of shops can be found on Ataturk Boulevard. Kemer's pedestrian street is famous for its abundance of souvenir shops, shops with local brands and cafes with oriental dishes on the menu.

A stroll through the markets of Kemer is another way to experience the colorful world of authentic Turkish trade. The market on Ataturk Street is open daily, the textile bazaar in the city center is open on Tuesdays, and the bazaar in Aslabuncak (western suburb of Kemer) is open to shoppers every Friday.

Delicious points on the map

Would you like to enjoy an oriental menu, taste Turkish sweets or dine in a restaurant with the usual European cuisine? Nothing is impossible in Kemer, and any local will easily answer the question of where to go for gastronomic pleasures:

  • Even the appearance of the Magic Mount restaurant is a reason to look into this establishment on the top floor of the hotel on the mountain of the same name. The restaurant is like a flying saucer, and its chefs offer to taste the best dishes from the Turkish menu. The observation deck of the restaurant revolves, and residents of Kemer informally call the establishment "duran-kebab", hinting at the resemblance to meat cooked on a spit.
  • La Terrasse has international cuisine, but the way of cooking all dishes is the same - using the grill. A bonus for visitors is the beautiful views from the veranda.
  • My Eden is ideal for lunch or dinner with the whole family. A cozy room is decorated in ethnic style, a children's menu will allow you to choose suitable dishes for young guests, and a play area will help parents enjoy dinner while the kids have fun under the supervision of animators.
  • The perfect recipe for shrimp and other seafood is not the only feature of the place called Monte Kemer. The chef's true pride is also the desserts - royal both in quality of preparation and in portion size.

When going to a restaurant or cafe, be aware of the size of Turkish food, especially if you are going to an inexpensive establishment with local cuisine. It is better to order some items from the oriental menu for two at once, for example, a set of meze or baklava appetizers, if there is room for dessert at the end of a hearty dinner.


Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer
Where to go in Kemer