Treatment in Israel

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Treatment in Israel
Treatment in Israel
photo: Treatment in Israel
photo: Treatment in Israel

The history of Israeli medicine began long before the onset of the new era, and the position of a doctor at the Jerusalem Temple existed 25 centuries ago. Health promotion is prescribed by the laws of Judaism, and today the government of the country spends more than eight percent of GDP on supporting and developing health care. It is no coincidence that treatment in Israel is so popular among residents of different countries, because the local medicine is one of the most advanced on the planet.

Important rules

Government health laws control medical care. The patient and his needs are at the forefront here, and his consistency does not affect the level of patient care. It will not work here, and there is no need to bribe doctors, and there is no need to doubt the degree of their qualifications. High competition in the labor market in the country forces doctors to maintain their high professional level and undergo regular internships and training. The clinics boast the most advanced equipment, and therefore both diagnostics and treatment in Israel guarantee perfect results and pleasant impressions.

How do they help here?

The country's health care system is based on a system of public health insurance funds. These are associations that provide medical care to the population. There are four of them in the country, and each resident of Israel has a medical insurance policy from one of the offices. Once a year, after the expiration of the medical insurance contract, an Israeli can change the cash desk or stay in the same one, if he has no complaints about the level and range of services provided.

Methods and achievements

The main areas of treatment in Israel that are in demand all over the world are highly specialized pediatric care and immunobiological and transplant developments in the treatment of cancer. Bone marrow transplant operations in Israeli clinics help thousands of patients every year, while the statistics of a favorable treatment outcome is up to 90%.

Medical programs in the resorts of Israel promote rehabilitation and complement treatment programs for a huge range of diseases:

  • The hot springs of Tiberias relieve joint pain and strengthen the immune system.
  • The sulfur baths of Ein Gedi are a panacea for inflammation of the spine and respiratory tract.
  • Rest at the resorts of the Dead Sea allows patients with psoriasis and other dermatological diseases to breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Arada's mud applications are a sure remedy for asthma, arthritis and bronchitis.

Issue price

The cost of procedures or one day of hospital stay depends on the clinic, the severity of the disease and other conditions, but a consultation with a specialized specialist will cost about $ 500, computed tomography of the whole body - $ 1,300, and you will have to pay up to $ 5,500 for replacing the lens of the eye.