Resorts of the South of Russia

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Resorts of the South of Russia
Resorts of the South of Russia

Video: Resorts of the South of Russia

Video: Resorts of the South of Russia
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photo: Resorts of the South of Russia
  • The best children's resorts in the Krasnodar Territory
  • Treatment in the resorts of the south of Russia
  • Taganrog on the Sea of Azov
  • TOP-3 resorts for summer vacations
  • The best winter resorts in southern Russia

Resorts in the Krasnodar Territory have always been and remain a favorite among Russian tourists. In order to spend a vacation there, you do not need currency, a passport and knowledge of a foreign language. You can get to the best resorts in the south of Russia by your own car or by train, which is very important for those who cannot stand airplanes. And, finally, the variety of entertainments and the range of educational excursions offered at Russian resorts are in no way inferior to foreign opportunities for active recreation.

The best children's resorts in the Krasnodar Territory


Vacationing with children in southern Russia is especially useful, because even the smallest tourists can quickly adapt to their native sea, bypassing long flights, time differences and unfamiliar exotic cuisine in cafes and restaurants. At the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, everything is dear, and therefore even a short vacation will benefit the whole family.

It is possible to come with children to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory in the first days of summer and until the end of September. At this time, the sea warms up enough so that swimming is comfortable already in the morning, fresh vegetables and fruits appear in the markets, and all tourist infrastructure facilities are fully operational.


It is not for nothing that Anapa is called the beach capital of children's summer holidays in Russia. The climatic and balneological resort offers children and their parents rest and recreation in sanatoriums and summer camps. Its infrastructure is so detailed focused on family vacations that absolutely all tourists find suitable hotels, cafes and entertainment venues in Anapa.

The city offers guests more than 50 km of beaches in the center and the surrounding area. Most of them are sandy, but there is a place for lovers of sunbathing on pebbles in Anapa. The entrance to the water on the Anapa beaches is shallow, which allows even the smallest travelers to safely splash in the sea.

For the entertainment of guests, the resort has built two water parks and an oceanarium, a dolphinarium and a Dino park, attractions and the second tallest Ferris wheel in the country.


Gelendzhik offers an incredibly rich family beach vacation, but this resort should be chosen by those parents whose children have grown up a little. Firstly, the beaches of Gelendzhik are covered with pebbles and the kids will have nowhere to build Easter cakes. And secondly, the city offers an incredible amount of entertainment specifically for schoolchildren and teenagers.

In Gelendzhik there is a huge water park "Zolotaya Bukhta", where there are about fifty water slides alone, and a dolphinarium with fascinating shows of marine life. Another interesting attraction of the resort is the Safari Park with attractions for every taste.

Playgrounds on the beaches of Gelendzhik are open practically at every kilometer, and in the Central Park of the city, guests will find three dozen attractions and a Ferris wheel.


You will find another children's resort in the Krasnodar Territory on the coast of the Azov Sea. Yeisk has been actively developing in recent years and is becoming no less popular among couples with babies than Anapa.

The main advantage of Yeisk is the shallow sea, the water in which warms up very early, and the entrance to the water is so smooth that it will take several minutes to go to a solid depth. The ecological situation at the resort is quite safe.

Various entertainments for young tourists and their parents are organized on the city beaches. A popular attraction in Yeisk is the Shark Reef Oceanarium, where you can get acquainted with representatives of two hundred species of marine life.

Treatment in the resorts of the south of Russia

The Krasnodar Territory has long been famous for its healing waters that cure many diseases. Today, on the basis of thermal springs, balneological resorts are organized, where thousands of patients from different parts of Russia improve their health every year.

    Hot Springs Hot Springs

Goryachy Klyuch used to be called Psyfab, which is translated from the Adyg language and means "hot water". A balneological resort on the local waters appeared in the middle of the 19th century: in 1864, a bathhouse and a military hospital were opened near the thermal springs, and a park was built around them.

