Walking tours in Montenegro

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Walking tours in Montenegro
Walking tours in Montenegro
photo: Walking tours in Montenegro
photo: Walking tours in Montenegro
  • Monasteries and fortresses of the Riviera
  • To natural attractions
  • Multi-day routes
  • On a note

Montenegro is a small but very popular country among our tourists. And they come here not only to swim in the Mediterranean Sea! There are excellent opportunities for trekking in low forested mountains, among small monasteries and villages, glacial lakes, waterfalls and mountain gorges. About 10% of the entire territory of Montenegro is nature reserves and national parks, where unique plants grow and animals that are endemic to the Mediterranean are found.

Monasteries and fortresses of the Riviera


Clean beaches, high mountains, rocks, caves, canyons and lakes of Montenegro seem to be created for lovers of outdoor activities. Hiking trails also run through medieval towns, castles and monasteries.

  • The Egorov trail is both a good trekking route and a pilgrimage at the same time - the trail is laid between three mountain monasteries. Usually they take bus excursions, but here you can walk, and in all three at once. The road starts from the monastery of Praskovitsa and leads over the coast to the village of Chelobrdo and the women's monastery of Rustovo. On the way, magnificent views of the Budva Riviera open up. The trail is called Yegorievskaya, because the legend says that the Russian monk Yegor laid it. According to legend, he came from the Stroganov family, and ended up in a Montenegrin monastery atoning for his sin - he killed his opponent in a duel. One way or another, the trail is really almost 200 years old, and a commemorative plaque about the Russian monk Egor Stroganov hangs on it. The village of Chelobrdo was abandoned for a long time, and now it is being revived, its main attraction is a well-equipped spring with delicious water. The final point of the route is the small women's monastery Dulevo. The length of the route is 7, 3 km.
  • The route through the Kosmach fortress is another variant of the same route, longer. It begins with the Yegorova trail, but from it you have to turn off according to the sign, not reaching Rustov - to the small monastery of St. Spiridon near the village of Ogradzhenitsa. But further the road goes up to the village of Braichi and the fortress Kosmach. These are the ruins of an Austrian fortress of the 19th century, which are located on a platform high above the sea. Once there was a border with Austria-Hungary. They are not yet a tourist attraction and are not fortified in any way, be careful. However, there are information posters there. And from above there are wonderful views of the riviera. The length of the route is 13 km.
  • The "Health Path" in Petrovac is one of the few well-maintained eco-paths available for movement with a stroller - a concrete path through a fragrant pine forest overlooking the sea. It leads through several tunnels carved into the rock, past the grandiose unfinished hotel "AC" (the company has burned out, so no one knows if it will ever be completed) to the cozy Perazic Do beach. The length of the route is 2 km.
  • You can go up to the Rezhevichi Monastery from the Health Path following the sign. Here is buried the abbot of the monastery, who lived at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries, the same Dmitry Perazich, after whom the valley and the beach are named. At one time he served as a naval priest in the Russian Black Sea fleet and was familiar with A. Pushkin. The length of the route from the "Path of Health" is 6 km there and back.
  • Fortress of St. John in Kotor is the most promoted and hard-to-reach attraction: it is located high above the city and you have to climb there only on foot along a rather steep stone staircase. However, you can go not by stairs, but bypassing - the path will be slightly longer, but much easier and more comfortable. And if you pass the fortress and go further, you can get to the town of Njegushi - one of the most beautiful and interesting tourist villages in Montenegro. The length of the route is 6 km.

To natural attractions

The Mrtvica River Canyon is the most picturesque mountain canyon in the country. You can get there only on foot from the village of Medzhurechye, across the beautiful stone Danilov Bridge. It was built in the 19th century, and underneath there is a small pebble beach. The canyon itself has its own waterfall and the "Gate of Desires" - an arch of rocks on the bank of the river, which fulfills the wish of the one who will pass through it. Be careful - there are signs here, but there are no bridges and fences, if you want to walk the canyon to the end, you will see that the places there are already completely wild. Although, if you wish, you can go everywhere. The length of the canyon is 8 km, the length of the route is optional.

Bobotov Kuk is the highest peak in Montenegro, its height is 2523 m. Just such that it was a real mountain - and at the same time it would be possible to climb it without special equipment. As a rule, routes here start from Zabljak or from the Sadlo pass - this is the closest point to the mountain, which can be reached by car. The mountain is located in the territory of a national park, you will need to pay a small environmental fee. The height difference itself on this route is small - about 600 meters, but there are quite steep slopes and the ascent (and descent!) Will not be easy. Cats are not needed yet, but the road will require physical effort. They will pay off with the magnificent views spreading around. The length of the route is about 15 km.

Skadar Lake is the largest and most beautiful lake in Montenegro; people come here to swim, fish and visit the numerous churches and monasteries that are scattered along its shores. Most of its territory is a national park. And you can get to it not only by car, but also on foot, for example, from Bar through two low picturesque peaks: White Rock and Rumia. The road descends from Rumia to the village of Donji Murici on the shore of the lake. The length of the route is 10 km.

Another beautiful lake - Trnovacke - resembles a heart in shape, and lies on the very border with Bosnia. You can get there on foot from the village. Prievor through the grandiose monument at the mass grave. It was here that one of the bloodiest battles with the Nazis took place in 1943, and now there is an impressive memorial on this site. The length of the route is 5 km.

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Multi-day routes

The Seaside Mountain Trail is laid in the mountains above the riviera and passes through 6 mountain peaks along the entire coast. It is expected to take 10 days to complete. It starts from Herceg Novi and ends at Bar.

The trail is difficult because it is not particularly equipped: there are no specially equipped campgrounds and tourist centers, there are just springs and flat areas where you can camp. There are several guest houses, but they are only open in the summer during the most tourist season.

However, there are settlements nearby. For example, not far from the trail is the Ivanovo Koryto resort, where you can relax, but then you will need to turn off the way down. On the way, you will come across abandoned villages and churches, and several ruined fortresses: St. Andrey, Kosmach and others. The length of the route is 168 km.

On a note

Montenegro is a poor country. Be prepared for the fact that on tourist routes, as a rule, there are information posters and signs with the mileage to the nearest settlement, but there are no footbridges over rivers (or they are in disrepair), no railings, no fences on high observation decks. There are almost no springs in the mountains, on long hikes you need to focus on villages, even abandoned ones - they have wells. Cellular communication in the mountains is poor.

Be careful - you can meet snakes here! Several species of vipers and yellow-bellied snake are found here. They themselves do not attack, but you need to carefully look under your feet so as not to accidentally step on a sleeping snake, then it can bite. But there are almost no mosquitoes and ticks here, except for the dampest and most wooded places.

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Walking tours in Montenegro
Walking tours in Montenegro
Walking tours in Montenegro
Walking tours in Montenegro