Where to go in Klaipeda

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Where to go in Klaipeda
Where to go in Klaipeda
photo: Where to go in Klaipeda
photo: Where to go in Klaipeda
  • Attractions of the Old Town
  • Religious buildings
  • Klaipeda museums
  • Klaipeda for children
  • Holidays and festivals
  • Note to shopaholics
  • Delicious points on the map

The geographically advantageous position of Klaipeda allowed it to grow into one of the largest regional ports. The city is located at the transition point of the Baltic Sea to the Curonian Lagoon and attracts tourists with its sights. The diversity of Klaipeda's architectural styles explains the excursion into its history. In the XVI century. the city belonged to the Teutonic Order, then was ruled by Germany. In the historical heritage, the accents set in the Soviet era are still clearly distinguished. When planning a walk and deciding where to go in Klaipeda, be sure to plan an excursion to the quarter of half-timbered houses, a walk to the old red castle and a trip to the beaches of the Curonian Spit - a protected Baltic pearl, which is not found anywhere else in the whole world.

Attractions of the Old Town


In the middle of the XIX century. the city was seriously damaged by a fire, later called the Great. Almost half of the old buildings were destroyed in the fire. Then, during the Second World War and during the Soviet period, many temples of high artistic and historical value were destroyed. And yet, lovers of architectural attractions have something to see and where to go in Klaipeda:

  • The old town is called an urban monument due to the preserved regular network of streets that formed in its northern part in the 13th-15th centuries. It resembles a chessboard and is protected by the state as a national monument.
  • Quarters of half-timbered warehouses, built in the 18th-19th centuries. - another monument in the open air. The most interesting specimens reach a height of 15 m (warehouse at 3 Aukshtoyi street). The peculiarity of the half-timbered buildings is that in Klaipeda their roofs were made single-pitched and curved.
  • A magnificent example of 18th century architecture. - a palace built by the carpenter's master Gottlieb Diez. The mansion's address is st. Sukilelu, 19.
  • The Swivel Bridge is a unique landmark in the Baltic region. The iron bridge was erected as a crossing over the Dassel Moat, which connects the Dange River and the pond at the castle walls. The forged parts are riveted and turned by hand when it is required to open a bridge for the passage of yachts or, on the contrary, to bring it down.

The best observation deck in Klaipeda is located in the Church of Mary Queen of the World. The height of the view is about 50 m and the panoramic views of the city are stunning. You will also be able to see Klaipeda from a bird's eye view from the restaurant Restoranas XII in the hotel at the address: st. Nauyojo Sodo, 1 and at the VIVA LAVITA bar, located on the 20th floor of the adjacent building.

Religious buildings

The Second World War, which passed through the countries of Europe, left almost no chances to survive for many architectural structures and historical monuments. The ideological principles of the Soviet period of Lithuania's existence played a role in the destruction of religious buildings, as a result of which very few churches remained in Klaipeda.

The most famous city church was built in the middle of the 20th century. and consecrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Lady of the World. The funds for the temple were collected by believers, and the author of the project was the famous Lithuanian architect Jozas Baltrenas. By the time the work was completed, a serious struggle against "religious vestiges" flared up on the territory of the republic, and in 1960 the finished temple was turned into a philharmonic society, and almost everyone involved in the construction was arrested and tried under the pretext of participating in economic crimes. Only three decades later, the church was returned to the believers. Its interior is decorated with paintings and stained-glass windows, and the main external landmark is a 46-meter graceful tower with a bell.

The Orthodox Church of Klaipeda was consecrated already in the XXI century. The Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God and in the name of St. Nicholas was erected in compliance with all the canons of Orthodox architecture. Its interior design contains many elements of the marine theme, because St. Nicholas is the patron saint of all wandering people and sailors. It is worth going to this temple in Klaipeda for a blessing on further travels.

Klaipeda museums

Quiet and provincial Klaipeda is a real treasure for those who like to go to museums. There are a great many of them in the city, and diverse expositions will allow you to spend even a long vacation in a rich and informative way:

  • The Lithuanian Maritime Museum in the Kopgalis Fortress is dedicated, as you might guess, to the sea. Its exposition presents both the nature of the sea, and the history of fishing, and the stages of development of shipping, and the system for monitoring the ecological situation in modern realities. The museum displays live exhibits - fish, mammals and birds that inhabit the Baltic ecosystem. For those interested in shipbuilding science, the museum has prepared a unique collection of ships exhibited outdoors in the Curonian Lagoon.
  • In the picture gallery of Pranas Domstaitis, about 600 works of the famous Lithuanian painter are exhibited. His paintings are written in the style of expressionism. Other authors, whose canvases are exhibited in the gallery, are well known not only in Lithuania, but also in Western Europe. For example, the marine painter Cheslovas Janushas, who painted seascapes.
  • A quarter of a century ago, the Museum of Blacksmithing was opened in Klaipeda, which is worth going to everyone who is interested in the harsh craft and dreams of seeing how openwork metal works are created. The exposition features a collection of old weathercocks, gates and fences, and the museum's souvenir shop sells works by contemporary masters.
  • The most beautiful mansion of the century before last, which belonged to the wealthy Englishman Johann Simpson, met new tenants three decades ago. They are … watches of all shapes and sizes. Thus, a unique museum was opened in Klaipeda, dedicated to the devices that served in different eras to determine the time. In the collection you will see mechanical and solar, quartz and electromagnetic, stellar, sand, water, and in the courtyard of the museum there is also a flower clock.

The list of Klaipeda museums also includes: Museum of the History of Lithuania Minor with a varied exposition dedicated to local history and the history of the region; A sculpture park made up of unique tombstones rescued by enthusiasts in ruined cemeteries; museum in the castle of Klaipeda.

Klaipeda for children

Curious naturalists of all ages will love the Aquarium Museum, opened in Klaipeda in the building of an old fort. You can go here with children to acquaint young travelers with the peculiarities of marine flora and fauna. Penguins and seals, Black Sea dolphins and peaceful sea lions, freshwater fish inhabiting the Baltic Sea and exotic inhabitants of distant tropical coral reefs - the inhabitants of various climatic zones and regions of the planet are represented in the Klaipeda Aquarium.

Every day, the museum hosts a show featuring Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and California seals. By the way, dolphins from the Klaipeda Aquarium take part in the rehabilitation program for children with disabilities.

Holidays and festivals

The city hosts many cultural events, and therefore, when going on a tour to Klaipeda, check the calendar of holidays and take part in at least one of them.

In April, the city hosts performers at the oldest festival in Lithuania “Klaipeda Musical Spring”.

In early June, an unforgettable spectacle can be seen in the Klaipeda Castle: the Old Town meets the Jazz Festival, which usually attracts at least 20 thousand spectators and participants.

Towards the middle of summer, another important event happens in the life of Western Lithuania. Every year Klaipeda becomes a stage for performances and concerts of the International Folklore Festival. Do not miss the opportunity to go to the show, which is organized as part of the holiday right in the water area of the bay.

In August, the International Festival of Opera and Classical Music starts, and at the very end of summer, theatergoers enjoy the Šermukšnis festival organized by the local Pilies theater.

Note to shopaholics

Shopping center "Akropolis" in Klaipeda is the best place for global shopping and recreation with the whole family. In addition to several hundred stores with a variety of goods, you will find children's corners, cinemas, attractions, beauty salons, sports grounds, including bowling and ice rinks, and much more in the department store. The time of sales, when ordinary price tags are exchanged for labels that are pleasing to the eye of a shopaholic, in Lithuania comes in January and July.

The best accessories and jewelry, according to the beautiful half of humanity, should be bought in BIG in Klaipeda. The name of this shopping center is quite consistent with the content. The department store has everything from linen to cosmetics.

You can find gifts for family and friends and souvenirs from the trip in the Herkaus Gallery. All products in the store are of Lithuanian origin, including shoes and clothing.

The Autentic gift shop offers a rich selection of amber items - from writing instruments to jewelry. The counters also display flax products and handmade toys, lovingly sewn by Lithuanian craftswomen.

Delicious points on the map

In the lists of gourmet cuisine establishments, which are not so many in Klaipeda, according to the reviews of gourmets and critics, Monai invariably leads. The home restaurant is perfect for a romantic date or a business lunch. A high level of service invariably goes as a bonus to the ideal quality of food.

Fans of surprises have long appreciated the unpredictability of Momo Grill. The dish of the day at this establishment is constantly changing depending on the type of meat or fish brought by the suppliers. The only thing that remains stable is the quality of the food and the special oven in which everything is cooked. The stove has a unique design and there are no other ones in the country.

You can drink good coffee and look at Klaipeda from above in the hotel bar on Nauyojo Sodo street. In the evenings, you should go here for a cocktail and take a photo of the panorama of the bay at sunset.

Meet lovers at the new ferry is famous for sea views and snacks. Cafes are preferred by those waiting for the ferry: now it is quite comfortable to wait in line for boarding.


Where to go in Klaipeda
Where to go in Klaipeda
Where to go in Klaipeda
Where to go in Klaipeda