Thermal and mineral waters are used as a therapeutic factor in the health centers of Goryachy Klyuch, with the help of which numerous pathologies of the organs of movement, peripheral nervous and reproductive systems are cured. In the sanatoriums of the resort, the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone surgery on the stomach and intestines is successfully carried out.

    Health resorts of Gelendzhik

While resting in the sanatoriums of Gelendzhik, you can successfully combine a beach vacation with treatment. In the health programs of resort health resorts, mineral waters of various saturation and composition are used. More than two dozen springs provide waters with a high content of iodine and bromine. They are successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the endocrine glands and in the rehabilitation of patients with ailments of the nervous system.

Some of Gelendzhik's sanatoriums specialize in health programs for patients with pathologies of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In the health resorts of one of the best resorts in the south of Russia, diseases of the musculoskeletal system are also treated, for which, in particular, Taman mud is used.

    Healing mud of Anapa estuaries

The estuaries closest to Anapa also serve as a source of healing mud, which are successfully used by the health resorts of the most popular children's resort in the south of Russia.

In the sanatoriums and boarding houses of Anapa, you can take a course of health procedures aimed at strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Doctors of Anapa reliably cure various pulmonary pathologies and help patients with neurological disorders.

The balneological resorts of the Krasnodar Territory invite everyone who wishes to improve their health and relax not only in summer. Most of the sanatoriums and boarding houses in Gelendzhik, Anapa and Sochi are waiting for guests at any time of the year, especially since the climate in the region allows you to comfortably spend your holidays both in winter and in the off-season.

Taganrog on the Sea of Azov

Not the most popular resort in the south of Russia, in fact, may turn out to be an ideal place for family, youth and educational and sightseeing rest. The port city on the Sea of Azov is ready to boast of a long and rich history. Founded by Peter I, Taganrog gave the world the writer Chekhov and the film actress Ranevskaya. During the Great Patriotic War, Taganrog bravely fought against the invaders, for which he received the title "City of Military Glory".

There are sandy beaches in Taganrog, and therefore it is especially comfortable and pleasant to relax with children in this southern Russian resort. The beaches have all the necessary infrastructure, cafes and playgrounds are open. For active and sports tourists, the beaches of Sunny and Primorsky offer entertainment on the water and on the shore - rent of catamarans and jet skis, boating and parachute flights over the sea, boat trips on "bananas" and entertainment music and game programs. A water park is open near Eliseevsky beach, and it will be convenient to sunbathe with a minimum amount of clothes, or even without it at all, on a wild stretch of the coast, located between Primorsky and Central beaches. The perfectly clear sea is easily discovered in the vicinity of the resort - the beaches of the village of Petrushino are literally a few minutes away by bus. It will take a little longer to get to the Rozhok farm, where most often the "savages" are those who like to travel by car.

TOP-3 resorts for summer vacations


Undoubtedly, Sochi has been and remains the most famous and popular southern resort in our country. The city has grown significantly in size over the past few decades, and today the “brand” of Greater Sochi means many cities and towns, which have gradually merged into a single resort on the Black Sea coast of Sochi.

The beaches of Sochi are covered with pebbles, but if you wish, you can always find small sandy areas there. Most of the equipped beaches offer guests the necessary infrastructure and beach amenities.

You will find the quietest rest in Sochi in Lazarevskoye, meditative and contemplative - in Khost, active and noisy - in the Central District and Adler.


Gelendzhik confidently takes the second place on the podium. His first sanatorium was opened at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, and since then Gelendzhik has accumulated a very rich experience in the resort business in comparison with other Russian southern cities.

The resort coast, united under the name Gelendzhik, includes several recreational areas.

  • In Gelendzhik itself, many entertainment establishments, shopping centers, sanatoriums and playgrounds have been built.
  • In Divnomorskoye you can get a good job for a family vacation. The small resort village even has its own water park, and the hotels in it are very cozy, with home service and comfort. They also go to Divnomorskoe to go diving. In the coastal waters there are several wreck sites where ships and aircraft that were lost during the Great Patriotic War lie on the seabed.
  • In Praskoveyevka, unpretentious romantics feel great: here people still pitch tents and sunbathe next to the cars on which they come to the sea.
  • Arkhipo-Osipovka has clean beaches and modern infrastructure, and therefore is suitable for absolutely any vacation.


There is not much to tell about Anapa. Its unofficial title of the children's beach holiday capital among other resorts in southern Russia speaks for itself.

But adults will also like Anapa, because the city infrastructure is improving every year, and the resort is ready to offer the traveler not only tens of kilometers of clean beaches and a variety of hotels, but also educational excursions, opportunities for diving, lessons at a riding school and treatment based on sanatoriums and boarding houses.

The best winter resorts in southern Russia


In the Krasnodar Territory, you can have a great time during the New Year holidays, because after the 2014 Olympic Games, ski slopes appeared in the Greater Sochi region, which have become a favorite vacation spot for Russian skiers. The Krasnaya Polyana resort, which unites several tourist centers for winter recreation, enjoys well-deserved popularity.

    Gorki City

The construction of the Gorki Gorod resort began in 2001. His project was developed by a French architect who worked on the construction of the Courchevel ski resort. The Gorki Gorod resort offers many hotels, including representatives of well-known international brands. There are enough entertainment facilities, shopping centers and restaurants in the town. The slopes of Gorki Goroda offer skiing on any of three dozen slopes, including black and red ones, and quite simple ones. Some of the slopes are illuminated in the evenings. Athletes are brought to the starting point by a dozen modern lifts. The resort organizes the rental of all kinds of equipment and inventory for winter sports. For beginners, there are schools in which experienced instructors give skill lessons to snowboarders and skiers.


The first athletes appeared on the slopes of the Gazprom mountain tourist center several years before the Sochi Olympics: skiing on its slopes was offered to fans of winter sports in 2008. Gazprom's routes have been laid and maintained in full compliance with international standards. Professional athletes will find distances marked in black here, while beginners will be able to confidently conquer green slopes. Part of the slopes of the mountain tourist center is illuminated in the evening. By the way, even those who have never been on alpine skiing and are not going to start yet strive to get to this resort. Just from the cabins of the cable car, which takes athletes to the beginning of the tracks, breathtaking views of the peaks and spurs of the Caucasian ridge open up.

Fans of cross-country skiing and biathlon lovers choose for themselves rest in the "Laura" complex, located at an altitude of about one and a half kilometers on the Psekhako plateau. The Olympic ski track "Laura" is available to everyone who is ready to spend money on an expensive vacation in hotels and on the tracks of the ski and biathlon complex.

    Rosa Khutor

And, finally, the cherry on top - the chic ski resort in Russia, which received an international award as the best in the country. Rosa Khutor guarantees its guests all conditions for skiing, snowboarding and freestyle, because its slopes, tracks and fan park are in no way inferior to French, Italian or even Swiss. All stages of the Olympic competitions in 2014 were held on the basis of the best winter resort in southern Russia, and today the guests of Rosa Khutor are offered more than thirty tracks of varying difficulty, whose total length is almost 80 km, and the height difference reaches 1,500 meters in places. Snow cannons provide guests of the resort with ideal skiing regardless of the vagaries of the weather, and two dozen different types of lifts guarantee fast delivery of skiers and boarders to the starting point.

If you are flying for winter holidays with the whole family, choose Rosa Khutor. The infrastructure of this resort in southern Russia is ideal for families with children. You will find in the Olympic Village a children's club and a ski school, training slopes and lifts, an amusement park and a cultural and ethnographic center "My Russia" with educational excursions and fascinating master classes.


Resorts of the South of Russia
Resorts of the South of Russia
Resorts of the South of Russia
Resorts of the South of Russia
Resorts of the South of Russia
Resorts of the South of Russia